Eastern Clackamas news. (Estacada, Or.) 1916-1928, July 26, 1917, Image 1

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Devoted to the Interests
of Eastern
V olume 10, N umber 45
E stacada . O regon , T hursday , J uly 26. 1017
District W arden And Chief
Forest Ranger Exercise
All P r e c a u t i o n s
If destructive fires appear in
the forests in this county this
summer, as has happened under
similar drought conditions in for­
mer years, it will not he the fault
of District Fire Warden, John W.
Ferguson and his deputies or
Chief Forest Ranger, Herman
Wallace and his assistants.
District Fire Warden, Fergu­
son is in charge of the protection
of all privately owned timber in
this and the neighboring coun­
ties; while Ranger Wallace is in
charge of the timber interests in
the National Reserve in this
As many fires are started by
sparks from saw-mill and other
factory smoke stacks, Warden
Ferguson and his deputies are
strictly enforcing the law gov­
erning the installation of spark
catchers where necessary. This
department is also thoroughly
posting conspicuous advertise­
ments along all trails and roads
in the timber, warning campers
against carelessness in setting
and leaving fires. With a large
part of their work comprising the
issuance of fire permits, for the
burning of slashings and brush.
Permits for the latter purpose
may be obtained from either
Deputy Ray Wilcox of Garfield,
who is in charge of most of the
territory on this side of the
Clackamas or from Stanley Turel
of Dodge, who is deputy warden
in the Springwater, Viola, High­
land and nearby districts. All
parties contemplating burning
slashings or similar uncleared
land are warned not to do so
without first having obtained a
regular permit.
Warden Ferguson last week
appointed C h r i s Klinker ot
George as special guard in the
valuable stand of timber in the
mountains east of Dover, trom
w hich point he will act as look­
out for the Eagle Creek Canyon,
Wild Cat Mt. and Old Baldy dis­
Forester Wallace of Estacada
now has a large crew of young
men in the mountains up the
Clackamas River, where they
are extending and rebuilding the
telephone lines and trails, both
of which are absolutely neces-
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$1. P er Y ear
From List Of 700 Draft Numbers
Clackamas Quota Of 52
Will Be Filled
Cheese Factory Open For Inspec­
tion, Good Roads Day And
P i c n i c In The Park
Justice Of P e a c e Devore To
Establish Special Court As
P r o v i d e d By Law
Based on Clackamas County’s
population of 2:1..‘148. this county
will be expected to furnish a
quota of 310 enlistments, but as
the county already has a credit
of 258 voluntary enlistments, the
net quota by draft has been re­
duced to 52.
The U. S. draft of last Friday
and Saturday, consisting of 700
numbers, includes about 165 from
Clackamas County, with a small
proportion taken from this east­
ern section.
While to date, no official lists
have been sent to the newspa­
pers; from the unofficial lists
shown in the Portland and Ore­
gon City papers, the following
names of men residing in this
part of the county appear among
the first 700;-
First Hundred
S. A. Feather, Estacada; Er­
nest Douglass. Barton.
Second Hundred
R. J. Beil, Boring; D. O Smith,
Boring; Fred Carlson, Firwood;
E. W. Johnson, Cherryville; En­
nis Townsend, Bull Run; Bert
Page, Estacada; C. W. Eisner,
Bull Run.
Third Hundred
W. E. Test, Eagle Creek; H. H.
Huxley, Estacada.
Fourth Hundred
Roy Funk, Boring; Edward
Hofman, Sandy.
Fifth Hundred
Frank Linhard, Sandy; Will
Dale, Estacada; C. C. Cockerline,
Estacada; G. R. Hallman, Boring.
Sixth Hundred
Wm O’Dell, Bull Run; V. Vid-
olin, Boring; F. A. Wentzel,
Sandy; J. L. McKenzie, Esta­
cada; Harry C. Reid, Estacada;
L. N. Vallen, Colton.
Seventh Hundred
G. Stucki, Eagle Creek; G. A.
O’Dell, Cherryville; A. Bieden-
stein, Cherryville; J. C. Kiggins,
Of the names mentioned above,
Harry C. Reid and William M.
Dale have already applied for
enlistment, the former in the
Second Officers’ Reserve Corps
and the latter in the Dental
Corps, while Bert Page lately re­
enlisted in the Marine Service,
where he was given a commis­
sion, due him for his three years
previous service.
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T he Estacada Cooperative
Cheese Association’s picnic and
Good Roads Day will take place
next Wednesday, August 1st at
Estacada, the celebration being
conducted under the auspices of
the Farmers’ & Merchants’ Club.
Everyone in this community
is invited and urged to come pre­
pared to spend the day. enjoying
the picnic hours in the park and
an inspection trip through the
cheese factory and the men to
put in a few hours in grading
and building the short stretch of
road leading to the cheese fac­
tory from the foot of 2nd St.
All are requested to come early
and bring their lunches, but not
to bother with coffee, as the bus­
iness men of Estacada will fur­
nish a liberal supply of hot cof­
fee, cream and sugar and proba­
bly a few gallons of ice cream.
It is also expected that good
sized samples of the output of
the Estacada Cheese Factory w ill
be given as souvenirs.
The promotors of this celebra­
tion, headed by Pres. Ewing of
the Cheese Association are at
their wits end to decide who shall
act as supervisor in the building
of the stretch of road, for while
none of the neighboring supervi­
sors want the job, the committee
desires the expert services of all
of them. It is now planned to
sta g e either a cheese eating con­
test, a foot race or a drawing of
sticks to determine who shall be
boss, with the others allowed to
act as sub-bosses.
A number of teams are needed
in the work and as probably more
workers will be on hand than
can be economically worked on
the short stretch of road near
the factory, the crew will he div­
ided and the grading done also
on the block of road leading to
the Estacada cannery.
The improvement of these two
roads is of equal value to all peo­
ple in this community, as much
of the produce from all districts
has to be hauled over one or lx>th
of these roads.
An informal program is being
arranged to take place in the
park, following the dinner hour,
with a few unique stunts to fol­
It is hoped a big crowd will be
in attendance, especially every­
one interested in the cheese fac­
tory. as well as their friends and
The last Oregon legislature
enacted a law, whereby, a de­
partment, known as the Small
Claims Department, shall be
created and organized by the just-
ticeof the pea«*e in every district
in the state.
In compliance with this act.
Justice of the Peace, C. W. De­
vore of Estacada will soon estab­
lish such a court, which should
prove a valuable addition to oar
present system of court proceed-
A resume of the law, shows
that this court shall only have
jurisdiction, but not exclusive,
in cases for the recovery of
money, where the amount claim­
ed does not exceed $20. and
where the defendant resides
within the district of such jus­
tice of the peace.
Any plaintiff* may begin an ac­
tion by appearing before the jus­
tice of the peace and subscribing
to and verifying his claim. Then
the justice shall appoint a time
for the hearing and proper pa­
pers shall be served upon the de­
The total cost of any such ac­
tion shall not exceed $1.50; $1.
of which shall be paid the justice
of the peace and 50c paid the
officer serving the papers.
No attorney at law or any per­
son other than the plaintiff and
defendant, shall concern himself
or in any manner intefere with
the prosecution or defence of the
case, without the consent of the
justice of the peace.
Plaintiff* and defendant may
have witnesses, who shall receive
no pay and shall have been vol­
untarily brought to the court.
The justice of the peace shall
decide the case as may seem just
and right to him. The judge­
ment of such justice of the peace
shall be conclusive with the
plaintiff*, but if the defendant
wishes ho may appeal to the cir­
cuit court, as provided by the
law. If the judgement or order
be against the defendant, he shall
pay the same, subject to his
right of appeal.
As justice ol the peace 0. W.
Devore has jurisdiction over the
next to the largest district in this
county, covering most of the
u re .
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