Eastern Clackamas news. (Estacada, Or.) 1916-1928, July 05, 1917, Image 3

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To Be Without a Bank Account?
S m all-p o x A n d C a r S h o rt ge
H it M c C u rd y ’s
♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦
This question has no reference
to your financial condition, hut
front a strictly business point of
view can you afford to forego the
many advantages that accrue to
owner.) of growing hank ac­
counts? This is a competitive
age- competition to accumulate
is becoming keener all the time.
Your competitor has a hank ac­
count to systematize his affairs
and takes advantage of all its
privileges. Can YOU afford to
let him have this advantage
over you?
Why not start an account with
us and take advantage of the con­
venience and facilities afforded
for the better protection of
YOUR income.
Your present needs should be filled
We have a good supply of
Wide Mouth Mason Jars
B ee S u ppl i e s
Stock Salt
If you are not making
as much money as you
think you should with
your hcgs, cattle and
sheep, here is the solu­
tion of your problem.
will help you to make
more money by put­
ting more weight on
our farm animals and
y increasing the milk
flow of your cows, and
it wiU also help you to
save grain teed. It
has been constantly
and successfully used
by thousands of farm­
ers for over 27 years.
Investigate it.
G> &
Fstacada Feed & Lumber Co.
M. D. E V A N S
E sta c a d a ,
O. C. S. G E R B E R
O re g o n .
Synopsis of previous c h a p te rs:
A bout th irty days ago, Bert H. Finch
o f E s ta c a d a purchased a Chevrolet car
and ab o u t ten m inutes later, Bert
Byers, his assista n t, bought a Ford, and
as Bert says " t o keep up the pace set
by the b o s s ".
Many To Attend Chautauqua
Leroy L). Walker, President
Thomas Yocum, Vice President
I r w i n D. W r i g h t , C a s h i e r
♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦
Berts Buy Bigger Benzine Buggies
Mi l l
'Hie reversal by the supreme
court last week of the circuit
court decision in the case of the
appea' of the Weyerhaeuser Land
Co. marked the close of a case
that has been watched closely by
the timber interests of the coast
and is of the utmost importance
to the taxpayers of Clackamas
The Weyerhaeuser interests
asked for and were granted by
Judge Campbell a reduction to
$92,502. on their timber valua­
tion. from the original $188.145
and the reversal of this decision,
won by District Attorney Hedges
and his assistant Tom Burke,
means the saving of a large
amount of taxes for this county.
In a letter received this week
from the ,). R. Me Curdy's of
Seobey, Montana, who formerly
resided in Estacada. it was learn­
ed that on their return home
from their Oregon visit last win­
ter, Jean, the seven year old
daughter was taken ill with
small-pox, but is now completely
To add to the general hard
luck, it is likely Mr. McCurdy
will have to shut down his pros­
perous lumber business, owing
to the recent order passed by the
railways, whereby after August
1st, cars will only he furnished in
that section this year for the
handling of foodstuffs, grain, etc.
The Dave Eschlemans and Al
Lindseys, formerly of Estacada.
but now at Seobey. are reported
I to he well, happy and prospering.
Estacada State Bank
Supreme Court Upholds Hedges
Undoubtedly a larger number
of people from this community
will attend the 1917 session of
the Gladstone Chautauqua, than
ever before, as many are already
making plans to camp on the
grounds, with others contem­
plating regular daily auto trips
to take in all of the entertain­
ments and lectures on the pro­
A perusal of the half-page ad­
vertisement of the Chautauqua,
appearing elsewhere in this issue,
is well worth anyone’s time and
will result in the reader so ar­
ranging his or her plans, so that
he or she, or both, or the whole
family, will arrange to spend at
least a day at the Gladstone
grounds this month.
The Chautauque opens July
10th and continues for thirteen
days and with the new $0,000
auditorium now under construc­
tion, but to he completed on
opening day, a treat is in store
for all.
O re g o n
Chapter 2: Last week, Bert,
the boss, bought a Dodge car
from the Cascade Garage and
Bert, the assistant, bought a
Chevrolet, having sold his Eon I
to Sici Fisher ol I'acific City.
In our A ugust num ber will
a ppear the next installm ent of this
thrilling n a rra tiv e .
Walker Heads Portland Bank
Leroy D. Walker, president of
the Estacada State Bank, has re­
cently assumed the cashiership
of the newly organized State
Bank of Portland, which was for­
merly the Scandinavian-Ameri-
can Bank.
The many friends of Mr. Wal­
ker here congratulate him upon
this appointment to a high place
in the state’s banking circles and
only hope that nothing will inter­
fere with his continued presi­
dency of the Estacada State
The ease of the State of Ore­
gon vs John Walczak of Barton
will take place at 10 A. M. July
9th in Justice Devore’s court in
Estacada. This case is the out­
come of a threat made by the
defendant to commit a felony,
with James Anderson of Barton
as the complaining witness.
E x ch a n g e»
The first issue of a new month­
ly publication, issued and print-
. ed by the School of Journalism
of the University of Oregon, call­
ed “Oregon Exchanges” was re­
ceived at this office last week.
Oregon Exchanges is primarily
devoted to the newspapermen
of the state, but is good reading
for the general public and as a
specimen of first class printing,
is a standing advertisement for
that course of work, as taught
at the U. of O.
Mrs. Margaret Halley and
daughter of Portland are guests
at the I. I). Weight home in
I). K. MeComb, wife and son
of Stockton, Kansas are the
guests for a couple of weeks at
the J. A. MeComb home in
Springwater, as were Mr. and
Mrs. L. Meriweather of Portland,
who joined in the family reunion
over the week-end.
Abstracts examined. Corporation Lav.
Fluauclal Asents. Trusts, Escrows and
Accounts. Estates probated. Coiiac-
tious, Deads, Mortgages. General
practice In ail courts. Correspondence
solicited. Prompt attention. Bank
references. Fourteenth year.
Mosessohn & Mosessohn
m . r U - 7 1 1 C h a m b e r af C o m m a r e e B M s