Eastern Clackamas news. (Estacada, Or.) 1916-1928, September 12, 1918, Page Page Nine, Image 9

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Thursday, September 12, 1918
With the Colors
A. Miller purchased a horse
last week.
George Devore has gone to
Portland to work.
Miss Montie Cox is visiting her
sister Mrs. Millie Wilson at Ore­
gon City.
Mrs. Hazel Vallen was the
guest of Mrs. Ray Keith of Fara­
day last Saturday night.
Barney Granatzki is home foran
indefinite stay from the logging
camp at Dee, Ore. His brother
George from the same camp is to
home to register September 12th.
The following letter was re­
ceived by Dr. Adix from Gerald
VVilccx of Suva, Fiji, dated
August 15, 1918.
Livestock Buyer and Butcher.
Livestock of all kinds purchased.
Ph >ne or see Jack Saunders, Currinsville.
B o n e r ’s for
Fishing Tackle
Tennis Balls
Fishing and Hunting Licenses
Cigars, Tobaccos. Confectionery
Soda Water and Soft Drinks
Ice Cream
Headquarters for
Kodaks Supplies Printing
tobacco taste that makes H....
Gravely Chewing Plug cos;
you no more to chew than,
oruinary plug.
Peyton Brand
Flea! Gravely
Chewinfir Plat
10c a pouui — und
P. B. Gravely Tobacco Company
D an v ille, V irg in ia
The Home of
The “ FORD”
i 1
% Allied Drive
War Relief Work **
The best place in Clackamas County to have your cars t
Stored, Repaired, Cleaned and kept in good operating con­ Ì
Expert Mechanical Force always on the job.
Full line of New Accessories for sale and a welcome *
extended you.
Service Station for Gasoline, Oils, Water, Air, etc.
Buick or
í Selling Agents for the Famous s
! Maxwell and Velie Cars, the \
Denby, Velie and Garford Trucks
Also Agents for “ EVANS” Dollar :j:
Self Filler Fountain Pen.
It’s the lasting quality a n d -,i
Dear Friend;—
No dount you will be surprised to re­
ceive a letter from this out of the way
corner of the globe.
By consulting your map, you will find
that the Fiji Islands are some seven
thousand miles from dear old Estacada,
and that about six thousand, eight hun­
dred and ninety-nine miles of the dis­
tance are covered by the w aters of the
Pacific. Now to avoid becoming tedi­
ous, I will come to the point.
When I obtained “ shore leave” this
afternoon, the first thing that impress­
ed itself on my mind, was the large
number of Dodge Bros. Motor Cars,
which were going in all directions.
That immediately reminded me of you
and I involuntarily looked for the “ Cas­
cade garage.” Upon observing closer, I
found that two out of every three cars
in this important British Colony are
Dodge cars. That in my opinion, is a
big boost for Dodge Bros. Motor cars,
for the average Britisher is strong on
minimum cost and highest efficiency
where his motor car is concerned.
In the Hawaiin Islands the percent­
age is not so strong. Dodge Bros the
“ Lil ole Chevrolet, ” and “ Henry Ford”
appear to be running neck and neck,
but believe me, there is a surprising
number of them.
To any of my friends who may in­ i
quire, say that 1 have been shipwreck­
ed and a castaway on a barren coral is­
land, a few hundred miles south of the
equator, in mid Pacific ocean; that I
lived luxuriously for over two months
on a diet of sea fish, sea air and birds ! *
eggs diluted with rainwater; that 1 was
rescued, along with my shipmates and
% landed here in the Fi.i islands; that I
will sail in a few days for San Fraheis-
co and the good old II. S. A. Three !
cheers and a tiger f„r the good old U.
S. A. While the British authorities are
treating us royally here. “ There is no
place like home,” and “ what is home
without a wife and baby?” Me for that.
With kindest regards to you,
herald Wilcox.
Headquarters J
For School Books and |
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been unanimously chosen director- 4
in-chief of tie allied drive by all
organizations concerned. State i
J. W. REED, Proprietor
conventions like the one to be à
held in Portland next Monday
have been authorized for the pur -1
p* se of effecting state wide mach­
inery to handle all intricate de­
tails of this, the largest gift fund
in all history.
F u lly equipp ed liberal cu ltu re mid sc ie n tific departm ents. Sp eein J
in g in C om m erce, .lo n rim lism . A rch itectu re, l.m v, .M edicine
Delegates will be present by T train
ra rh in ii, V.ibrnry W ork« Mliaie« llotioeliold A r t s IMiyuinil I raining a n d Fine A r U .
special invitation from the re­ I M ilita ry S c ie n c e in c h arg e »1 A m e ric a n a n d llrilia lt o ffic e rs . D rill, le c lu rra a n d field w o rk
on e x p e rie n c e in p re a c u t w a r. C om
ay ale in of tre n c h e s . b rid g e« .
spective organizations, but be­ r a ll e lc u . p -to S fu -d d ate, e n ta b aaed
re co m m en d e d f«»r f lo m a n iasio its. O f fi<-«al-~»gov e m in e n t H . O , I . C.
v o lu m e « . D o rm ito rie s fo r in rn a n d w o m e n .
cause of the great importance of A y v dm T tJ u „L, itio n E F x p H e E n K s e . lo L w ib ra ra l, ry m of u c h HO.IHIO
o p p o rtu n ity f«>r w«»rkiug o n e ’* w ay.
the drive and the strong general m
W rite K e g ia tra r. E u g e n e , O re g o n . fo r illu a tru te d booklef.
1 • i
interest attaching thereto, ar­
rangements are being made to
hold at least one public session,
thus affording all an opportunity
to hear Mr. Perkins and other
noted speakers.
Estacada Garage
The C ascade G araae of E stacada