Eastern Clackamas news. (Estacada, Or.) 1916-1928, April 04, 1918, Image 2

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    C oncluded from first p a g e .
oftject la to m a k e t.u r K u l t u r prevail
In t i e Kant ( I n ‘Mu.-tcovy’I, and In ac-
eom pllshlnK th la we «hall also Rain
econom ic a d v a n ta a c s T h is Is th e first
• t e p In o u r w orld d o m i n a t io n .”
W h e re doe« A m e r - a s t a n d In th is
t h e o ry of a "ch o sen |>eople ? A m erica
denle« th a t th eo ry ; she d e n i e s t h a t
God has chosen a n y one peopl e as
H is ow n; she a s s e r ts r a th p r th a t t h e r e
a r e m an y c iv iliz a tio n s , ea c h with its
own m e r its ajid d efects, a n d t h a t to
each m ust be left th e w o rk in g out of
1U own problem s.
W e A m e ric a n s a r e u n a b le to u n d e r ­
s t a n d . o r s y m p a th iz e w ith, a people
who conceive of th e m s e lv e s as a chosen
people, chosen of God— a people to
w hom all th in « « and actio n s, how ever
I n h u m a n or b ru ta l, a r e r e t a r d e d a*
p e rm issib le, even holy, because of a
fa ith In t h e i r su|>erlor m ission and
civiliz atio n
To us su ch a belief 1 «
d ire c t ev id en ce, not of a lead in g , but
of a lag g in g civ iliz a tio n .
T h is G e rm a n ideal, when expressed
m e re ly in th e o ry , even th o u g h t auRht
In G e rm a n y to r the last t h i r t y years,
a t l r r e d but Indifferent In te re s t In o th e r
E u r o p e a n n a tio n s
In th is w ar G e r­
m a n y h a s revealed In th e ap p lic a tio n
of h e r theory a lust for world (tower
at t h e e x p e n se of o t h e r peoples, a lack
o f Rood fa ith , a b r u t a l i t y th a t have
s ta m p e d her th e o ry as Involving a re ­
t u r n to b a r b a ris m .
Hy th e ap p lic a tio n of G e rm a n theory
we w e re forced, u n w illin g ly , to ro to
Hut today we know th a t th e re
was no csca|>e fro m a w a r betw een two
c o n tra d ic to ry Ideals.
G e rm a n y 's eco­
nom ic objects a r e m a n y an d l a w
( t h e y will be (jointed o u t ) , but t h e bn*lo
cause of th is w a r was the G e rm a n ideal
of a d o m in a n t n atio n .
T h a t Ideal,
by G e rm a n y 's own challenge. Is on trial
In a rm s . A R s'nst It we m u st prevail,
or we shall perish.
T h i s Is the first of a series of ten
articles by Professor Adams.
Grover Krigbaum of Estacada,
who is on a fifteen day furlough
from the (¡oat Island Navy Yard,
near San Francisco, where he is
enlisted, is spending a few days
at the home of his parents, Mr.
and Mrs. Conrad Krigbaum.
L ocals fro m L o w er
E ag le C re e k
Albert Ho-ger and family have
moved to Eagle Creek, where
they will farm the J. E. Burnett
property. Mr. Horger comes
from Portland, where he was
employed hy the Log Cahin
Bal.ei y.
The Eagle Creek Red Cross
has moved its headquarters from
the home of Mrs. E. N. Foster to
Aleck Faker’s house, which he
has donated for the carry ing on
of the work.
Carl Clark, ac companied by his
parents and Mr. and Mrs. C. H.
Paddison motored to Sandy on
Mrs. Anna Full of Gresnam
visited friends in Eagle Creek
Oren Bailou is fully recovered
from his recent accident at the
St. John’s shipyarls and has
this week returned to work.
R. E. Monger and daughter
Charlotte are suffering from an
attack of mumps.
George Kitzmiller of Upper
Eagle Creek expects to leave
shortly for southern Oregon,
where he will continue work with
the n A C. Land < »rant classifi
cation crew. During his absence
Mrs. Kitzmiller will visit at the
home of her parents near Wood-
burn, Or.
J. W. Moxley of Morrow Stat­
ion last week adveitised that a
Gadarene pig. had strayed onto
his property. When asked how
he knew it was a Gaderene, he
said - “The Bible says a herd of
swine of that breed were possess­
ed of devils and as this particular
pig seemed to have a superabun­
dance of devils, 1 knew it was a
pure bred Gadarene. ”
Are You Goin£ to help Unde Sammie by
Planting A War Garden ?
We are headquarters for all the
WANTED:—Any information which will lead to the electirr ' f
W. J. Wilson, (alias - Sheriff Billy) or D. E. Frost, (alias D tp. y
Last seen in and about Estacada. Height - Full man’s siz \
Both wearing broad smiles. Thumb-prints may he found on hai us
of all voters, with whom they have been glaf-handing.
Each man has an enviable record, Sheriff Bill having proven a
capable county official, a terror to the boot-leggers anti other cou 1 -
ty-s»*at nuisances ami doing his full bit l’or Uncle Sam in the pres­
ent war crisis.
His deputy. Jack, is no longer content to act as second for Bill,
prefering to get into the ring and his record for knock-outs ami ng
law breakers and his good work in the enforcement of the iaw
regarding juveniles, commend him strongly to the voters.
Both men are now scouting for votes, a ls» keeping an eye out for
slackers, shirkers, and pro-Huns and the Eastern Clackamas volets
are trying t> mike up their min Is which to favor, and as there are
other candidates in the field who can tell?
The plav - “The Man Without
A Country” will be sriven with
special ieatures by the primary
and high school students, Mon-
day, April 14th at the Estacada
Family theatre. This entertain-
ment will be for the benefit of
the Junior Red Cross.
The George Social & Commer­
cial Club will give a Red Cross
dance on Saturday evemng next.
April Gth. All people are invit-
ed to make the trip to George
and lake part in the le.stivities.
Roads between Estacada and
George are reported .0 be in
good shape, with autos making
the trip easily wiiho it chains,
Harry C. Reid of Garfield left
Salurdav for Oregon City, w u -e
with the fourteen other recruits
in the la-t quota, was entertained
. .
at a anQuet there Sunday even-
ing, leaving for American Lake
on Monday.
The Red Cross dance given at
Eagle Creek last Saturday even-
ing w as well attended, wuh
everyone having a good time and
greatly enjoying t h e t a m a i e
supper served by the hosiesses,
the Fiiscilla Club ol Cunir.x li e!
The totai receipts of the atiair
were about i&J.
to make it a success.
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