Eastern Clackamas news. (Estacada, Or.) 1916-1928, January 04, 1917, Image 6

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    Eastern Clackamas News
Published every Thursday at
Estaeada, Oregon
K. M. Standinh,
Editor and Manager
Entered at the postoffice in Estaeada,
Oregon, as second-class mail.
S ubscription R ates
One year
Six months
Thursday, January 4, 1917
With the present growth of the
prohibition movement in this and
other states, the demand for non­
intoxicating beverages is growing
by leaps and bounds.
This is proving a boon to the
grower of loganberries and other
fruits suitable for manufacture
into drinks and this community
with its cannery, should profit by
the continued culture of these
small fruits, as a steady market
is guaranteed for years with good
contract prices being offered by
the cannerymen.
Circuit Judge J. U. Campbell
of Oregon City last week handed
a hard jolt to an offender o f the
prohibition laws, when Ju.ius
Wilbur, proprietor of the Friars’
Club of Milwaukie, was convicted
of booze selling and sentenced to
six months in the county jail
and a fine of $300.
While Wilbur’s attorneys are
trying to clear their client on
some legal technicality, it is like­
ly said client will have plenty of
time to meditate on the errors of
his ways before his six months
are up.
_____ _
Editor Brodie of Oregon City,
recently appointed a member of
the State Prison Board, returned
last week from an extended east­
ern trip, where he investigated
the operation of penitentiaries in
other states.
While in Toledo, Mr. Brodie
carried on his investigations in
an effect to determine the causes
leading up to the downfall of the
unfortunates, who later become
inmates of the peniteniaries, and
in a postal received by ye editor,
stated that his investigation were
more than interesting.
If as Editor Brodie states that
“ idleness is the chief evil in pris­
on management’ ’ there would
be little danger of fault finding
with any penitentiary that E. E.
had charge of. for the word idle­
ness is not in his vocabulary.
Some complaint has been pres­
ented lately among the Estaeada
merchants against certain farm­
ers, who e i t h e r unknowingly
or intentionally were selling eggs
supposedly fresh, which had been
preserved in water-glass or a
lime solution.
As the selling of such treated
eggs is contrary to the pure-food
regulations, all parties are warn­
ed against such practice.
And now we learn that the
Oregon City Woolen Mills, a r e
contemplating doubling the size
of their plant and as the Hawley
Pulp & Paper Compamy a r e
building new additions every few
months, the future prosperity of
Oregon City is assured.
The employees and pay rolls
from those two plants alone, are
sufficient to make a good sized city
so why shouldn’ t Estaeada land
another infant industry, to blend
its morning whistle with that of
the cannery and the soon-to-be-
we-hope cheese factory?
Estaeada has the resources that
attract industries, namely water,
electric power and transportation
but it lacks a little bit in “ pep” .
We Thank You
Here is an easy problem If a
committee of five from the “ Live
Wires” can go before the County
Court and obtain a $3000. road
appropriation, how much can a
committee of eight from the
Farmers & Merchants’ Cl u b
obtain? Why- $4800. of course.
The News has many times been
asked relative to the regulations
governing the labeling and sale
of dairy butter and is this week
in receipt of the following ex­
tract from the Laws Relating to
the Manufacture and the Sale of
Food Products:
D AIRY RUTTER -Section 62—All
dairy butter sold, or offered or exposed
for sale, in rolls, prints or s uares,
shall have printed or stamped upon the
wrapper the words, “ dairy b u tter" and
the name and address o f the manu­
facturer and the net w eigh t".
l f.
for your liberal patronage
for the past year, and,
hope to be able to serve
you better the coming year.
Fresh G r o c e r i e s
and F r u i t s
L. A. Chapman
Eastern Star Officials
At the Masonic-Eastern Star
joint installation held at the Ma­
sonic hall Friday evening. Dec­
ember 22nd. the following officers
of Mountain Chapter, O. E. S.
were installed for the ensuing
Mrs. Elena Drill, Worthy Mat­
ron; Mr. Alf. Drill, Worthy Pa­
tron; Mrs. Suzannah Greenwood,
Associate Matron; Miss Eva F.
Wash, Secretary; Mrs.
Wash, Treasurer; Mrs, Sadie De-
moy, Conductress; Mrs. Alice
Lauryy, Asso. Conductress; Mrs.
Katherine Allen, Adah; Mrs. Mae
Reed, Ruth; Mrs. Merle Ewing,
Esther: Miss Maude Sturgeon,
Martha; Mrs. Abbie Armstrong,
Electa; Mrs.Eda Woods, Warder;
Mr. Ed. Allen, Sentinal; Mrs. Eliz­
abeth Womer, Chaplain; Mrs.
A. E. Sparks, Marshal; Mrs.
Carrie Adix, Organist.
In appreciation of the services
rendered by Mrs.
Spark of Estaeada, as retiring
Worthy Matron, the lodge pres­
ented her with a beautiful em­
blem of the office.
Githens Star Boarder Ousted
John Githens of Currinsville,
who is always telling stories on
himself, is this week telling one,
with his wife as the victim.
According to John, Mrs. Gith­
ens, with her usual open-hearted
generosity, agreed to furnish
board and lodging for a couple of
days to a tramp wood-splitter, who
told a hard luck story one day re­
The tramp, as he turned out to
be, feasted, fed, glutted and
generally so stuffed his stomach
with the good things on the Gith­
ens’ table, that he was found
later in a serious condition, due
to overloading with an unlimited
amount of pork spare-ribs and
other tempting meats, a stomach
ordinarily used to meager fare.
John finally nursed their guest
back to good health, then handed
him half a dollar and a kick in
the right place and last seen, the
pseudo wood-splitter was hitting
the tracks for Portland.
Every Farmer Needs Accurate, Reliable Scales
Are you equipped with such weighing device now?
All right, I have taken the agency for the
which are recognized the world over as the best
Call and inspect one. Each scale perfectly equipped with steel to
steel bearings, arrow tip beam; large platform and wide wheels.
$15 for 500 lb. capacity—$18 for 1,000 lb. size.
C. C. Miller Plumbing—Steam Fitting—Tinning
--------------------- . . . --------------------------------------
M. J. K e r k e s
Also buying dressed hogs -J4c below Portland market quotations.
If you have any for sale, phone Henry Githens, Currinsville.