Eastern Clackamas news. (Estacada, Or.) 1916-1928, October 25, 1917, Image 2

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    Wrights Leave Far Ranch Home i
With the departure this week
oi Mr. and Mrs. I. 1). Wright o f
Estacada. for their new ranch
home near Denio, Oregon, this
entire community will be the los-
er, lw)th socially and in a busi-
ness way.
1 he Wright household goods
were last Sunday, shipped via the
Millard-Horner auto truck to
Troutdale, fro n wh eh p >int they
will go by rail to Crane, thence
by truck or team KM) miles to
their destination.
During the three or four years
Fourth Call Takes Local Recruits
Good Price For I*runes Htre
Last wtek saw the shipment
from Estaeada o f a good many
thousand pounds o f prunes, rep-
resenting parts o f the Garfield
and Springwater crops,
As near as can t>e ascertained,
about a 40"o crop was harvested
jn this country, with a price o f
from 8 to 9 cents prevailing,
Among the la gest local grow-
ers wereKrigbaums, Dart, Davis,
Snutfin, Trapp and Crawfords o f
Garfield and the Guttridges and
Howells o f Springwater.
Hallowe’en Danes Saturday Night
o f their residence in Estaeada,
The N ew s was incorrectly in-
the Wrights have made many formed last week o f the date o f
close friendships, which will re- the C. 1. C. Hallowe’en Dance,
main long a fter the city complex- which was shown in these col­
ions and apparel of tffeir urban umns as being scheduled for
residence will have been sup- Tuesday evening, the 28rd, in-
planted by tho dust,'tan, sunburn 8tead o f Saturday evening, the
and toil o f ranch fife in that 27th.
country of wide expanses, sage
the date is next
brush, rattlers, alfalfa and coy- Saturday evening. October 27ih,
° t es-
and everyone is invited to lie
The present status o f the Es- present,
tacada State Bank is largely due
to the ability and hard work o f •
A V is it I o C o b l i n v d l e
Wright, its former cashier; The novel jitney supper to be
much o f the benefits that served by the ladies o f the Esta-
have come to Estaeada and this cada Christian Church will corn-
vicinity in the past few years bine the H allowe’en spirit, coni-
have, been in part due to his prhing "‘A Trip id Goblinville” .
work as mayor o f the city and
This will occur Friuay evening,
his interest in all civic and com- Ociouer 26th, with the first stop
munity development.
o f the free jitney service being
The best of wishes are extend- at the D. S. Meming home, at
ed the embryo ranchers in their 6.80 P. M.
new life and it is only hoped
'1 he affair will w ind lip at the 1
they may return often with the church
and all are invited to
filthy lucre gained from the sue- mage no other arrangements for
cess fill nattle id' making two the evening meal on that night,
stools o f alfalfa grow, where now
Jitneys will start at Estaeada
only exists one sage bush.
Slate Bank corner, at 6:80o ’ clock.
♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦
♦ M y~ Business
♦ Plumbing, Water Systems and Lighting Plants *
. ,
W h e n you a r e in the m a rk e t for a n y th in g in these line»
C. C. Miller
Harry C. Reid o f Garfield and
Ennis Townsend, formerly o f
Estaeada but now o f Bull Run
will undoubtedly see activé en­
listment after November 5th
next, when these two, along with
a few other county boys, will
make un the fourth and last en- j
listment in the Clackamas Coun­
ty quota o f fifty-two recruits.
Both o f the local men were al­
ternates on the third call, bull
their services were not needed
at that time, but both are now in
readiness to respond and hope to
enter the training at American
Lake by November 6th.
Mr. Reid’ s absence will be felt
in many ways in this community,
Bank To Finance Guernsey Buying
where he has been engaged in
In conjunction with the Clack-
business as secretary and treas-
urer oT the Walter Givens Com- amas County Guernsey Club, the
pany and he wishes to advise his Bank o f Commerce of Oregon
many friends here that his en- City is now taking a radical and
listment in no ways interferes welcome action in setting aside
with his business interests, which 4$11.000 for the purchase o f 85
he still retains and hopes to as head o f Guernsey cows to be dis­
tributed to the farmers surround­
same actively on his return.
ing Oregon City.
D o v e r
These animals will be sold to
the farmers, with the bank charg­
On Monday o f last week, the ing a special interest rate o f 6%
house of Hugh Devlin was'com ­ until the animals are paid for.
This is a move in the i ight di­
pletely destroyed by fire, which
started from a defective terra- rection and represents practical
cotta flue. Most o f the furniture banking for a rural community
was saved by the herioc work > f and it is hoped moie such work
the neighbors and school children. 1 may be done in other nearby
Mrs. N. Schminkev and Joseph j sections.
DeShazer met with the George'
Crochet Club last T h u rs d a y a t L l h e N ew s owes an apology to
the home o f Mrs. Frank A h n e rt.: Ben
Berl Bve,'s
Miss Susie Miller started Mon­
the late owner o f a fine little
day to attend school at Sandy.
| Chevrolet car and the latter be-
The Fir wood Saw Mill, run by
.las. Dixon, began operations on j ing the present owner o f said
' car. This omission was uninten­
Monday last.
Previously Mr
tional, but B<.rt has been chang­
Dixon, had been logging with
ing makes o f cars so often this
his donkey engine.
summer, that our automobile edi­
Bob lev installed a tele-
tor became confused. Anyw ay
phone for Marion Miller last Bob owns it now and can drive it
week on the Firwood Dover line. J forwards, backwards and side-
The Misses Iva and Agnes "
with the skill ot a chautteur.
Udell, who are attending school!
awav from home, spent Sundav I ( ar* Kimmel o f Company B.
with their parents.
' ! * • » f week-end visitor at the
I parental home m Estaeada. Carl
reports that Chester Womer o f
W. R. Reid o f Garfield is now Company H. and Leroy Card o f
a member o f the Federal Grand i the same company are now sta-
Jurv in Portland.
i tioned at Clackamas too.
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