Eastern Clackamas news. (Estacada, Or.) 1916-1928, May 31, 1917, Image 5

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    Song W ith Every Ford
The Estaeada Garage, which last
week sold Ford touring cars to
Carl Clark of Barton and Peter
Ruhl of George, has formed a
male quartette, consisting of Jim
Melton, Guy Drill, R. 0 . Morri­
son and J. W. Reed.
None of the quartette suppos­
ed the others could sing, but
Guy got started on a gospel hymn
one morning and before it was
finished, the entire crew of the
garage were singing and making
some pretty good machine-shop
harmony at that, although J. W.
didn’t know the words of the
hy mn.
They are now>practising melo­
dies and popular ballads to the
accompaniment of vulcanizers,
cash registers and other noisy
equipment of the shop.
Already a fair sized crowd of
kids and a few grown-ups gather
around to listen enraptured to
their rendition of that popular
little ballad entitled — “She
Might Have Paid the Mortgage
If She Hadn’t Bought A Ford.”
The Furtive Look.
H ere Is som ething worth while for
bachelors to consider.
A Boston wom an says she can detect
a bachelor as far as she can see him.
She alw ays knows a bachelor by his
furtive look. T h e fu rtiv e look, she ex­
plains, is som ething akin to th a t of a
hunted anim al, alw ays ou the watjcb
for sn a re s and pitfalls. Of course this
muy apply only to Boston bachelors,
but it would be well for all other sin­
gle u n fo rtu n a te s to ta k e u good look
a t them selves in the m irror a n d tind
t h a t telltale look. If they do th ere is
an easy way to efface it.—Cleveland
P lain Dealer.
Why a Horse Rolls.
Horses a re fond of rolling ou the
ground, and no unimul more thorough­
ly shakes itself th an they do. After
a roll they give themselves a shake
or tw o to remove any th in g adhering
to the coat. The habit is of much
service to horses living in open plains.
On being turn» i loose a t the end of a
journey an Arab horse m ils in the
sand, which acts as blotting paper, ab­
sorbing exudations from the body. A
shake removes the sand, und the coat
soon dries. Cavalrymen in hot climates
sometimes put sand ou their horses as
the simplest and quickest way of drying
No Longer a Child.
" Is m a m m a ’s sw’eet little boy ready
to h a v e his bath now?”
“Oh, m aw , put the soft pedal on th a t
Btuff, will you? When a fellow's six
years old it's time to take him out of
th e k in d erg arten class. I'll take my
splash when I’ve had my smoke.” —
P itts b u rg h Times.
Necessary Things.
One of our rear adm irals is quote !
a s saying, "T he battleship can go to
an y p a rt of the world If coal is p ro
‘T h i s does aw ay with the old sup
»sition th a t w ater w as also ne<“e*-
»d^y.', interposed a by sta n d e r
Too L ate To C lasiify
LOST—Telephone wire stretch­
er, consisting of 2 small double
blocks with 40 ft. of % inch sash
Lost between Garfield
Store and Currinsville. Reward.
H. N. Wallace, Forest Ranger,
__I L... j i w...lLao
F. E. Beckwith
W h e th e r th e ,*a1 I o n ’s a"e voted
or noi .lie ail,.) liccm e and the m illa ;e
tax will hu e to be pa:d j..st the
W here wou.,1 tl.e e be any
e :i mv in v c 'lu g them uo\vu?— Me-
lu...nvn,e Heg jte r.
Formerly of Estaeada
will be pleased
to meet his friends at
the establishment of
Those who ar;Tue ag a in st obtaining
outside money through »he s.x mil­
lion bond issue a re working a g a in s t
the im provem ent of the by-roads or
als which they c ’.s ?u to chain-
p.ou.—P endleton L ast Ot'egou.an.
H. D. OL I VE R:
"T his is the g re a te s t m easure ever
cor.;, m .dated by the s ta te of Oregon,"
s i.d G overnor Withycombe, discuss
lug the 16.000,000 road bond bill at
tliu s ta t e w i d e good roads rally in
Portland. “ It m eans more to the s ta te
th an any m e a su re in its history, be­
cause the one thing we need is high­
ways in Oregon.”
* * *
preparedness, m ilitary
preparedness, economic insu ra n c e aud
common horse sense rise up to slap
the c o n tra ry Mr. S pence’s s ta te m e n ts
in the face. T he bond issue IS prac ­
tical, IS necessary, IS without tax
obligation, DOES m ake the auto ow n­
er bear ALL the burden and SHOULD
c a n y . —A storia Astorian.
E ighty per cent of th e autom obiles
In Oregon a re owned by persons liv­
in'» in th e cities, and not one cent
of the proposed $6,000,000 bond issue
is to be used on roads in cities. All
the money goes on county roads, and
as only 20 per cent of the auto lice:, e
will be paid by those living in the
country, th a t m eans th a t the auto
ow ners living in incorporated cities
will pay $4,600,000 of the $6,< DO.hOO
bond issue.—Tillamook H e a d lig h t
It is tim e for us to get out of the
mud. We need and m ust have good
rea d s
T hey will add to the wealth;
th rift and happiness of our peopL a J
our sta.e. This m easure ($6,000,1 0
road bond bill) does not a»ld one far­
thing to our taxes; it simply cup.tui-
izes waste. No sane man or woman
should older a single word of opposi­
tion to this m ovem ent.—G overnor
\\'..hycom bo a t s ta te wme good roaus
raily in Portland.
* * *
Six years ago the people of Califor­
nia voted $18,000,000 bonds for good
roads. The m easure received only a
small m ajority
Last November they
vo.ed an additional $16,000,000 of
bonds for fu rth e r road work.
vote at the second election was 4 to 1
for the bonds T h e r e ’s a reason. Cal­
ifornians were satisfied with th e ir
first investemnt.
Hoad construction
In California has yielded satisfactory
dividends to the people of that state.
Suceasor To John A. Beck
W at ch ma ke r And
Manufacturing Jeweler
We Have One Of The Best Equipped Shops
In The City
We Are Giving 20 Per Cent Discount On
A ll Watches Except Wrist Watches
During Mag
All Cars Stop In Front Of Store
122 Second St., Corner Of Washington.
Portland, Or.
R. M. Standlsh
Estaeada City Councilman
If you want the
Livestock to Run at L arge
T he C ity’s Sidew alks
The State H ighw ay Commlaslon has
adopted the following policy with re­
gard to road surveys:
W henever any County shall m ake
application to the Commission se ttin g
forth a desire to do construction work
on post roads, forest roads or any
other state highw ay w ithin Its limits,
the Commission will a u th o rise a def­
inite location
grades and alignm ents. The expense
of sueh surveys will be paid for from
the state funds of the Commission.
T heir P resent Condition
I am not seeking re-election — preferring to pass on the
responsibilities and troubles.
I believe in and have been working for a business admin­
istration of the City of Estaeada and the ultimate
doing away of the city's indebtedness.
We cannot conceive how a farm er
can oppose the p resen t good roads
m ovem ent when it m eans so much to
him to have good roads to take his
products to the m arket. The S ta te
of Oregon Is endeavoring to bring
about a com prehensive system of road
building, which It should have dons
years ago. but. strange to relata, ob­
jection la raised by farmers, who will
be the most benefited by a system of
hard surU ced tru n k roads.
Tillamook County for an illustration
with a hard surfaced highw ay through
the county. The farm ers would use
It 12 m onths of the year and the s u m ­
m er auto travel th re e m onths of tbs
year.— Tillamook Headlight.
My only reason for accepting the nomination for re-election,
is to see the above important improvements inaugurated.
My' Opponent - Will Kaake
will make a first-class Councilman, being a resident
taxpayer for many years and if he will enforce a
Herd-law (if the majority want one), and will favor
New Sidewalks where needed I advise your voting
for him.