Eastern Clackamas news. (Estacada, Or.) 1916-1928, August 01, 1918, Image 3

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Glance Over These Bargains In
Fruit Jars A nd
Econom y
One h a lf g a llo n s
$1.15 doz.
M a s o n Se lf Se a lin g ,
W ide M o u th
Se lf S e a lin g M a s o n
M a so n L a c q u e re d T in C a p s
.1 5 c ’
K e r r W ide M o u th C a p s
.2 5 c *
M a s o n Z in c C a p s
M a s o n T e n -cu t R u b b e rs
.3 0 c *
5 d oze n for
,3 5 c
G ro ss
.7 5 c
W hile the y last -
J e lly G la sse s
.2 5 c doz.
Money In Cash
Or On Deposit
Which do you think you would be so
easily inclined or induced to spend
money loose in your pocket or tightly
tucked away to your credit in a Savings
or Checking Account?
4 * interest On Time
and Savings Deposits
* v «an.
!U .... m J S M L
Estacada State Bank
Drier and Fruit
Destroyed By Fire
A small fruit drier adjoining
the J. W. Cahill home in Eagle
Creek was completely destioyed
by fire last Thursday afternoon,
the building having become over­
heated and with its contents of
50 gallons of pitted cherries, a
total loss.
Had it not been for a rain fall­
ing at the time, it is likely the
flames would have reached the
house, but a wet roof confined
the conflagration to the one buil­
**A M a n C a n n o t T h in k , W o r k or F ig h t
W hen He lo H u n g r y ”— W e M u ot
Feed O u r So ld ie rs.
" W e have the p rese rv atio n of the
world on our hands.
Every single
living hum an being la this republic,
from ocean to ocean, should m ake It
his or her special p urpose to save
T hese a re the words of E. F. Cullen,
persoual re p re s e n ta tiv e of H e rb e rt C.
Hoover, in a re c e n t address.
“ Men will resist any power but the
power of s ta rv a tio n ,” said Mr. Cullen.
“ H unger in the final analysis, is the
only force th a t can w eaken a nation
and demoralize an arm y.
Food is
stre n g th , and w ithout a perpetual sup­
ply of strength, th e world can stand
in d a n g e r of to ttering, w eakening and
falling into u tte r chaos. A m an can­
not think, work or fight if he is hun­
"T h e allies today a r e practically
wholly dependent upon th e United
S ta te s for food.
Upon this nation
restò the responsibility of preserving
the world from P russlanlsm . This is
the task of the people of this nation—
to produce and save food enough to
keep a steady s tre a m of essential sup­
plies moving tow ards th e front so
long as it shall be n e c essa ry to wage
this war. If a t any tim e we fail in
this, we m ust Inevitably go down, with
the allies, to defeat. T his Is no ex­
aggeration, but a serious f a c t It is
the purpose of the U nited S ta te s Food
A dm inistration to bring the realiza­
tion of this fact hom e to every Ameri­
can man, woman and child, and to en­
list the Individual aid of our hundred
million people in producing and sav­
ing food. T he Food A dm inistration
is not asking you to eat less; it only
urges th a t you s u b s titu te one n u tri­
tious food for a n o th e r equally n u tri­
tious food, thus saving th e vital s ta ­
ples needed by our a rm ie s and the
arm ies and peoples of th e allies. We
must, during the next th re e m onths,
save w heat especially. Our surplus
has a lready been shipped abroad, and
a hundred million bushels more a re
needed. W hen you eat a slice of bread
less, omit the c ra c k e rs with your soup,
or otherw ise c onserve on w heat prod­
ucts, you a re c o ntributing tow ards th e
hundred million bushels needed over
there by our fighting men and th e
exhausted people of Belgium. F ra n ce
and England who have for more th a n
three years been bearing the b runt of
this war, which is our war. Keep tnis
in mind, and bring it before the minds
of your th o u ghtless friends and neigh­
Capt. Whitcomb On
Furlough From From
(■apt. W a l t e r Whitcomb of
Portland, son of A. 0. Whitcomb
of (iarfield is in Portland this
week, attending to business in
connection with his government
work in France.
("apt. Whitcomb is well known
locally and will be remembered
as having appeared before the
legislative committee during the
Cascade County bi l l hearing,
when h e presented important
figures r e l a t i n g to the tax
moneys, which had been collect­
ed by his firm, Whitfield Whit­
comb Co., expert accountants of
Capt. Whitcomb enlisted early
in the war and succeeded in be­
ing transferred to France last
year, where he has attended to
important work for the Ameri­
can army forces, being promoted
to his present office, and is now
in this country on a special miss­
ion. expecting to return to the
front shortly.
N a tu r e ’« U se of the M o u n ta in L a u re l
le O ne of H e r M a n y R e m a r k ­
a b le Device«.
Flop I und aw ay go the little s ta ­
m ens of the m ountain laurel ami throw
pollen over th e bee which alights upon
them. T h e n a tu ra list sees here oue
of th e most rem a rk a b le devices In all
n a tu r e for compelling an insect to c a r­
ry pollen. T h e lover of n a tu re sees
In the m ountain laurel one of the most
beuuttful of the common woodland
flowers, says E dw ard Bigelow In
“Boys’ Life.”
T he corolla la gaucer-shuped> with
ten little pita u e a r the edge, and light­
ly cuught in each of these little pits
la th e u n th e r a t th e end of the elastic
filament. T h is n atu ral thing seems to
grow In a n u n n a tu ra l munner, but do
you know of any o th er plant th a t ac­
tually grow s in distorted or strained
position, o r p u ts its own self in an un­
com fortable a n d «trained position
from which It Is glad to be released
when th e first Insect comes along and
sets It loose?
T h e whole m echanism Is like a h a ir
I t Is so carefully a djusted
thut even a slight Jar will sometimes
, set it loose. Shaking an en tire hush
i releases g re a t num bers of these fila­
ments, a n d flop, flop, flop they leap out
of th e p its and the a n th e rs throw their
pollen everywhere.
T he bee which
visits th e mountuln laurel m ust feel
th a t th e tim es ure prosperous, since he
Is show ered with golden pollen which
he c a rr ie s to the next flower to f e r­
tilize th e seeds.
M o stly Nude.
Most of the Indians In the Amazon
valley go about In a completely nude
stute, exeept on ceremonial occasions,
when they bedeck themselves with or­
nam ental feather-work, such as a kind
of kilt, necklet, bracelets, head-dress
and even large mantles made of fe a th ­
ers held together by liber cords. They
find an ubundunce of raw m aterial In
the' m u ltitu d e of muny-colored, bright-
hued p a rro ts and other blrda that
sw arm In those forests and which, not
to Injure the feathers, they shoot with
blunt a rro w s or with small d a rts from
a long blowpipe. The women ure very
skilled In weaving this fea th er-ap ­
parel, and In the museums of 1’aru,
Ido de J a n e iro and Hao Paulo can be
seen ela b o rate mantles, head-dresses
and kilts of heuutlful designs and col­
ors. W hen a rnuldeu has fixed her af-
factions on a warrior and wishes him
to m ake her his wife she weaves one
of these ornamental g arm ents and
offers It to hliu as a hint of her desire
and a t th e same time a proof of her
8 ln g ln g M a k e s W o r k E a s y .
Hinging makes the dally work e a sie r
i of accomplishment.
w ere
among th e first to recognize this and
they sa n g as they stored aw ay the c a r­
go. keeping time w ith the m usic a*
they pulled on ropes and windlass,
changing to presto when the work d e ­
m anded It. Here la a favorite d i t t y :
A Yankee ship and a Yankee crew.
Tally hi ho. you know.