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Devoted to the Interests of Eastern Clackamas County
V olume 10, N umber 42
E stacada . O regon , T hursday , J uly 5. 1017
County Seaters Complain
Against Estacada’»
Red Cross Drive Tactics
Mrs. J. A. Inglish Passes
Away Suddenly In Portland
The two Oregon City newspa-
peas last week devoted consider­
able space to the reproduction of
a letter from B. T. Me Bain of
the Live Wires, addressed to R.
M. Standish of the Farmers’ &
Merchants’ Club of Estacada.
Just why this letter should
have been addressed to “ye edi­
tor’’ is not apparent, but proba­
bly to insure sufficient publicity,
but nevertheless an explanation
is due the Oregon City Red Cross
The letter, which space will
not allow of reproduction here,
was substantially a contradiction
of certain impressions obtained
by the Oregon City delegates
while here last week, to the ef­
fect that the Estacada Red Cross
drive had been launched and suc­
cessfully carried through, inde­
pendent of and in defiance of
Oregon C(ity and the county or­
ganization, in a spirit of section­
al jealousy and unwillingness to
cooperate with the county at
In explanation, it should be
stated that a few local people
had noticed in the Portland pa­
pers that T. W. Sullivan of Ore­
gon City had been appointed to
head the Clackamas County cam­
paign. But as the days went on
and none of the local leaders
heard from Mr. Sullivan, they
decided to go ahead with a sepa­
rate Red Cross drive, for this
community wanted, as usual, to
do its patriotic bit.
The drive was scheduled tor
June 18th to 25th and on June
21st, Mrs. E. W. Bartlett, presi­
dent of the Estacada Civic Im­
provement Club and a few oth­
ers, after making inquiries at the
News office and elsewhere, took
the matter in their own hands,
phoned to the Portland head­
quarters for the necessary data,
receipt forms etc. and started a
whirl-wind drive, which at the
end of the four days netted
$1081.16, which sum raised, was
greater in proportion to the pop­
ulation, than any raised in the
On the 22nd, it was discovered
that Mgr. Sullivan had previous­
ly sent notices to the various
school clerks, asking them to at
once start their individual com­
munity campaigns. But for some
reason or other, the communica­
tions to the local clerks were giv­
en no publicity nor brought to
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Word was received by Mrs.
Blanche Jenkins of Garfield, at
about one o’clock Tuesday morn­
ing, of the sudden death shortly
before midnight, of her mother,
Mrs. J. A. Inglish of Garfield,
which occured at the home of
friends at 715 E 22nd St. in Port­
The news of Mrs. Inglish death
was a great shock to the family
and many friends in this commu­
nity, who at last reports had
heard that she was fast regaining
her health, during her two
months absence in Portland,
where she had been undergoing
For a year or so past, Mrs. In­
glish had been in failing health
and for a time last year hopes of
her recovery were very slight,
although since that time, she has
been feeling much better.
Thp d. ceased, who was about
fifty years old, is survived by her
husband, J. A. Inglish and daugh­
ters, Mrs. Ed Jenkins and Belle
Inglish of Garfield and two sons,
Clyde, who is in the U. S. Navy
and Glenn of Grangeville, Idaho,
who is enlisted in the U. S. Army.
Funeral services were held
Thursday afternoon in Portland,
with many of the local people at­
tending. Following the services,
the remains were shipped to the
old home in Kansas, being accom­
panied by Miss Belle Inglish.
The sympathy of the commun­
ity is extended the bereaved hus­
band and children and the pass­
ing of Mrs. Inglish will long be
felt in the Garfield district, where
she has always taken an active
part in the social and religious
activities, being a leader in the
W. C. T. U. and Grange work
and an active member of the
Dorcas Society.
Pomona Grange At Garfield
July 11th.
Arrangements have been made
to hold the Pomona Grange of
this county, on July 11th at the
Garfield Grange Hall.
All Grangers are urged to be
present and come prepared to
spend the day and the general
public is cordiully invited to at­
tend in the evening and enjoy
the special program.
Buys Athletic Field
Adjoining Present Property
Through the S. E. Wooster
Realty Agency and with the aid
of Attorney. C. W'. Devore, the
final arrangements are now be­
ing made for the purchase by the
Estacada School District of a
block of land, adjoining the
school property on the north, to
to be used as a permanent athlet­
ic and agricultural field.
The property involved compri­
ses twelve lots, being lots Nos.
7 to 12 of Block 9 and lots Nos.
1 to 6 of Block 8, in Zobrist Ad­
As it is expected the city coun­
cil will vacate the block of Currin
street between these two half
blocks, it will mean the obtaining
of a piece of land 260 x .‘TOO feet,
which assures the Estacada
Schools a permanent athletic
field and sufficient room for the
out of doors work in the agri­
cultural courses.
This property does not com­
prise all the land, now within the
baseball grounds, as the row of
lots facing Main Street were held
at too high a jwice to warrant.
their purchase, although the
property bought was obtained at
a bargain figure, representing a
first class investment and dem­
onstrating the far-sightedness of
the Estacada School Board,
The Estacada School District
will never live to regret this in­
vestment and if at a later date it
decides to sell the property, the
value of which in the meantime,
its own buildings adjoining have
enhansed, it will net a neat prof­
it on the deal._
Cheesery Opens To Capacity
The Estacada Cheesery, which
officially began operations last
Saturday, has been the scene of
steady work since; this condition
being emphasized by the fact
that the capacity of the plant,
of namely 4800 pounds per day,
was almost reached on the open­
ing day, there being brought in
over 4600 pounds.
The directors contemplate in­
creasing the original capacity bv
the addition of a smaller vat, al­
though this crowded condition
will probably continue but a few
weeks longer, du-ing these sum­
mer days of heavy milk produc­
Already the storage depart­
ment's shelves are well lined
with handsome cheeses, in vari­
ous stages of processing, with
about 22 cheeses per day bping
added, these ranging in weight
fr^m 20 to 23 pounds each.
At present Supt. Opstad is be­
ing assisted by John Rage, al­
though as soon as everything
gets to running smoothly, Mr.
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$1. P er Y ear
Eastern Clackamas Opposed To
$15,000. Donation To New Era Road
At the request of the State
Highway Commission, which of­
fered to donate a like amount it­
self. Clackamas County was to
give $15,000. for the cutting down
of certain grades on the New Era
Road. Latest reports are to t tie
effect that this proposition has
been accepted by the county
court and that the money will be
used as stipulated.
The New Era Road is a part of
the Pacific Highway, between
Oregon City and Can by and is al­
ready guaranteed ultimate finan­
cing as a result of the recent pas­
sage of the $6,000,000. Road Bond
It is doubtful if many local peo­
ple knew of this contemplated
donation arid had it been men­
tioned by the Live Wires at their
recent get to-gether-meeting at
Estacada, s t r o n g objections
would have l>een raised by the
residents of this section, for at
that time, it was known that
such a proposition had been made
and final action had not been
taken by the court.
$15,000. would have gonJalong
ways in grading and graveling
some of the bad stretches of
roads in this |>ortion of the coun­
ty, but as usual, all paved high­
ways lead to the county seat and
even if part of the $6,000,000.
Bond Issue money is to be ex­
pended on that road, the Clack­
amas County Court gives it an­
other big donation.
It is likely a delegation from
the Garfield Grange is in attend­
ance on the court, which is in
session today, to remind that
body of its promise of last winter,
to gravel the stretch of road
leading to the Grange Flail, which
has l>een graded for a year or
more, but is impassable in winter.
In this connection, the remarks
of E. W. Bartlett at the recent
Live Wire F. & M. dinner were
prophetic when he called atten­
tion to the fact that when the
Pacific Highway on the west side
of the Willamette is completed,
it will mean two hard surfaced
highways, one on each side of
the river, between Portland and
Oregon City. Ami furthermore,
as soon as the heavy travel
comes via the Pacific Highway
over the Oregon City county
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Soldier» To Give Farewell
Dance Saturday Evening
As a slight token of their ap­
preciation for the courtesies ren
dered them by the people of this
community, the soldiers of Co.
D. are giving a big free dance on
Saturday evening, the 7th at the
Estacada Pavillion, with dancing
from 9 to 3 and with everyone
cordially invited.