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Community Cooperation
Devoted to the Interests of Eastern Clackamas County
V olume 12,
N umber 47
Estacada may be chosen for a
stopping place of the aeroplane
fire patrol. John Ferguson, the
fire warden, went Wednesday to
interview the Forestry Board at
Salem, and lay the matter before
it. He seemed very confident of
the outcome.
Mayor Bartlett
has selected a suitable site, and
been laying it out, north of the
school house. If the Forestry
Board decides on Estacada as a
landing station, we shall have an
opportunity of seeing and exam­
ining these machines, which have
revolutionized war, and promise
to do the same with freight and
passenger traffic. The age long
dream as exemplified in the myth
of Icarus and his son putting on
wings and flying, has become a
Men are now able to
mount the heavens and wing
their flight to the uttermost parts
of the earth.
Golden Wedding Anniversary
Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Goodrich
of Portland, the parents of Mrs.
J. F. Dunlop, celebrated' their
golden wedding anniversary last
Friday. They were married in
Iowa and came to Oregon thir­
teen years ago. In the presence
of all their children, of w'hich
there are four, and other rela­
tives, they renewed the vows
pledge.i fifty years ago. their
son-in-law the Rev. J. F. Dunlop
officiating. The mother of the
bride, Mrs. Ann Wilkins, who is
85 years oid, had come from
Missouri on purpose to be pres­
ent on this occasion. This esti­
mable couple were the recipients
of many beautiful gifts from
their children and friends. Be­
sides their children they have
eight grandchildren, ranging in
age from 2 to 21 years of a^e.
Both Mr. and Mrs. Goodrich are
known and have friends here,
who will join in heartily congrat­
ulating them on this auspicious
E stacada , O regon T hursday A ugust 14, 1919
Cited For Gallantry
Sgt. John A. Page, son of Mr.
and Mrs. John Page, has been
cited for gallantry in action at
Mouzon, France, last Nov. 4th,
in going to the aid of a wounded
officer under a violent barrage.
This entitles him to wear a silver
star on the ribbon of the victory
medal. He has arrived at New
York and is expected home
Profit in Belgian Hares
A. C. Cooper went to Portland,
Saturday to negotiate the sale
of spring chickens and Belgian
hares. Mr. Cooper who bought
the former W. C. Whitfield place
makes a specialty of raising these
and finds them very profitable.
He says the hares clear the land
of dandelions, allowing white
clover to come up in their place,
and the cost of their keep is al­
most nothing.
Farm Home in Garfield
Our neighbor A. E. Sparks
kindly took us out one evening
last week, for a ride in his car.
We went up towards Garfield
and it was a pleasure to note the
flourishing aspect of the country.
Evidently the crops, whether of
grain or fruit, are splendi^ this
year, which means prosperity to
the whole community, for when
the farmers have money it be­
comes widely distributed. We
stopped at the farm of George
Armstrong, wh^re we were hos­
pitably received and treated to
cherries and plums. This is one
of the prettiest places in this
part. The house stands near the
turn of the road and is surround­
ed by good sized cherry trees on
which there was still some fruit
remaining. South of the house
a field of oats was just about
ready for harvesting and prom­
ising a goodly yield. On the
north side there is the vegetable
garden and orchard, while the
land on the northeast end slopes
down to the canyon where there
is some heavy timber, forming a
most picturesque back ground.
Mr. Armstrong has his house
fitted with modern conveniences,
as he has a well containing an
abundant supply of water, which
is piped and pumped to the
house by a Fairbanks Morse en­
Only Boiling Point Teat Can
Tell True Value of Gasoline
The old gra ity test for gaso­
line really tells nothing of its ef­
ficiency because gasolines of the
same gravity may differ greatly
in boiling points, and boiling
' points are the only true measure
of gasoline value. By mixing
two gasolines of high gravity
and low gravity, a combination
can be obtained which will meet
whatever gravity test is desired,
but such fuel would not work ef­
ficiently in an automobile engine.
When, however, the boiling
point test is used, the refiner can
be sure of maintaining the (juali-
ty of his product and the motor­
ist can be sure of a uniform gas­
oline. Every gasoline for good
service, must possess a gradually
rising series of boiling points.
Low boiling points are absolutely
essential for starting but are
useless for high power. High
boiling points give power, but
no motor would start if only the
high boiling points were used.
The full chain of boiling points
must be presented.
Only straight-distilled gasoline
has the necessary boiling points.
Red Crown is a well-known gas-
qline which possesses the full
and continuous chain necessary
for easy starting and full power.
A Birthday Party
Sunday a party was made up
of Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Standish
and children, Phil Standish, of
Portland, Mrs. M. H. Evans,
Milton Evans, 11. I). Wright,
formerly cashier of Estacada
State Bank, Mrs. Helen Dunlop
of Seattle, and E. W. Bartlett
and family, to spend the day at
the Country Club in Garfield.
The reason of this reunion was
to celebrate the birthday of Mrs.
R. M. Standish. A jolly time
was passed. Mrs. Standish re­
ceiving hearty congratulations
and best wishes for many happy
returns of the day. We are not
informed as to which anniver­
sary this was, but it is well
known in regard to married
ladies it is proper to put them at
twenty-five until they become
$1.50 P er Y ear
School will begin Monday. Sep­
tember 8th. Bulletins are ready
for distribution and will likely be
mailed during the week. Those
who wish a copy mav address M.
B. Signs, Superintendent, Esta­
cada, Oregon.
Attention of soldiers, sailors
and marines who served over­
seas, is called to the new law pro­
viding financial assistance in the
attendance at Oregon educational
institutions including the high
schools. Those who can qualify
will be allowed $25 per month,
for not more than eight months
per year and for not more than
four years. A supply of applica­
tion blanks has been forwarded
to Superintendent Signs, and he
will assist any applicant in filling
out the same for whatever insti­
tution is chosen.
should bring all papers and rec­
ords referring to their service
and discharge.
Those having housekeeping
rooms, or place for students to
work for board or room or part
of same, or people who have
places for teachers io board and
room, may find it of service to
file specifications with Mr. Signs.
Prof. Barrows of the O. A. C..
State Supervisor of Vocational
Agriculture, held a conference
with the school board Monday
night, and the board concluded,
that since Mr. McCormick’s place
was now vacant, to offer instead
of the conventional manual train­
ing course the coming year, a
course in farm shop work in con­
nection with the agricultural
work under Mr. Straughan. By
this arrangement, no manual
training teacher will he engaged,
and the high school faculty wdl
he reduced by one.
Miss, Lillian DeWItt. of Oak
land, California, a teacher of
considerable experience and busi­
ness training, has accepted the
position of Commercial teacher.
If there is a modern or semi-
modern cottage available for rent
to a teacher, please notify Mr.
Signs at once.