Eastern Clackamas news. (Estacada, Or.) 1916-1928, May 17, 1917, Image 4

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    Editor in Chief
Walter Given«
Advertising Mgr.
Harry C. Reid
Fred Bartholomew
Devoted to the stimulation of civic and
community pride - the patronizing of
home industries - and the boosting of
the W. Givens Company, Incorporated.
Vol. 1
No. 24
E stacada, Or.
May 17, 1917
E ditor’s Dope
The sweetness of low price
never equals the bitterness of
low quality. Think of this when
you open the mail order catalog1
next time.
You will find the present time
a good one to buy sugar.
Prof. Fitts, our country agri­
cultural agent, has recommended
the following for planting during
the next two weeks: peas, bar­
ley, small white beans or spuds.
Small white beans were recom­
mended especially as a good crop
for planting at this late date.
We can furnish you with any of
the above seed immediately. It
is not too late for fodder corn
either. We have a supply of the
Pearl Corn on hand.
Perhaps you wonder if there is
any food that has not advanced
in price. Peanut-butter still sells
at the same price it always has,
and you will find that it costs less
than a third of what creamery
butter does. It makes excellent
soup, filler for cake, and for
sandwiches needs no recommen­
The Boosting Spirit this week
received a letter from a reader
who has used 800 pounds of land
plaster on a sowing of clover but
exhausted the supply before fin­
ishing the field. The plastered
clover is now 13 inches high with
leaves twice as large as the other
which is now only 5 inches high,
an argument in favor of land
plaster that is convincing. And
the fact that this successful ran­
cher will treat the clover again
indicates there is no danger of
overdoing this sort of thing.
Empire Land Plaster is $11 per
ton as long as our present supply
holds out.
We are glad to note that more
of our readers saw the article on
Remember our 2
Live Stock
Wednesday we shipped a car
of live stock and hope to get an­
other one together next week.
If you will advise us of what
stock you have, we will call and
see it.
Tuesday morning at 8: A. M.,
the flag raising in the park was
witnessed by a small group of in­
terested spectators who had gath­
ered for this military ceremony.
The “Top Sargent” of Com­
pany D was on board ship with
Bert Page of Estacada while in
the marines. They have enjoy­
ed talking over old times to­
They have started work on the
Cheese Factory. We are aware
of that, because one of the
stumps they blew out looked as
though it was coming through
our roof for a minute, but luck­
ily dropped in the road.
Oil M eal
This is an oil meal, the equal
of linseed meal in food value by
actual laboratory test.
The chemical analysis is print­
ed on the sack and the price is
50c less than linseed meal.
Fred, this week, demonstrated
his superiority as a driver by ac­
cepting a wager and driving an
automobile over our front plat­
form and down the steps. It
was not a Maxwell car either.
We are selling oranges at 10c
per dozen. And if you enjoy a
sweet juicy orange, just try one.
The advertising manager had
the pleasure of accepting an in­
vitation for mess with Company
L) on the evening the ladies fur­
nished pie. If the ladies could
have been present, they would
have been repaid by the compli­
ments they received as pie mak­
ing experts. The boys are com­
petent judges too.
The base-ball game had to be
postponed on account of the
weather and since Saturday is
the date set for the Eagle Creek
Grange picnic, the game will pro­
bably be played next week some
This is the kind of
we hope we re go­
ing to have.
Cash Discount tickets are redeemable at any time.
We believe that a satisfied customer is the best advertisement.
The Walter Givens Company