Eastern Clackamas news. (Estacada, Or.) 1916-1928, February 22, 1917, Image 7

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Meat Market
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choice and the placing o f al! res
ponsihility in the hands o f the
County Road Boss, will have a
tendency to do away with the
voting of special road taxes, e s -!
peeially when these funds are
not expended directly under the
supervi ion o f a local supervisor.
Unless a decided change is
| made in the amount o f attention
given the road districts in this
j part of the county by County j
Road Boss Roots, the local roads'
will be sadly neglected, as Mr.
Roots is almost an unknown
quantity in this community and
has been since his assumption of
office a year or two ago.
While there may be many good
reasons for the passage o f this
law, they are not apparent on
first consideration and it now
looks as though the next move
would be for contract labor on all
road work, insteaa o f letting the
j farmer work out his taxes.
Add to this the opportunity for |
the playing o f politics in this de­
partment with its appointments;
and the new law appears to be !
on a level with many radical
pieces of recent legislation that
are doing more harm than good,
with the taxpaying farmer being
the "goa t” .
Agency For The
Clear Creek Creamery Butter
Also Buy All Kinds Of
Veal B eef Pork
Poultry and Eggs
All Kinds Of
Fresh Vegetables In Season
FREE TICKETS will be given to the
Saturday Picture Shows, with cash
purchases made that day.
Fred Jorg. Proprietor
tstacada, Or.
Phone Main 83.
Fishing and Hunting Licenses
George Goings On
Subscriptions Taken To All
Mrs. Laura Wismerand daugh­
ter Deborah o f Bethany spent
the week-end at the home o f her
mother, Mrs. Anna Held.
Cigars, Confectionery,
Ammunition and Fishing Tackle,
Kodaks and Supplies
Ed Boners
♦ ♦ + ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦
+ + + ♦ + 4 + +
The George Singing Society |
held a practice Monday evening j
at the school house.
Miss Anna Pagh o f Ridgefield, j
Washington is visiting among!
W e have arranged to handle the
friends and relatives in this vie- j
Sunday San Francisco Examiner + inity.
which is due here on Monday afternoons.
Any one wishing a tony reserved,
kindly leave your name.
S tore
♦ ♦ + ♦ + * ♦
+ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦
Master D. H. Horner o f the
♦ Springwater Grange, Mrs. L. S.
♦ l’enny, and Mr. and Mrs. J. C.
Peterson attended the Eagle
Creek Grange last Saturday and
report that Grange in a flourish­
ing condition, under the direction
of master - Fred W. Bates.
Catarrh Cannot Be Cured
349 Washington Street
126 Fourth Street
Main 8882
Main 5493
+ + ♦
+ + + ♦
E. W. Bartlett o f Estacada
is making a business trip to
Coos Bay this week, with Mrs.
Bartlett spending a few days a-
mong friends in Portland.
À H O » OH T W O C «o T >
»M T MANI TH A T! A M A A TE O f 1
aooo t o b a c c o .
m b 16 R i c h t o b a c c o a m o a |
S M A L L C M LM 16 C I1 0 U 6 M » 0 * 1
CT“ 1
O M E call these face-stuffers hogs, some call them
gophers. But they aregettingscarcerandscarcersince
gentlemen found out about W -B C U T Chewing. There is
no excuse for a man making a m onkey of himself today.
The fine
was put into W -B by nature,
the touch o f salt brings it out nice and tranquil like,
without your worrying your jaw around continually.
W -B ¡9 getting to be pretty nearly as popular as sun­
shine these happy days.
rich tobacco flavor
50 L '.lo. S q »r ». N.w York City
The Ford with the new features: large radiator and en­
closed fan, streamline hood; crown fenders front and rear,
and entire black finish, is one o f the most attractive cars
on the market.
These qualities in combination with the
smaller purchase price bring the Ford within the possi-
bil.ties o f nearly every home.
Why forego the pleasure
and convenience o f Ford travel another day? Ford prices
again reduced and Ford quality higher than ever. Small
expense o f operation and upkeep the utmost in motor
car value and service for business and pleasure. Strength
o f construction, simplicity in design, real Ford merit“.
Touring Car $360.
Runabout $345.
-On sale at—
e s t a c a d a
f. o. b. Detroit
g a r a g e
+ ♦♦
U U D «
Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Wright of
* Union, Oregon, who are spend-
+ ing the winter in Portland, spent
+ a few days this week at the home
♦ of their son. Irwin D. Wright of
• Estacada.
Lids 2 Bones;
0 ¿Q
Drake & Mauck
The Estacada Pharmacy
♦ ♦
gT H r
w ith L O C A L A P P L IC A T IO N S , as th ey
ca n n ot re a ch th e s e a t o f the disease.
C atarrh is a lo ca l d isea se. g r e a tly in ­
fluenced b y c o n s titu tio n a l con d itio n s,
and in o r d e r to cu re it you must
tak e an in tern a l rem ed y,
f l a i l 's C a ­
tarrh C ure is ta k e n In te rn a lly and
acts thru the b lo o d on th e m u cou s s u r ­
fa ce s o f th e system .
H a ll’ s C atarrh
Cure w a s p re s crib e d b y one o f th e best
p h y sicia n s in th is co u n t r y f o r y e s r s It
Is co m p o se d o f so m e o f the b e st ton ics
kn ow n , co m b in e d w ith s om e o f the
best b lo o d pu rifiers. T h e p e r fe c t co m -
b in stio n o f the in g re d ie n ts in H a ll's
C atarrh C ure is w h at p ro d u c e s such
w o n d e rfu l re su lts In ca ta r rh a l c o n d i­
tion s. Send f o r te stim o n ia ls, fr e e
F J C H E N E Y A CO.. P rops., T oledo, O.
A ll D r u g g is ts 7?.c
B a ll s F a m ily I His f o r co n stip a tio n .
Our Lunch Room
Quick Service
is t h e
Clean Food
S,M' ‘
Courteous Treatment
Tobaccos —- Cigars — Candies — Fruits — Nuts — Soft Drinks
e s t a c a d a
r e g
Jim Smith o f Estacada is this
week wearing a broad grin and
handing out cigars in honor of
the arrival o f a ten pound boy
last Sunday night and reports?
mother and son to be getting a-
long finely.
R. G. Marchbank
A baby boy was born February
17th to Mr. and Mrs. Sherman
Lyons o f Barton.
Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Hayden
spent the week-end in Portland,
where a reunion o f the Hayden
family was held.