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iarkamaa ÎCnita
Devoted to the Interests of Eastern Clackamas Countij
V olume 12,
N umrer 43
L ist F riliy eveiing at tha
E ? ti:a la Ilvtel, a m a a :ii? w u
held with the view of starting- a
Farmers’ Commercial Club. A
dozen or two were present, and
after a desultory discussion of
matters of importance to our
comnunity, the meeting was
called to order by Prof. Williams
who is conducting the summer
business school. He then out­
lined the possibilities of a farm­
ers’ commercial body and upon
his suggestion a temporary chair­
man and secretary were elected.
H. C. Stephens was chosen for
the former position and R. C.
Deming for the latter.
A temporary committee of
three was then appointed by the
chair, on publicity, consisting of
Upton H. Gibbs chairman. Harry
Reid and A. Mills. A committ­
ee of three women Mesdames E.
E. Saling, The.) Ahlberg and H.
C. Stephens, was selected and ap­
pointed to look after the refresh­
ments at the next meeting,
which is called for Friday even­
ing the 25th. This U not only
for organizing a farmers’ com­
mercial club, but also for pro­
moting the interest of the differ­
ent sections in the proposed
Free ice cream and
cake will be served on this oc­
casion and everything done to
secure a good get-together time,
The N ews heartily endorses
the above object. It is one
which it has constantly advoca­
ted as essential to the interests
of the town and surrounding dis­
tricts. Many a good opportuni­
ty is lost from it being nobody’s
especial business to go ahead
A commercial club is for this
very purpose to take action when
needed. It should be composed
not only of the business men of
the town, but of the farmers of
the vicinity, for their and Esta-
cada’s interests and welfare are
mutual. Ar good live commercial
body can do much in developing
the resources of its town and
surrounding country, which will
not be done without such leader­
ship. A little effort, a little co­
operation on the part of all,
and a little expenditure right
now. may secure permanent ben­
efits to this place which will re­
pay the cost and effort a thou­
E stacada , O regon , T hursday , J uly 17, 1919
Estacada can boast of a num­
ber of fine gardens among which
the following have come especial­
ly under our observation. Two
of them are back of our resi­
dence, and belong respectively to
Mrs. A. G. Ames and P. M.
Wagner. Both are cultivated
intensively, notan inch being al­
lowed to go to waste, and both
producing abundantly. Another
noteworthy one is that of R. F.
Snyder at the northwest corner
of town. He has an acre filled
with ail kinds of vegetables that
will supply all his summer and
winter requirements, with a sur­
plus to spare. These gardens
show that Estacada soil with
good tillage and catje, will amply
repay labor and time expended
on it.
M ountain B erries
George Crook who lives in the
mountains, raises some especial­
ly fine stawberries. These come
into bearing about the time those
on the lower levels are through.
He has been sending several
crates of them to the East.Clack-
amas Supply Co. The crates are
made by Mr. Crook who splits the
sides out of a block with a draw­
ing knife. He ships them by
parcel post, which is a great con­
venience, as otherwise he would
have difficulty in marketing his
produce. But now at a slight ex-
• pense Uncle Sam does the work
for him.
N o tice to W a ter U sers
After this date, July 17th, all
parties using water for irrigation
are notified that those living on
the upper fiat, can do so only on
Mondays, Wednesdays and Fri­
days, while those on the lower
fiat only on Tuesdays, Thursdays
and Saturdays. The hours for
such use are from 7 to 8 30 in the
morning and from 7 to 9 in the
Those found using
water after hours, will be shut
off. By order of the council.
There will be a big dance at
the Park pavilion, Saturday, for
the benefit of the base ball team.
$1.50 P er Y ear
S u d d en D eath o f
W ell K n ow n R esid en t
W. H. Kellendonk, who has
been a resident of our city for
almost a decade, died suddenly
at 1 this morning. He had been
troubled with asthma lately, but
had been around much as usual,
until the fatal attack which came
on about an hour before his
He was a native of Germany,
being born May 9th, 1841, so he
was 78 years old and two
months. With his wife and two
children he came to America in
1882, at first locating in South
Dakota, where he lived six
years. In 1888*he moved with
his family to Underwood, Wash.,
where he remained twelve years,
and where his wife died in 1900.
Six children were born to him,
of whom five are living, 'l'htsj
are Henry who died in 1899 aged
22 years, William H. Kellendonk
of this city, Mrs. Mary Walters
of Underwood, Wash., Mrs. Lena
Underwood, Mrs. Elizabeth Ames
and Mrs. Katherine Jones, all of
Estacada. Besides these chil­
dren, twelve grandchildren sur­
vive him.
Funeral services will be held
at his residence on Upper Broad­
way, Saturday morning at 11 ■
o’clock, alter which the remains
will be taken to Portland for
Sum m er C ourses at O. A . C.
With 12 states and Canada and
30 Oregon counties represented,
the total summer school enroll­
ment to date is 332, including lfi
boys and 23 girls who attended
a two-week short course. Last
year the total enrollment was 202
Eighty-seven - an increase of
nearly 95 percent over the num­
ber last vear-^and 200 women
are now registered.
C ivil S erv ice E xam ination
The U. S. Civil Service Com­
mission will hold an examination
at Potland August 9kh, for the
position of postmaster at Eagle
Creek. Application blanks, form
1753, and full information can be
secured from the postmaster at
Eagle ('reek or from the U. S.
Civil Service Commission, Wash­
ington, D. C.
The Clackamas County Banner
has bought out the Oregon City
Courier and will henceforth In*
known as the Banner-Courier.
While the Courier was¿democrat­
io the Banner-Courier will be in­
dependent. The Courier build­
ing has been acquired by the
Enterprise which will move into
it as soon as necessary changes
are made. This consolidation
and elimination of one paper,
will prove to the advantage of
all concerned, as three papers
overcrowded the field. Bro.
Hoss of the Banner will continue
as Editor in chief and be assisted
by Miss Alene Phillips as News
Editor and F. J. S. Tooze as Ag­
riculture Editor, with Howard
Christensen as Superintendent
in the mechanical department.
We extend heartiest congratula­
tions to them and predict a
bright future for the paper.
Oil For S treets
S. Pesznecker was taking up a
subscription to purchase oil to
put on the main road from the
turn at the Marshall place to the
bridge, and also on 2nd and 3rd
streets. The money was readily
raised and the contract will be
let to the Multnomah county
road commission which does a
great deal of that kind of work.
When completed it will be a
great booq especially in the dry
C orresp on d en ce
S ch ool
W. W. W’illlams who has been
in charge of commercial work in
the Estacada schools, during the
summer, wiil open a correspon­
dence school in Portland and lat
er w e in Seattle the coming year.
He would be glad to talk with
any who may wish to prepare for
a position in either of the above
cities, the coming year. Don’t
miss this opportunity to get in
to ich with a position. Cull at
Sc loollB hiding or Estacada Ho
tel or write f >r ap;>>int n i it.