Eastern Clackamas news. (Estacada, Or.) 1916-1928, January 18, 1917, Image 6

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    Eastern Clackamas News
Published every Thursday at
Estacada, Oregon
R. M. Standish,
E ditor and M anager
E ntered a t the postoffioe in Estacada,
Oregon, as second-class mail.
S ubscription R ates
One y ear
Six month*
Thursday, January 18, 1917
It is seldom the penalty of evil
follows directly in the footsteps
of the deed, but the boomerang
result that followed the mess of
newspaper misstatements, distor­
tions, and exaggerations, which
appeared in t h e Oregon City
papers last week, has been more
than satisfying to the Cascade
County adherents and equally
mortifying to the promoters of
the opposition.
By either intentional or unin­
tentional misrepresentation of
the exact boundary lines, the Live
Wires opposition wasted much
money paid to hirelings in the
soliciting of remontrance signa­
tures on the wrong side of the
lioundary lines and the Live Wires
committee, including Chairman
Eby, who called and successfully
conducted a remonstrance meet­
ing on the wrong side of the line,
has been the laughing stock of
those on the inside.
The basic principles of the Ore­
gon State Editorial Association,
of which E. E. Brodie of the
Morning Enterprise is president,
are "truth and honesty in the
handling of news” —b u t like
other lofty precepts; they have
been overlooked in the desire to
peddle red-hot-county-division-
opposition news.
Eor instance and possibly due
to the use of an unauthentic
county map, the county seat pa­
pers unduly agitated the good
people of Clarks, Old Colton, the
Highland Hog-Back country,
Lower Ixigan and others, into be­
lieving that their lands were to
be included in the proposed Cas­
cade County.
Likewise the Bull Run power
plant was included in the seceed-
ing territory, according to the
gabble eminating from the Ore­
gon City Courier and to cap the
climax, Sunday’s Enterprise
states that a remonstrance pe­
tition containing over 200 signa­
tures from Eagle ('reek had been
received, when everyone knows
that not even the biggest booster
in Eagle Creek itself ever claim­
ed any place near that number of
votes and the election returns
show much less.
The statement that Estacada
representatives had made first
advances in the way of a com­
promise. as heralded in the Enter­
prise, is an untruth, the original
advances having come from Ore­
gon City men.
As usual, this form of opposi­
tion does no harm to a righteous
movement, but it is not often thai
it acts as a boomerang immed­
for your liberal patronage
for the past year, and,
hope to be able to serve
If Cascade County is not creat­
ed by the present legislature—if
no other relief is given the east­
ern part of Clackamas County by
the present legislature-ultim ­
ately, a division of Clackamas
County is as sure to come, as the
sun rises and sets.
The people of eastern Clacka­
mas want a smaller county unit
of their own, knowing they are
able to govern themselves more
economically than under the pres­
ent administration, from a distant
county seat.
you better the coming year.
Fresh G r o c e r i e s
and F r u i t s
L. A. Chapman
It will be remembered that
about four years ago, when the
formation of Cascade County was
placed before a vote of the people
the opposition, which by the way
consists only of the Oregon City
Commercial club, succeeded in ob­
taining a large sum of money
from the general fund of Clack­
amas County, to finance their
It is not likely that such an in­
sult will be perpetrated during
t h i s campaign, although a
thorough investigation will be
made of the subject, for when it
comes to fighting US with OUR
own money—it is rubbing it in
too much.
Did you ever stop to consider
the class of men who make up
the Oregon City Commercial Club
said men representing not only
the opposition to the division
movement, but also representing
the governing power of the pres­
ent county. That club is not made
up of farmers, excepting a few
non-resident, ex-officio members,
but comprises the merchants, the
manufacturers, the politicians and
the lawyers of Oregon City prop­
er, with the latter element pre­
It not is only another insult to
the taxpaying farmers of Eastern
Clackamas County to have to be
ruled by a bunch of merchants
and lawyers, whose interests too
some extent are predatory and
selfish, but to send such men out
to talk to the farmers against
county division, is an evidence of
poor judgement on the part of
the opposition.
We must at least give them
credit for hiring farmers to ped­
dle their remonstrances, but prob­
ably farmers will work for less
than lawyers, and they carry
more weight too.
We Thank You
One of the most soul satisfying
results of the present division
movement is the united stand
with with all people, factions and
cliques of this community are
working shoulder to shoulder for
the accomplishment of an end for
the common good.
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