Eastern Clackamas news. (Estacada, Or.) 1916-1928, December 28, 1916, Image 8

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    Eastern Clackamas News
Published every Thursday at
Estacada. Oregon
R. M. S ta n d ish ,
E d ito r and M a n a g e r
E n te re d a t th e postoffice in E sta c a d a ,
O regon, as second-class m ail.
S ubscription R ates
O ne y e a r
Six m onths
Thursday, December 28, 1916
With the business men of Esta­
cada on the alert to draw more
trade into town and to better
serve the customers now buying
and selling here, a matter of
possibly slight importance has
been overlooked in the welcom­
ing of the farmer’s faithful com­
panion, his dog.
How often lately, when the
farmer is receiving every con­
sideration and form of welcome
at the hands of the merchant, his
dog, which usually is not only his
companion, but is a valuable train­
ed animal, is receiving exactly
the opposite treatment from one
or more of the town’s worthless
curs; the farmer often returning
to his wagon to find his dog still
on the joh, but suffering from a
badly chewed leg, neck or head.
If Estacada cannot control its
useless dogs, it is hoped that some
farmer will hit town with a real
genuine canine white-hope, which
will make a meal of about half of
the local pups, and return the
next day and devour the other
Its the old case Love me. Love
my Dog and true hospitality to a
farmer, does not include the lick­
ing of his companion.
In an editorial appearing in the
Oregon City Enterprise last week
entitled “ A Man’s Worth” a fit­
ting tribute to County Judge H.
S. Anderson was given and the
taxpayers were commended for
having recommended the increase
of $800. per year in the judge’s
In this connection, the News
also wants to go on record as
heartily favoring this recommen­
dation, realizing, as it is in a
position to do, that the services
rendered by Judge Anderson in
the conduct of this county, if di­
rected along personal or other
business lines, would warrant a
salary or income of several thou­
sand dollars more per year.
This same consideration and in
crease in salaries should be ex­
tended to the members of the
county court and to probably
many other county officials.
Even if Estacada never gets a
cheese-factory, the work that has
been done, the co-operation and
united efforts that have been
made, cannot help but bring re­
turns in other ways, for any com­
munity that will stick together,
and invite every man into the
work; will win in the long run.
P o p u la r C a rr ie r R esigns
It was reported Wednesday that
A. Demoy, who for years has
handled the rural mail delivery on
Route 1 Estacada, resigned his
position, the resignation to be
effective when designated by the
postal department.
No reasons have been assigned
for the resignation and it is prob­
able that Mr. Demoy wishes to
devote his entire attention to his
Estacada ranch, wheie his many
friends wish him the success
which is his due.
JHc iuisl] to extend
(To all our |Jatrnus auii Sfrimbe
(Our lu'st Ímsíti's for a
¿Happy anit :|Jrnspmnis
Fred Bates To Head
Eagle Creek Grange
At the annual election of offi­
cers of the Eagle Creek Grange,
held Saturday, December 16th,
Fred W. Bates of Garfield was
elected Master; Will Still, Over­
seer; Mrs. R. L. Githens, Lectur­
er; Millard Trullinger, Steward;
Elmer Anderson, Asst. Steward;
Mrs. S. E. Bates, Chaplain; H.
H. Hoffmeister, Treasurer; Mrs.
Maggie Bates. Secretary; Fritz
Belle, Gate-Keeper; Mrs. R. G.
Gibson, Ceres; Miss Jennie
Smith, Pomona; Miss Minnie
Masson, Flora; and Miss Ethel
Hale, Lady Assistant Steward.
At the meeting, Roy Alpaugh
and Dick Githens were reinstated
and it was also decided to give
an entertainment in t h e near
2Ceiu Hear
-.y r-
An Expanation
Referring to the photographic
reproduction on the front page
of this paper, we beg to state
that no prize is being offered to
those identifying the intended
As the p h o t o g r a p h e r said
when he took the original photo,
” I did the best I could with the
subject at hand, ” and we as the
printers, did the best we could
with a fine screened electrotype,
made expressly for printing on
high grade smooth paper.
T h re e s tr o n g re a so n s u rg e you to b uy th e F o rd c a r : F irs t,
b ecau se o f its reco rd o f s a tis f a c to ry se rv ic e to m o re th a n
fifte e n h u n d red th o u sa n d o w n e rs; Second, b ecau se o f th e
re lia b ility o f th e C om pany w hich m a k e s it; T h ird , because
o f its la rg e r a d ia to r an d enclosed fa n , s tre a m lin e hood,
c ro w n fe n d e rs f r o n t an d re a r , b lack finish, n ick el tr im ­
m in g s, i t is m o st a t t r a c t i v e in a p p e a ra n c e . T o th ese
m u st be ad d ed its w o n d e rfu l econom y in o p e ra tio n and
m a in te n a n c e - a b o u t tw o c e n ts a m ile; lik ew ise th e fa c t
t h a t by re a so n o f its sim p licity in c o n s tru c tio n an y o n e
ca n o p e r a te a n d c a r e f o r it. N ine th o u sa n d F o u l a g e n ts
m a k e F o rd se rv ic e a s u n iv e rsa l a s th e car.
T o u rin g C a r $3H0. -R u n a b o u t $345. f. o. b. D e tro it.
— On sa le a t —
The E S T A C A D A
L ik en «« « o n t h e Old C e n t W a s T h a t ol
S a r a h Longacre.
In 1836 th e g o v e rn m e n t of th e U n ite l
S ta te s m tule hii ofTer o f $1,000 fo r th e
m ost a c c e p ta b le design to be pin* ed
upon th e n e w o n e ce n t coin soon to be
Issued. Som e In d ia n ch iefs tra v e le d
from th e n o r th w e s t to P h ilad elp h ia to
Inspect th e m in t, w hose ch ie f e n g ra v e r
w as J a m e s H artó n Lonjrocre. w ho in ­
vited th em to his house.
T h e e n g r a v e r 's d a u g h te r. S a ra h , ten
y e a rs old, } rc a tly enjoyed th e v isit of
h er fa th e r's g u ests, an d d u rin g the
evening, to p ien se h er, one of th e • h iefs
to< k bis fe a th e re d helm et arid w ar
U n m et an d p laced It on her head. In
th e com pany w a s a n a r tis t, w ho im m e­
d iately sk e t hed h e r an d huuded th e
p ic tu re to h e r fa th e r. Mr. I.o n g m re.
k n o w in g of th e coiu|K»tition fo r a like­
ness to go upou th e cen t, resolved to
e n te r th e sk»*l h fo r th e p i l e < ffered
by th e g o v ern m en t. T o his d e iig b t, th e
officials acce p te d It. a n d th e fat** of bis
d a u g h te r a p p e a re d upon th e coin.
T h e fa c e o f S a ra h I<ongacre h a s gone
in to m o re h ands, m ore pockets, m ore
hom es, m ore sto re s—yes. m ore c h a re b e t
—th a n a n y o th e r coin in th e U n ited
S ta te s, If n o t In th e w orld —P itts b u rg h
L ender.
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Strey of | The committee in charge of the
Rock Creek, Oregon are spending Xmas dance of the C. I. C. report
the holidays at the home of her having made a profit of $32.60.
parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. E. which will go towards the expen-
Schenk of Springwater.
ses of the club.
Owing to the continued growth
of the business and the need of
additional floor space for maeh-
ines, the Estacada Garage has
had the cement floor continued
over all of the building.
Mr. and Mrs. John Dunseath
and son Donald of Estacada,
have closed up his mother’s ranch
on the Currinsville Road and
moved to Bend, where they will
remain during the winter.