Eastern Clackamas news. (Estacada, Or.) 1916-1928, May 16, 1918, Image 1

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Devoted to the Interests o f Eastern Clackamas
V olume 11, N umber 35
E stacada ,
O regon ,
T hursday ,
M ay It),
Dr. Kerr, 0. A. C. President Will
Launch Local Campaign
At big Sunday kally
Beginning next Sunday, politics
will be rclcgati-d to tue uis.u.u,
with the primaries» over and the
Second Red (Yogs Drive occupy-
im; the spot light for the week u>i-
< laekamas County 's quota will
he. $ 15,000 of the $o0U,0U0 tor Or­
egon oi the National quota of
A permanent organization of
this county was effected at a meet­
ing last Thursday night in Ore­
gon City, with T. W. Sullivan of
that city elected to head the conn
tv campaign. Of the various com­
mittees appointed, R. M. Standish
oi Estacaua on the publicity com­
mittee,- was the only representa­
tive from this portion of the
It is expected this county’s
.$15,000 quota will he aided by a
ji:st proportion of the donations
made by the corporations operat­
ing within this territory, part oi
wnlch are non-resident.
At this meeting captains for all
of the school districts of the conn-,
ty were appointed; these captains
to call meetings in their home dis­
torts for the purpose of perfect­
ing soliciting organizations; the
captains of the Eastern Clackamas
districts and tne district quotas
being as follows:
Garfield, 12,
$ ¡12
Tracy, 68, Mrs. Ella Tracy.......
Boring, 44, O. W. Boring........... 274
Estacada, 108, Tt. M. Standish ... 382
Cuirinsville, 7, Mrs. W. M. Wade 106
Deep Creek, 514, Carl Hansen. .. 516
Dodge, 78, Mrs. F. Horner.......
Eagle Creek, 17, Mrs. Gus Bur­
Elwood, 58, Mrs. B. Elliott.......
George, 57, Fred Lins...............
Porter, 88, Mrs. H. A. LuHarre..
Douglass, 50, Jno. Hoffmeifiter.. 64
Springwater, 24, W. A. Bard ... 120
Viola, 14, Mrs. P. E. RaCroy.....
Barton, 89, Clyde M cM u rfy......
Sandy, 4G, M. A. Denton............ *200
Dover, 52, .1. G. DeShazer.....
*92 .*
Evergreen, 70, Mrs. N. McKillian 7 6
Firgrove, 116, Mrs. L. H. Allen 8 2
Logan, 4, Mrs. C. Fallert
Upper Logan, 8, Mrs. W. P.
Kirchem .........
Kedlands, 75, A. M. Kirchem
In order to successfully launch
the campaign in this community,
a ‘ monster Red Cross rally meet­
ing will he held next Sunday
morning. May "19th. -at 11 o ’ clock
at the Estacada school auditor­
ium, when Dr W. J. Kerr. Presi ­
dent of the Oregon Agricultural
College will he the principal
Everyone is urged to attend this
gathering, for the privilege of
hearing Dr. Kerr speak, is one
lh a t, shpnl.d . make more than one
family tiVvel several miles and
postpone their Sunday dinner for
Concluded on back page
$1.50 P er Y ear
Al. Lt cal Voters l'ri*ed To Stand
By Flier ds Of Ea?trrt
Clackamas County
E. H. S. Has A W inning
Base Ball A ggregation
E. H. S. To G raduate 16
Gram mar School 10
When it takes fourt^Yt inning^
for the 't’ rnnklin High School
nine of Portland to »1 feat t ie Es-
tacada High’ School team by the
narrow margin of 6 to 5, it is e,i-
dent that E. II. S. thjs saeson has
a last and snappy hunch of hall
tess o s.
The Finnklin-Estaoada game
was played last wet k and the
week previous the hone- nine wal­
loped Oregon City in an ext a
inning game. Ih.t the county s at-
• ' s n t
coking for revenge Thurs­
day, May 16th, when they play a
tv turn
game on the Estaeadn
grounds and all local : rooters
should he on hand.
On May 24th the Gresham team
will play the locals on the local
grounds, with a return game at
Gresham, May 31st or .June 7th.
Estacada’s line-up comprises,
R. Lovelace, C.
W. Smith, P
E. Hannah, 1st.
A. Hannah, 2d.
Announcement.» are already out
for flic commencement exercises
of the Estacada High School class
oi 1918, which will take place at
the school auditorium on the three
days, May 31st, .luiie 2d ami
June 6th.
The graduating class numbers
sixteen students, six hoys and t"n
girls, being Worth
Ruby McWjllis, Emma Harr. Otto
.lannsi*n, .Josephine Lingclhucb,*-
Me he] Keller, Maurice Ely. Alta
Hinumn, Gladys Ely, Erica John­
son, YTildemar Hill. Carrie Han­
nah, Rachel Deardorff, Lewis
•Tones, Elizabeth Mikuleeky and
Warren MeWillis.
The promotion exercises for the
ten eighth grade pupils will he
held at the auditorium on the ev­
ening of .lime 3d, at eight o ’clock,
the class comprising Olga Eshcl-
tnan, Elsinore Devore, Rose Trach-
sel, Stanley Hellils, Mary Mal-
zanini, Irene Saling, Y’ iob-t Sar-
ver »Walter Matson, Doris Finch
and Mary Ely.
G. Douglas, S8.
Liehthorn, 3d.
Murphy*, -L. F.
Markwart, C. F.
Dillon, L. F.
C. I. C. Elects Officers
At Tuesday’s annual
of the Estaeada Civic Improve­
Grange Head To Speak
ment Club, Mrs. R. M. Standish
Master of the State (»range, C.
was elected president; Mrs. Frank
E. Spence,
he- one o f
speakers at the Eagle Creek
nic next Saturday.
E wi ng,
Mr s .
secretary a n d
Mrs. A. L. Lasswell,
^ Sample ballots for the Primary
Election of May 17th are already
in circulation, with the Republi­
can pink ballot overshadowing in
size the slip to he used by the
I lemoerats.
Interest in this section is ecu
tcring primarily on the county
candidates for State Senator and
Representatives, with interest in
■the nomination for H. S. Senator,
and Governor almost as keen.
The ballot calls for the nomina­
tion of rf member of the Republi­
can National Committee, with a
choice uf 1 \v.q. 'TJp^y candidates
.usyij:q t.g gjy;,
for short
- tee’U l
Seiirtkot’, -¿Mill ! a \ o Re-
uliwwis Hild as im « ma Democrats
■tight mg'tov the long-term otiiee.
J:Thc fu-fsenl incumbent is seek
irrg rc-vfee-lion for Congress, with
six Republicans and two Demo­
crats seeking the highest honor
as Governor of Oregon.
A bail dozen Republican »?••*
■ looking lor the State Treasurer-
sliip and three .judges are vyiug
for tlu* iMimamtiMi-ihn' ;Jn» Su
preme Court.. There is no com
«petition, tor tile offices ol Attoiimv
-General or Superintendent of
Public Instruction, Jail considei
able'''rivalry exists for some of
( ' oi W i issimier jolts.
'Except for S)tyrin' and Treas­
urer of this e.ounty, the Demo
i ..is u.ue no eamli,ules, with the
big light between Brownell and
Dimick for State Senator. Three
Portland men are asking for tin*
nomination for Joint Senator and
six Clackamas County men are
struggling to obtain the three
nominations for State Repres. n-
tatives, with Stephens ol George
being the only Eastern ( ’laekamas
candidate for any office.
For County Sheriff, three Re­
publicans and one Democrat are
listed; two men want the Clerk's
otiiee: a man and a woman are up
for Treasurer, with no competi­
tion for Recorder or Surveyor
and lmt one man is trying to get
Commissioner Knight s seat in the
County Court.
Every voter should do Ins or her
duty am I east their vote early.
The majority of polls will he in
charge of women this year, these
clerks and judges having agreed
to donate their earnings to the
Red Cross
Bartlett Mayor of Estacada
A (Considerable s h a k e up of
officers of the City of Estacada
occured at Tuesday’s c o u n c i l
meeting, when Marshall J o h n
Page resigned, with Mayor Love­
lace resigning to accept the mar-
shalship and the council appoint­
ing E. W. Bartlett as mayor.