Eastern Clackamas news. (Estacada, Or.) 1916-1928, February 20, 1919, Page Page Four, Image 4

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    Page Four
Eastern Clackamas News
Entered at the poBtoffice in Estacada,
Oregon, as second-class mail.
Who Bpake no slander, no, nor listened
to it,
Who loved one only and who clave to
Published every Thursday at
Estaeada, Oregon
Editor and Manager.
Not swaying to this faction or to that;
Not making his high place the law­
less perch
O f w ing’d ambitions, nor a vantage-
For pleasure: but thro all this tract
of years,
Wearing the white flower of a blame­
less life.”
S ubscription R a t e s
One year
Six monthB
Thursday, February 20, 1919
Thursday, Feb. 20, 1019
George Washington, Gentleman
Of all the titles which George
Washington might have been
accorded, that of “ gentleman”
is the most descriptive, the
word being used in its truest and
most comprehensive sense. A
man may be a general, a presi­
dent, a lord or even a king, and
yet not be a gentleman. George
IV of England, was called the
First Gentleman in Europe, be­
cause he set the mode in fashion
and manners, but this was an
abuse of the name by which it
was degraded. Birth and hered­
ity may place a man in the gentle­
man class, but yet he may not be
of it, for “ gentleman” applies
first and toremost to character.
It represents an inward quality
of which manners and appearance
are the outward visible signs of
the inward grace.
But the out­
ward are nothing without the in­
It was George Washing­
ton’s high privilege to be a gentle­
man, by birth, breeding and
character, so in whatsoever state
he found himself, he adorned it,
whether as surveyor, colonel,
general, president or landed pro­
prietor. And so he won his way
and became “ first in war, first in
peace and first in the hearts of
his countrymen.”
His reputation has endured
throughout all the years, and he
is remembered now not only with
pride, but with affection.
as the anniversary of t his birth
draws near, it is this inward
quality of a true gentleman
which should be emphasized for
the benefit of the youth of our
land. Few may or will attain to
his preeminence as general or
statesman, but every boy may
seek to emulate his example in
those qualities which constitute
the true gentleman* AVhat these
qualities are, have b*»en woh ex­
pressed by a former English i>oet
laureate in 'ines ’which may
admirably serve as a character
sketch of George Washington;
for he was one
" W h o reverence«! hi« conscience am his
Whose glory was redressing human
A New Journal deLuxe.
A new luminary has just ap­
peared in the journalistic firma­
ment, which promises to become
a planet of some magnitude, if
brains, money and enterprise
count for anything.
We have
just received its initial number,
and words fail to do justice to
its superior make up. We refer
to the new, monthly magazine
published by Ramsey Oppenheim
Co. of San Francisno, “ Western
Advertising.” It contains 48
pages 12x9. with cover in colors,
and a 4-page color insert. It fur­
nishes the latest as well as the
_ last word in advertising journal­
ism, in articles written by ex­
perts in this line;
Here are
some of the good things provided
in this issue: “ City Building
Through Advertising,” “ When
and how should I begin to AdveV-
tise,” “ The Value of a Custom­
er,” “ Comparative Price Adver­
tising.” To a merchant, it will
repay a hundredfold its cost of
$2.00 a year, as in the field of
western advertising, it is bound
• to take the lead and maintain it.
A Feather in Our Cap
We do n >t care to blow our own
horn, hut there are occasions
when this is pardonable.
readers will recall an editorial a
fewr weeks ago, on mail order
houses and home merchants.
About that time we received a
solicitation to subscribe for a new
advertising magazine, notice of
which will be found in another
column, at a special introductory
rate. We accepted the offer and
with our remittance enclosed a
copy of the article aforesaid.
What was our surprise and grati­
fication on looking through the
first number, to find that its editor
had printed it.
When the best
experts in advertising had been
engaged to contribute to this
magazine, we naturally feel very
elated, and all the more so that
Estaeada is mentioned along with
the writer’s name.
We do not
known the size of this edition,
hut evidently it is a large one
and will go all over the country,
and be closely examined.
Estaeada will be heard o f in most
unexpected places.
......... .
• •
----------------- p
■ ----------
■ " -
B L A C K S , Per Box
y L .L O
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Courteous Treatm ent to all!
Shorty gets a
hunch from
the Captain
When you get such
real lasting tobacco
satisfaction from a
small chew,” says
the Captain, “ it
can’t cost any more
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ly cost less to chew than
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Peyton Brand
packed, in pouch.
Iffie H o t e l O r e g o n -
Respectfully solicits the patronage of the People of Es­
tacada and Eastern Clackamas County, when in Port­
The HOTEL OREGON has been for many years one of
Portland’s leading hotels and is located in the heart of
the business and theatre section, at the convenient
corner of Broadway and Stark.
You are assured a cordial welcome and your patronage
will be appreciated.
Stop at the HO I EL OREGON, the next time you are
in Portland.
Rooms $1.25 and up