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Community Cooperation
taster« (Martinmas Nr ms
Devoted to the Interests of Eastern Clackamas County
V olume 11, N umber 50
E stacaüay O regon ,
W arrant Out for
Former City Recorder
is with extreme regret that
Î the It News
has to chronicle that a
warrant has been issued for the
The Question About the Pur­ arrest
of Claude W. Devore, the
chase of the School Lots
late City Recorder. This action
Provoked Discussion.
was neoessitated by a shortage
in the city water fund amounting
$516.69. Mr. Devore before
for California appeared
before the council and asked to
An Investigation of Heating, have
his books audited. The re­
Ventilating and Lighting
sult showed the above shortage.
Systems Ordered
Action was postponed to giv«
Mr. Devore a chance to explain
The school meeting Thursday and
settle, but he did not appear,
night was rather slimly attended, nor could
only about sixty being present. certained. Lis whereabouts be as­
It was called to order by the
There was left no other course
chairman Dr. H. V. Adix, with then, for the council but to issue
Mrs. B. O. Sarver acting as clerk. a warrant against him. His
The minutes of the previous friends still hope the matter may
meeting were read and adopted yet be satisfactorily straightened
with one slight change in the out, and explained.
wording, the word organization
being changed to election.
Nominations for clerk were “Billy” Sunday Spoke
then in order, two ladies Mes-
at the Salem Armory
dames Dave Eshleman and Gor-
At Salem, by invitation of Gov.
rels both declined. On motion
of Mr. Holder, which was carried, Withycombe, the Marion County
the clerk was instructed to cast Council of Defense and the Com­
a unanimous vote for Mrs. B. 0. mercial Club of Salem, “Billy"
Sarver, to serve for the remain­ Sunday spoke at the Armory in
behalf of this fund, and the citi­
der of the school year.
of Salem nearly four thous­
There was some debate about
the ventilating, heating and light­ and strong, who had the privilege
ing systems, which urged Mr. of hearing and seeing “Billy" in
Heylman to move and Mr. Bart­
lett to second a motion that the
Board be instructed to investi­
gate the matter and see what can
» 50,000
be done. Motion carried.
The question about the pur­
chase of the school lots, provoked
a lively, warm, but good natured
discussion. Finally on motion of
Mi. Bartlett, a resolution was
passed that a meeting be called
to decide whether the Board be
instructed to purchase the lots
formerly acquired by their pre­ action, never before in their lives
heard such a speech, brimming
This being decided on, Mr. with patriotism and urging folks
Heylman moved and Mr. Mar­ to give the Salvation Army a
shall seconded a resolution to chance to help the doughboys in
the effect, that the Board be in­ the trenches of France. Mr.
structed to investigate and ex­ Sunday fired the opening gun of
amine all books, records and ac­ the Oregon Salvation Army War
counts of the school district, and Fund drive and its boom was
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heared around the state.
T hursday ,
A ugust 29, 1918
Second Mill Fire
in Fourteen Days
On August the thirteenth a
mill at Springwater was totally
destroyed by fire and in less than
a fortnight later, one at Viola
w»»nt up in flames. It was own­
ed by Will Kaake formerly of the
Horner-Millard mill at that place.
The fire started at 2:30 a. m. on
Tuesday the twenty-seventh.
How it originated remains un­
solved and there was no insur­
ance carried.
The mill and 30,000 feetof lum­
ber were entirely consumed thus
being a complete loss.
The Spirit Of *61
The parade of G. A. R. vet­
erans last week in Portland,
mart have been an inspiring
sight. But a tinge of sadness
would color the thoughts of the
contemplative observer, as he no­
ticed the unmistakable signs of
increasing age and infirmity, in
even the spryest of those boys, in
Then the thousand , or more,
who were carried in autos, be­
cause they were too crippled up
to march with their comrades,
made it evident that each suc­
ceeding year will show a great
depletion < in their ranks, until in
a comparatively brief period the
G. A. R. of '61 will have passed
over into the beyond. But this
thought . would add both dignity
and; inspiration to the occasion,
as the martial ardor was vigorous
at» ever although the.l>ody had
waxed frail.
The spirit of ’61 is,immortal
and shall continue even though
the material forms in which it
was embodied lie mouldering, ¿n
the ground. As long .as t,his
country of ours endures apd
maintains inviolate the traditions
upon which it was founded, the
spirit of ’61 will go marching on.
For the spirit of the boys of '61
was the spirit shown by their
fathers of ’76, by their sons in '98
and is now being manifested on
the battlefields of France, by
their grandsons of 1918.
$1.5Q P er Y ear
Patriotic in Character—Net
Proceed« Will all go to
The Red Cross
Use of the Park and Pavilion
Gladly Given Committee
for the Assembly
The Chaatauqua beginning this
week should have the support of
every citizen, not only from civic
pride as it is a new venture for
our town, but from patriotic
motives as well.
President Wilson, especially re
quested that tfip Chautauqua
activities should not be abandoned
on account of the war, as such
assemblies can do much to stim­
ulate the people to rally all their
forces and energies in carrying
on the war to a successful issue.
Accordingly the program which
is given below, is patriotic in
scope and purpose, its keynote
being “ Wake Up! America." To
carry out the patriotic idea fur-
i ther, the committee in charge
will donate all the net proceeds
to the Red Cross.
lThe sale of season ticketR will
stop on Friday afternoon, so they
better be secured at once.
OPENING DAY-August 30th.
Pageant of Children
The Neopolitan Male Quartette
>(Hel,cn B. Paulsen
“Community Consciousness"
< Col. G. A. Gearhart
“The Call of Democracy"
The Neopolitan Quartette
SECOND DAY August 31st.
A demonstration lecture by dn
expert carrying the authorized
message of the Food Adminis­
tration: “Mobilizing American
Kitchens to Help Win the War."
The Metropolitan Concert Com-
i *
. i
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