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Devoted to the Interests of Eastern Clackamas County
V olume 10,
N umber 19
Roadmaster Roots Reappointed
Ten new road supervisors and
forty-six old supervisors were ap­
pointed for the year 1917 by the
County Court on Thursday last.
These appointments wei e large­
ly in keeping with the wishes of
the taxpayers of the various dis­
tricts and were made with few
exceptions on petitions from the
County Roadmaster, Thos. A.
Roots was reappointed to serve
for the ensuing year, although
no announcement has been made
of the reappointment of Road
Engineer Cobb and it is possible
that office will be done away with.
Of the road districts in this
part of the county, the following
supervisors were reappointed,
with a few new appointees: -
Districts 4, Albert Kitching, Cur-
rinsville; 5, John Meyer, Boring;
9, Fred Lins, George; 10, Chas.
Duncan, Garfield; 3d, Frank Mil­
lard, Springwater; 40, Dan Erd-
man. Boring; 41, H. H. Udell, Do­
ver; 43, W. H. Douglass, Eagle
Creek; 45, L. P. Elliott, Colton;
49, Elmer T. Davis, Garfield; 55,
G. Hively, Viola;58| John C. Mil­
ler, Barton.
Estacada Randier Lues Suddenly
The sad news reached tne News
Office yesterday of the death of
John A. Reid, one of Estacada's
well known ranchers, which oc-
cured at 3 A. M. in the presence
of his family at their home in
South Estacada, Jan. 24. 1917, at
the age of 60 years, 1 month and
8 days, of uramia.
Mr. Reid was born in Canada,
December 16, 1856. and has resid­
ed on his homestead for the past
thirty-six years and had just re­
cently finished his new home a
little closer in to lown and was
preparing to take the rest that is
due one who has spent as many
years on the farm as he had.
in November 1891, he was
married to Nora I. Gibson of Eag­
le Creek to whom three children
were born, Mrs. Susie Wilcox,
Theodore and Chester Reid, all of
whom were present at his bedside.
The funeral arrangements are
in charge of undertaker Chap­
man, and the services will be held
in the Christian Church, Friday
at 1 o'clock, January 26th, in
charge of Rev. Aue of the Spring-
water Presbyterian Church, with
interment in Lone Oak Cemetary
at Estacada.
It is with sadness that the peo­
ple of this community have to
give up the friendship of such a
good friend and neighbor, and
extend their heartfelt sympathy
to the bereaved.
E stacada , O regon ,
T hursday ,
J anuary 25. 1917
O ver H undred B oosters To A ppear
B efore L egislative C om m ittee T onight
Messrs. Reed, Givens, Bartlett
and Standish of the Cascade
County Committee returned to
Estacada Friday night from Sa­
lem, in time to announce at the
big Farmers’ and Merchants’ din­
ner-meeting, that House Bill
No. 165, for the Creation of Cas­
cade County, had been entered
by Representative H. C. Steph­
ens of George, that morning in
the legislature.
This bill, which received its
first reading Friday, was read for
the second time on Monday morn­
ing and referred to the Commit­
tee on Counties, of which Repre­
sentative Stephens is chairman.
The open discussion of the bill
before the County Committee
will take place tonight (Thurs­
day), in Salem, and over one
hundred representative farmers,
business men and their wives
from this part of the county, will
appear, to show why Cascade
C o u n t y should be formed.
Among the speakers will be a
few business men, and the lead­
ing representatives from every
rural district within the propos­
ed new county boundaries.
The mass of evidence which
will be presented tonight before
this committee, should prove con­
clusively to not only the commit­
tee but to the representatives
and senators, who have been in­
vited to be present, that Cascade
County should be formed, for not
only the good of this Eastern
part of Clackamas County, but
for the remaining part of the
county as well.
Messrs. Reed, Givens and Stan­
dish are now in Salem, having
left Monday, where they are giv­
ing their entire attention to the
thousand and one preliminaries
to the big meeting before the
committee tonight.
Messrs. Wells, Jorg, Adix and
Reid were appointed a committee
to arrange for the transportation
of the hundred or more in the
local delegation who went to Sa­
lem and this committee has work­
ed steadily all week, arranging
automobiles and accomodations
for the men and women who
will plead for the Cascade Coun-
I ty cause.
The strongest argument which
will be advanced tonight before
the County Committee, will be
the presentation of the Cascade
County petitions, containing the
signatures of over 1.000 voters
and taxpayers, out of the total
number of 1171 within the pro­
posed new county.
Such opposition as Oregon City
will put up against this monster
petition will be small, as few
names are on remonstrance peti­
tions from within the boundaries
of the new county and many of
these have since signed an anti­
remonstrance petition. Oregon
City is attempting to present a
petition of a few hundred names,
representing largely people resid­
ing on the outside of the bound­
ary lines, which petition should
carry little weight with the com­
Today, the cause of Cascade
County is well known throughout
the state, with especial interest
having developed in Salem j ’H
among the legislators, and as
the people of this community are
opposed by Oregon City and its
commercial organization, the
sympathies are most generally
with the Cascade County cause.
On Thursday evening of last
week in Salem, Cascade County
scored a big winning, by allow­
ing Oregon City the privilege of
their arguments
against Cascade County, before
the bill was entered, as Oregon
City and its delegation had come
to Salem in special cars to argue
against the Oswego Annexation
•Hill and supposedly against the
Cascade County Bill, but learned
after arrival that the Cascade
County bill had not been entered
on Tuesday as they supposed.
By waving the right to appear
before the Senate Committee on
Counties later, they were allow­
ed to present their arguments
that night, but owing to the Os­
wego discussion occupying most
of the evening, Cascade County
received but little comment and
cannot be argued again before this
Senate Committee later, although
the opposition is appearing be­
fore the House Committee to­
The only sane argument ad­
vanced by Oregon City, and Ore­
gon City represents the opposi-
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$1. P er Y ear
$16,000.00 Clackamas Taxpayers
Share on New Era Road
The following report from Sal­
em. under date of January 15th,
assures Clackamas County of its
( share of state aid in the building
of the Canemah-New Era road
and apparently insures govern­
ment aid also.
The S ta te Highway commission today
definitely provided for $15,000 as the
s t a te ’s share for the New E ra road.
Clackam as county is to put up approx­
im ately $16,000 and the federal gov­
ernm ent $30,000. The money was alloted
last year, but pending agreem ent as to
rig h ts of way, m aintenance and o ther
conditions was withheld by commission
and loaned on other projects The com­
m ission’s action today m eans the final
approval of pro ject and assurance th a t
the road work will go ahead.
While many taxpayers of the
eastern part of the county are
not in favor of seeing a share
of their taxes expended in the
improvement of a highway, which
few of them will ever travel,
many are pleased to learn that
state and federal aid has been ob­
House Bums But Owner Works
For Cascade County
As a further example of the
way the Cascade County move­
ment is receiving almost unani­
mous support and to the exclu­
sion of other important matters,
the case of Matt Park of Elwood
is the best example.
On Tuesday, the 9th, while the
Park family were attending the
funeral of the late Jesse Cox,
the family home was completely
destroyed by fire.
Notwithstanding this severe
loss, Mr. Park was in Estacada a
day or two later, not mentioning
the fact that his home was gone,
but asking for a Cascade County
petition, on which he wished to
obtain the signatures of a few of
his neighbors, who had been over­
looked by other petition solicitors.
This is merely one of a number
of similar sacrifices that have
been made by the hundreds of
Cascade County boosters, with
many of the farmers neglecting
their farm work to make horse­
back trips into out-of-the-way
corners of the proposed county
for more petition signers.