Eastern Clackamas news. (Estacada, Or.) 1916-1928, November 02, 1916, Image 1

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D evoted to the Interests o f Eastern
V olume 10,
N umber 7
E stacada , O regon ,
T hursday , N ovember 2,
If Free Toll# Are Restored
Factories Follow
Meeting Soon To Elect
That opportunity knocks but
once may be true, but if the next
administration, whichever party
it may be, restores free Panama
Canal tolls, which were repealed
by the Wilson administration,
Estacada is promised five mon­
strous textile mills.
According to an article which
appeared in the Evening Tele­
gram o f October 21st, the truth
is disclosed regarding rumors
which have been afloat for the
past year, that an English syndi­
cate had taken an option on 100
acres o f property on the hilltop
between Estacada and Cazadero
on the Springwater side o f the
The article says “ George D.
Orput, now a resident o f Port­
land was sent to Oregon three
years ago with instructions to
obtain sjtes and contracts for
power and he tentatively selected
a number o f sites and obtained
satisfactory prices for electric
power, when President Wilson
had the free tolls repealed and
the manufacturers, represented
by Orput,
telegraphed their
agent here to close no contracts
but to return East.
“ The entire enterprise was de­
pendent on free tolls and when
these were knocked out by Presi­
dent Wilson, the industrial move­
ment had to be abandoned. If
free tolls are res.ored, the manu­
facturers will carry out their
plans for Oregon. ’ ’
Further, Mr. Orput says— “ I
was quoted a most reasonable
price on power. Near Cazadero
there was 100 acres 1 was about
to take for five factories and
other sites were being negotiated,
when the canal free tolls were
repealed by Mr. Wilson and the
enterprise had to be ac>andoned.”
To attempt to
depict the
marvelous development t h a t
would have followed the esta­
blishment o f such industries in
this community is impossible.
Such an industrial establishment
would have resulted in such a
boom and local prosperity, as
few small communities dare to
hope for. And Mr. Orput says
“ If free tolls are restored, the
manufacturers will carry out
their plans for Oregon” .
At a meeting o f the Board o f
Directors o f the East Clackamas
County Fair held in Estacada on
the 17th, the following men were
selected to act as members o f the
board for the coming year, each
district in the territory being
represented:- C. R. Lovell, Cur-
rinsville; H. C. Stephens. George;
A. W. Botkin, Garfield; J. W.
Cahill, Eagle Creek; W. Givens,
Estacada; W. A. Bard, Spring-
water and Frank Ewing, Viola.
At a meeting to be held in Es­
tacada within a few days, these
men will elect their permanent
officers and appoint a secretary,
either from among their midst
or outside.
W. Givens the past secretary,
after giving up much time to the
work, refused to accept the $50
salary o f the office, but recom­
mended that hereafter the per­
manent secretary be paid a sal­
ary o f $100 per year and even
this amount will represent but a
small remuneration for the ser­
vices demanded o f the office.
The retiring board is pleased
to report that all bills have been
allowed and checks issued in pay­
ment and the treasurer reports a
balance on hand o f about $130.
Halloween Pranks Comical
Revival Meetings
Under the direction o f Deacon­
ess, Florence Twidwell, a series
o f revival meetings began at the
Estacada M. E. Church last Sun­
day, which will continue each
evening for an indefinite period.
The singing o f Miss Twidwell,
who is a talented soloist, adds
much to the enjoyment o f the
meetings, to which everyone is
cordially invited.
Clackamas County
Estacada Has Hard 1 ime
Defeating Camas
While the Estacada High School
football team succeeded in de­
feating the Camas (Wash.) high
school team by a score o f 6 to 0,
in a hard fought game here last
Saturday afternoon, the l o c a l
team deserves no especial praise,
as the opponents were not a
strong aggregation.
The teams were about evenly
matched in vveight and at the
start it looked as though E. H. S.
should pile up at least 20 points
against the red jerseyed young­
sters, but as those youngsters
had plenty o f pluck and in
some departments o f the game
were better trained, the score
came near being reversed.
Estacada put up a game fight
twice, when they held Camas on
downs, with the ball about a
yard from their goal line.
Until Wagner, the E. H. S.
star, who was supposed to be rel­
egated to the sidelines owing to
injuries received in the Milwau-
kie game, took his regular full­
back place, the score was 0 to 0,
but on a second attempt, a finely
thrown and finely caught forward
pass, by Wagner and Oberstaller
netted a touchdown.
Estacada showed the need of
practise in kicking, with a miser­
able failure being made in an at­
tempt to kick goal and one >r two
punts covering but short dis­
Sarver, at half, played a good
game, as did ali o f the boys, but
unless better football is in evi­
dence a week from next Satur­
day, with the local boys showing
a better defensive in offsetting
forward passes, the county cham­
pionship will go to Oregon City.
As any team usually plays a
better game on the home field,
especially in the presence o f a
crowd o f home rooters, everyone
should attend the game a week
from next Saturday afternoon
against the Oregon City High
School eleven. —
The children o f Estacada, the
majority o f whom must be wear­
ing long trousers and long skirts,
apparently had an enjoyable frol­
ic last Tuesday evening, under
the guise o f Halloween.
A sight-seeing trip about town
Wednesday morning revealed
many sidewalks torn up, a few
Plaintiff Wins
fences demolished, all loose signs
case o f H. B. Sarver o f
transplanted and a few o f the
versus B. O. Sarver
smaller outbuildings removed
o f Estacada, which occurred last
from their original foundations
Thursday afternoon in Justice
and erected on Broadway.
Devore’s court in Estacada, the
Each building, which repre­
jury brought in a verdict in favor
sented a iot o f hard work and
o f the plaintiff, H. B. Sarver.
energy to move, was liberally
The plaintiff was defended by
covered with signs, reading “ R e st. .
attorney Bartlett of Estacada,
Room and Library” — “ Currins-
with the defendant’s counsel be­
ville” — “ Information Bureau” —
ing George C. Brownell o f Ore­
“ Vulcanizing” , etc.
gon City.
If the parents o f the dear little
The court room was packed to
tots who perpetrated Halloween
capacity all afternoon and the
night’ s pranks were able to get
usual interest was manifested in
an equal amount o f hard work
the case. The jury comprised
ou tof the children, directed along
Messrs. L. Hale, Granville Linn
more practical lines, all o f the
C. R. Lovell o f Currinsville;
season’s wood would be sawed
J. A. Reid and John Stormer o f
and split and the chores done up
Springwater and F. J. Harken-
a year in advance but we were
rider o f Elstacada.
all kids once, so what’ s the harm ?
$1. P er Y ear
Givens Incorporates Business
The necessary legal formalities
were this week completed, where­
by the grocery, flour and feed
business conducted by Walter
Givens o f Estacada, has been in­
corporated, with the new firm
name being The Walter Givens
Company, Inc.
In order to accomodate the in­
creased growth o f the business,
in both the buying and selling
lines, more capital and a larger
working force were necessary.
With the business now incor­
porated, not only more capital, is
available but Mr. Givens is for­
tunate in taking into the com­
pany, Harry C. Reid o f Garfield,
a young man well known and one
possessing business experience
and executive ability, who will
become an active working mem­
ber o f the firm.
This expansion o f a local busi­
ness is always good news, being
but another indication that pros­
perity is reaching this part o f the
country and the News hopes to
be able to chronicle other signs of
business stimulation and growth
from now on.
The Week’* Realty Deals
A deal involving the exchange
o f a twenty acre farm in lower
Garfield, for improved Portland
property, was last week handled
through the office o f Attorney
Devore, with Arthur Scott o f Es­
tacada disposing o f his Portland
property and accepting the for­
mer Wiles’ place, belonging to
Mary A. Wiles of Estacada.
Another transaction is reported
in t h e sale b y Mrs. Istalina
Bauernfind of Currinsville o f 9.22
acres o f land nearby to Noel Sar­
ver o f the same place, Noel also
purchasing 20 acres from his
father, C. H. Sarver.
Also a lot in the First Addition
to Estacada was sold by Mr. and
Mrs. J. A. Somers o f Estacada,
the buyer being E. H. Maple of
Teachers’ Local Institure
A local Teachers’ Institute will
be held at the Estacada School on
Saturday the 4th, which all
teachers from this part o f the
county are expected to attend.
The program which begins at
9 o ’clock includes an address by
E. F. Carleton, Asst. State Supt.
o f Public Instruction and a talk
by F. J. Toosze, Supt. o f the
Oregon City Schools, with a Miss
Ambronzine Murphy also on the
In the afternoon, an inspection
trip to the River Mill Power
Plant will be one o f the entertain­
ment features.