Eastern Clackamas news. (Estacada, Or.) 1916-1928, March 07, 1918, Image 8

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    Eastern Clackam as News
Published every Thursday at
Estacada, Oregon
K. M. Standish, Editor and Manager
Entered at the postoffice in Estacada,
Oregon, as second-class mad.
S ubscription R a te s
One v a r
Six months
Thursday, March 7, 11)18
The state-wide, house-to house
thrift campaign has been post­
poned from the week o f March
5, to March 19th to 23rd.
This campaign is not to be a
drive for money.
It is to lie a campaign of edu­
cation. A campaign to tell every
Oregon householder just what
Thrift Stamps are, what War
Savings Stamps are, where they
can be bought, and why they
should be bought.
Ten thousand volunteer work­
ers will strive to plant a thrift
germ in every home in Oregon.
The germ will do the rest.
With the financial difficulties
of the Estacada Boy Scout Corps
a thing of the past, thanks to the
generous response to their Tag
Day sales we would suggest
that the scouts do a little real
scouting and locate the boy or
boys in Estacada, who are now
passing through
a n unmoral
development, resulting in the
scribbling of filthy words and
pictures about town.
Contrary to reports that had
been current in this section, to
the effect that F. B. Guthrie,
former principal of the Estacada
Schools, was one of the survivors
of the recent Tuscania disaster,
Mrs. Guthrie writes from Salem
that he is located in the Y. M. C.
A. work at San Antonio. Texas.
The War Advertising Com­
mittee of Oregon has requested
that the following slogans be
given publicity during the month
of March, in the interests of a
“ Silence Campaign Against the
Spreading of Rumor, Conjecture
and Hearsay.”
Chaffeurn and Truck Drivers
Through the office yf the A d­
jutant General, a call is being
made for young men uualitied as
expert automobile or truck driv­
ers, for enlistment in the army
Oregon’ s quota for this work is
100 and must lie raised by Fri­
day, March Sth.
training will be given a'l volun­
teers at San Antonio, Texas, with
the men later being sent to
France, where General Pershing
needs chauffers and motor truck
The regular monthly dance of
the Estacada Tennis Club, held
at the Hotel Estacada. Saturday,
was an enjoyable affair.
A n d P le n ty c f T h e m
Our Enemies Over Here Are
Trying to Hurt Our Boys Over
Our Enemies Are Lis­
tening, Don’ t Talk.
“ Groceries wfe have, the best to be had,
Our Service, the best wre know how;
Our prices, are not all to the bad.
Then why not give us your trade now?”
If you know anything Germany
would like to know, let this be
your Speechless Day.
“ Our stock is complete
And to please you we aim.
While our prices copipete
With others, just the sam e.”
Germans their agents a n d
sympathizers are trying to over­
hear you. Keep Quiet! Don’ t talk!
Keep Your eyes peeled. Your
lips sealed. Your heart steeled.
Your idle prattle may lose a bat­
tle. Don’ t tell all you know.
Our Motto
“The Best is Aione Too Good for You”
One German Army has already
occupied America. The invisible
host of Spies is everywhere.
Swat the fly! Spot the Spy!
Spies feed on little crumbs of
conversation, little glances of ob­
servation. Starve them out!
Benedict Arnold was an Am er­
ican Officer trusted and loved by
George Washington. Three cow­
boys caught the spy whose papers
exposed Arnold.
K e e p your
eyes open.
R e p o r t suspicious
persons who ask curious ques­
It is rumored the Kaiser is
making a special lot of Iron
Crosses for Americans who help
him by careless talk. Have you
qualified yet for your Iron Cross?
Don’ t tell all you know to peo­
ple you don’ t.
A word to the Spies is Suf­
fic ie n t.
Don’ t tell all you know.
Naval Enlistments
Agai n O pened
Under the direction of Super­
visor L. J. Palmateer. road work
is now underway in Garfield dis­
trict No. 11». with gravel being
hauled by truck from Estacada
and being worked into the bad
spots on the mam road in that
Good Eats
Enlistment in the naval service
has been reopened at the U. S.
Naval Training Camp, Seattle
and any citizen between the ages
of 18 and 35 is eligible.
Recruits w ill receive a thorough
course of four months naval in­
struction. This camp is consid­
ered one of the best training
quarters in the country, located
on the grounds of the University
of Washington, with the facili­
ties of that institution available,
together with th e ll. S. S. Prince­
ton for a training ship.
Among the out-of-town visito s
in Estacada on
Auction Dav,
were three prominent newspaper
publishers, namely E. E. Brodie
of the Oregon City Enterprise;
C. W. Robey of the Oregon City
Courier and G. J. Taylor of the
Molalla Pioneer. These visitors
were much pleased with the com­ I
munity spit it shown during the
sale and came to obtain sugges­
tions for similar affairs for their
own communities.
L . A . C h ap m an
4, +
cii +
+ +
+ 4 '*
Undertaking and Embalming
L. A. Chapman
Licensed Embalmer
Hearse and Morgue
Store or Residence
+ + + + + + + + + * + + + + + + + + + + + + * + *+ +
R. G. Marchbank
Estacada, Or
Soda Wafer • Soft Drinks - Lure' s
Cigars and Tobacco
Headquarters Fir
W. S. kCCD, Auctioneer
Vancouver, Wash.
Farm Salehs a Specialty - Write for Dates or call at
News Office. Estacada.
If your shoes need polishing, call at the
Estacada Barber Snop.
tp tp
1 am on the j h sill day Saturday and alter school hours on wtt-K
ays. Ladies’ w ik especially solicited. Leave shoes at the shop
atul 1 will do the rest. All shines 10 cet ts.
Mrs. C. W . Devore and son
Raymond of Estacada left Tues-
dav for the south, with Raymond
visiting at the home of his grand­
mother at Drain. Oregon, while
Mrs. Devore expects to spend
about six weeks in California,
visiting friends and relatives.
Clyde Ecker, editor of the In­
dependence. (Or.) Monitor, spent
Sunday at the home of his mother
and sister. Mrs. N. B. Ecker of
Estacada and Mrs. W. F. Cary of
Mrs. Elmer Blackburn c f St.
Helens was a week-end guest et
Mrs. Eva Hodgkiss of El wood, the home of her sister-in law,
who has been working near Port­ M;s. W. M. Yonce of Estacada]
land. last week returned to her attending the Tennis Ciuo uance
Saturday evening.