Eastern Clackamas news. (Estacada, Or.) 1916-1928, November 02, 1916, Image 12

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Want and For Sait Column
i cents per line. Cash in advance
Prune Trees F i r s t - c l a s s — 1
year Italian prune trees. Home
grown ■*<?. P. F. Standish. Gar­
FORSALE Sweet cider, made
day o f delivery- also apples at
reasonable prices.
A. O. Whitcomb. Garfield.
U n d e rta k in g and E m b a lm in g
Henry V. Adix, M. D.
L A. Chapman
P h y s ic ia n
Licensed EmbaJmer
Store or Residence
♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦
FOR SALE -Span o f Mares.
FORSALE Horse. Buggy and
7 and 9 years old. true pullers—
Wagon. Good 6 foot Saw.
New Harness Low- Farm Wag­
Rev. Spiess. Estacada
on. Bargain price.
Inquire News Office.
FOR SALE Fresh Jersey Cow-
Phone Walter Lemon.
FOR RENT—20 acre improved
R. 1, Estacada
ranch on Estacada Heights, also
for sale — 3 cows, 1 work horse.
Overcoat, somewhere
. . . . . .
. „
between C im n svi le and Esta- v AL. the SATURDAY EVEN- 2 wagons, 1 buggy and two sets
C. Whitbeelc.
cada. Leave at News office.
IN G POST and the COUNTRY o f harness.
Local and Long Distance Telephone
The doctor's phone can be connected with your
home phone at flight if requested. One long ring
FORSALE Two Jersey Cows,
fresh first o f year.
J. H. Hit­
ching. Woodcock Farm.
Bull Run. Or.
FOR SALE— Two good saddle
and pack ponies in fine condition.
Morrow’s Barn.
LOST—Ladies Violin and Case.
Liberal reward for its return to
L. C. Posson. Estacada
W A N TE D — APPLES in any
quantity—price $8 to $10 per ton,
depending on quality.
K. C. Deming Packing Co.
Estacada. Oregon.
experience in farm values in different
sections of the county will bring ex­
T o W h om It M ay C oncern
perience tothe office that will be of
I wish to announce that I am
much value to the .ounty. He will
opening an up-to-date Shoe Re­
surround himself with competent
pair Shop in Estacada, in the
help so that the work will be kept up
building formerly occupied by
to tne highest state of efficiency. Mr.
Hunt’ sShootingGalleryon Broad­
Everhart has been a member of the
Molal.a school board for the past
way and am in a position to fur­
eight years, is secretary of the Mo- j
nish the best o f work at mode­
latla Telephone company and has been
rate prices.
Your patronage so­
on the Clackamas county fair board -
for eight years.
J. R. Townsend,
Estacada. Or.
Dudley C. Boyles, candidate for
--------------------------- ----- 'L
------------- -
county recorder, who appears on the
ticket practically unopposed, has beer,
Sum m ons
a resident of the county for a good
In the Circu't Court of the State of
many years, being well known in the
Oregon, for Clackamas County.
Lela Normoyie. Plaintiff,
Molalla country, where he was book­
keeper for Robbins Bros., genera!
Normoyie, Defendant.
merchandise for a long time. He has
To George Normoyie, Defendant.
been deputy county recorder for the
In the name o f the State o f Oregon,
past two years, and during this tim e!
you are hereby required to appear and
proved himself capable and efficient i
answer the complaint filed against you
nrd in every way worthy of the con­
■ in the above entitled suit within the
time prescribed by the order for the
fidence of the people of Clackamas
publication of this summons to-wit: on
county. This has had much to do witn i
or before the expiration o f six (6) weeks
Republican Candidate for
his nomination by his own party as
from the date of the first publication of
well as his being unopposed by the
other parties.
Being identified as he is with agri­
: and if you fail to answer, for want
Clackamas Countv
cult re t-mber and financial inter­
f the plaintiff will apply to the
Court for the relief demanded in the
ests which keep him busy, as well as W ill Fight For:-
herein to-wit: that the bonds
h s large ranch of which a hundred
1 nu-
of matrimony existing between plaintiff
a.- es are in cultivation. W. A. Proc-
e c o n o m y . DOW Taxation.
Good Roads, and against Use­ ' and defendant be set aside and the mar­
tor of Sandy, candidate for county
riage contract bedisso'ved and that the
less Commissions, Officers
commissioner, is in a position to know
ilaintiff have such other and further re-
and Deputies.
the warts of his fellow-citizens. A
ief as to the Court may appear just and
equitable in the premises and costs and
man who has paid heavy taxes and
disbursements herein.
gone through the mill of helping to
This Summons is published by order
build good roads where once existed
Fits him for this job.
of Hon. J. U. Campbell, judge of the
the old mud «Teams o f thoroughfare
elected he will carry out this
Circuit Court of the State of Oregon
in Oregon, not only understands the
pledge to the letter.
for Clackamas County, made and enter-
n*o.|« of his fellow-citixens in the way
ed October 11. 1916, at Oregon Ci- . < »r.
Publication October 19. 1916.
of county improvements, but he al«o.
and Progressive Tickets
Last Publication November 23. 1916.
as a taxpayer, understands the value
E. W. Bartlett
of each dollar to be expended in im­
(Paid Advertisement!
Attorney for Plaintiff.
provement«; and as a handler of fi­
nances and the employer o f a la-ste
number o f men. his ability to har.lit­
Daily Delivery Service
tle two together by the most econom­
ical method cannot help but be of ben­
efit to any county or community an
at your door,
which he would seek to employ hi>
each morning between 5 and 6 o ’clock.
time and talent.
Absolutely rich, pure milk, from well cared for,
Mr. Proctor is prominently identi­
grain and ens age fed Jersey cow»
fied with many of the industries that
Phone your wanta the ight before and we will make
are working so hard to build up and
next morning.
make thing* of benefit to the county
Whether you are a regular cu tuner or not, feel free to call upon us,
a- i the farmers in his immediate vi-
when in need jf extra milk or cream.
Geo. C. Brownell
Representative In Legislature
C . R . Lovell
S urgeon
Office Adjoining Residence
Hearse and Morgue
GENTLEMAN wish to secure the
time of a man or woman to
30 head o f stock
act as local representative in Es-
hogs, weight about 100ft each. ^acadaand vicinity, looking after
Also one good work mare. 8 yrs. j the renewals o f their many sub­
W. G. Harris. Old Shannon place. scriptions in this section, and in-
Springwater. Oregon. jtroducing these publications to
I new readers.
Payment will be
made in salary and Commission.
Record Of Republican Candidates
For details ad-
, dress, with references. Box 664.
Continued from page 5
The Curtis Publishing Company.
absolutely fair and impartial. He is I
Independence Square.
a farmer and having had considerable
Dr. L A. W ells
Associated with Dr. H. V. Adix
Dr. R. Morse
P h y s ic ia n
S urgeon
Tests Eyes and Fits Glasses
Office on Main Str. between 1st and 2nd
Residence: Main and 5th Sts.
Telephone Connection
Claude W. Devore
Attorncy-et-Law snd Notary Public
Estacada, Oregon.
Stone 4 Moulton
A tto rn e y } • at • Law
Pacific 406.
4-5-6 Stevens Bldg.
Home A 270.
Oregon City, Or.
The Insurance Man
Oregon Fire Relief Ass’n
"O f McMinnville, Oregon.
Also First Class OLD LINE Insurance.
Automobile Insurance A Specialty
Phone 513
Team Work, Hauling and Packing
W o o d delivered, any amount or length.
T IE 5 H E D
10c p e r
R ig .
W. M. Yonre
S tate o f Ohio, C ity o f T utedo.
L u ca? C ounty, as.
F ra n k J. Che-ney m a k .'s o a th th * t he
is s e n io r p a rtn e r o f t h i fir
o f F J.
C h en ey A Co., d o in g b u sin e ss ir. the
C ity o f T o le d o . C o u n ty a n i St&te a f o r e ­
said. and th a t s a id firm «n il p a y t:.e
sum o f ON E H U N D R E D D O L L A R S fo r
each and e v e r y c-s«. o f C ata rrh th.it
ca n n o t be cu red toy the use o f H \LL S
C A T A R R H C U R E . F R A N K J. C H E N E T
S w orn to b e fo r e m e and s u b ? .r io t J
in m y p resen ce th is 6th d a y o f D e ce m ­
ber. A. D 1666. A. V*- G LEASO N .
(S e a l)
N ota ry P ublic.
H a ll's C ata rrh C ure is tak en in te r n ­
a lly and acta th ro u g h the E lood on th e
M u cous S u rfa ce s or the S ystem . Send
for te stim o n ia ls, free.
F J C H E N E T A CO T o le d o . O.
Sold by a ll d r u g g is ts , 75c.
H a ll's F a m ily P ills fo r co n stip a tio n .
Abstracts examined. Corporation Law.
Financial Agents. T r im s , I »crows and
Accounts. Estates probated. Collec­
tions, Deeds, Mortgagee.
practice in ell courts. Correspondence
■oUcited. Prompt attention. Bank
references. Fourteenth year.
loans piaced o* poxiiawi pnopGtrr
Wosessohni MosessoH
I l i . 7 i 5 .7 l 6 C feim b».
•„wiM'T.erc' v
P u .^ * L n , 07