Eastern Clackamas news. (Estacada, Or.) 1916-1928, October 26, 1916, Image 1

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Devoted to the Interests o f Eastern
V olume 10,
N umber 6
E stacada , O regon ,
T hursday , O ctober 26,
You Pay Taxes—
Why Not Levy Them?
Livestock Buyers Now Here
The time o f year is about here
when the levying o f taxes is in
order and with the average rural
taxpayer working three months
o f the year to earn enough mon­
ey to pay the next season’s taxes,
said taxpayer naturally would be
expected to take a mighty vital
interest in the annual tax levies,
but marvelous to relate, he or she
seldom does, other than school
and road district.
The annual taxpayers’ budget
meeting for Clackamas County
will occur within a few weeks,
taking place in Oregon City some­
time during December, due notice
o f which will be given.
At this meeting, probably the
largest sums involved in taxes are
considered and the levies made
accordingly, it would naturally
be supposed that no hall or as­
sembly room in the county could
accomodate the taxpayers in at­
tendance, each o n e o f whom
should want to have something
to say anout how much money he
or she will have to pay for the
next years’s taxes and for what
purposes. Yet to date, few of
these annual meetings have been
t he prime and original object
o f the Eastern Clackamas Tax­
payers’ League was to instill more
interest in the taxpayers and to
ge„ them collectively to take the
Intel „si winch mey should in this
; , ,i. al b u.ge. meeting.
Tne .e gue stiou.a hold a meet­
ing \,i mu the next tew weeks
ai.a arrange lor a big lepresenta-
tioi. at the c o m i n g December
into.mg. Al leusi half a dozen
cai .oa.,s oi taxpayeis trom this
part ot the toui ty should attend
anu eiio.ts wd. be made to get
them logether.
rtl.eat.y it is rumored that the
county eon.emplates erecting a
¡¡52J,Oub. aim oiy at Oregon Ciiy
and that it also favors expending
mucn money on the Pacific High­
way. Money w ill also be approp­
riated ¡ o r inspectors, commis­
sions, lairs and ihe hundred and
one other expenses that a county
has to pay for.
Part oi these expenditures are
necessary, possibly all o f them,
but unless the taxpayers o f this
part o f Clackamas county are in
attendance at tne budget meet­
ing, their wishes will not be res­
pected, especially it said wishes
are not made knqwn and in a
strong and forceful manner.
If you do not want to help pay
for an armory in Oregon City or if
you do not care to hand over some
o f your hard earned dollars lor
any other expenditure, which you-
do not fauor. get busy right now
and arrange to attend the next
meeting o f the Eastern Clacka­
mas Taxpayers’ League, notice of
which will appear in a later issue.
Your attendance at this meet-
The Estacada Cattlemen’s As­
sociation, which organization is
made up largely of Garfield farm­
ers, last week spent six days in
the mountains rounding up their
cattle and bringing them home,
where they are now being looked
over by livestock buyers.
This association is each year
growing, not only in membership
but in the volume o f their beef
cattle production and being but a
side-issue in connection with
their farming, is proving a pro­
ductive work.
The association each year takes
advantage o f the government
pasturing privilege, the right to
use said government range, cost­
ing annually about 35c per head
o f cattle.
The following members Jack
Inglish, Jake Looney, Tom Beebe,
Fred Crawford, Verdie Duus,
Frank Thomas,
Hass Tracy,
George De Shields and Alex Bot­
kin, took part in last weeks
round, up, when 130 head of
cattle were brought back to civ­
As about twenty head more
were not found, a return trip to
the mountains is being made this
The rounding up o f these
animals is a hard job, as the
range comprises miles o f moun­
tainous country, extending from
North Fork to Old Baldy Mt. and
Old Eagle Mt.. w'ith the associa­
tion’s cabin located on Currin
At present the association’s cat­
tle represents a more or less mix­
ed assortment o f many breeds,
but each year the tendency to
specialize in beef types is in evi­
dence. On the adjoining govern­
ment range, Messrs. Huxley and
Wilcox o f Garfield are rounding
up a hundred or more head o f ex­
tra fine stock, being largely Black
Poll and Hereford animals.
Women Voters Attention
Following the regular meeting
o f the C. I. C. at the club rooms
in Estacada next Saturday after­
noon, at 3.30 o ’ clock a discussion
o f all measures and amendments,
which will come up at the next
election, will take place, with
Mrs. C. W. Devore in charge of
the discussions.
Sample ballots will be on hand,
so that all o f the feminine voters
will have an opportunity to fa­
miliarize themselves with the
questions before going to the
polls. All ladies are cordially, in­
vited to attend this meeting.
Clackamas County
ing and later at the annual bud­
get meeting is necessary, not on­
ly in line with good citizenship
but to protect your own pocket-
$1. P er Y ear
One Of Community’s
Oldest Farm Houses Burns
While the father, mother and
family were working in the or­
chard and fields nearby, a fire last
Monday forenoon broke out in the
Lingelbach farm house, two miles
east o f Estacada, completely des­
troying the house, contents and a
wood shed.
The origin o f the fire is un­
known, but it had gained too much
headway by the time it was dis­
covered to be controlled, other
than to keep it from spreading.
The V. Lingelbach home was
one of the oldest in this part of
the county and while the loss in
dollars and cents on the house it­
self is a severe one, the loss of
the household goods and clothing
is a more serious matter.
G. J. Taylor Sells Molalla
Pioneer To Montana Man
Last week the Oregon City
Enterprise celebrated its 50th
anniversary. A glance at the
past record o f the Enterprise
shows it to have always been a
dominant figure in shaping the
destiny o f not only Clackamas
County but the entire state.
In the early days its influence
was even more vital th rough.ut
the state, during the days when
Portland and its metropolitan
daily papers were young.
While its history shows many
changes in ownership, manage­
ment and editors, it has always
been a strong virile newspaper
and one seldom straddling the
fence on matters o f importance.
With E. E. Brodie as its pre­
sent editor and publisher, the
Enterprise ¡seven more fully fu I -
filing its sphere and long may it
and its publisher prosper.
The Molalla Pioneer, one of the
leading weekly papers in this
county, was sold last week, the
former publisher, G. J. Taylor,
leaving to enter the lecture field,
for which work as well as writ­
ing, he is especially well qualified.
The new owner o f the Pioneer
is a Mr. H. H. Palmer o f Dillon,
Montana, an experienced news­
paper man.
In the leaving o f Editor Taylor,
not only the Molalla community
is losing a man who has always
taken more than a leading part
in civic, religious and political
matters, but the county at large
is losing one of its best public
speakers and one of its hardest
working, keenest and honest men.
Success in his new fields is the
wish o f his many friends and the
same good wishes are extended
to his successor on the Pioneer.
Boy Run Over By Auto
P e r r y Barllemay o f Eagle
Creek, the thirteen year old broth­
er of Billy Bartlemay o f the E.
H. S. footh ill team, while with a
party of neighbors tonring the
Columbia Highway, Sunday, was
! knocked down and run over by a
I Ford car.
Aside from a bad shaking up,
j a few bruises and the loss o f his
cap, the boy is none the worse for
the experience.
Estacada Defeats Milwaukie Easily
Friday afternoon’s f o o t b a l l
game bet ween the Estacada High
School and Milwaukie High School
teams, which was heralded as g o ­
ing to be a hard game and one o f
importance in determining the
county championship, ended up
about the same as last year’s con­
test with Estacada winning easily.
The Milwaukie team was about
on a par with its playing field, be­
ing a ragged make-shift affair.
While credit is due the Milwaukie
hoys for the plucky fight which
they put up against heavy odds,
there is no excuse to offer for
staging a game in a rough field,
full o f dead furrows, rocks and
Not less than sixty students
and Estacada townspeople were
present, representing fully one-
half of the rooters and contribut­
ing an even larger per cent, to­
wards the gate receipts.
The final score of 39 to 0 indi­
cates that Milwaukie was far from
equal to the local boys, being both
outweighed and outplayed.
Realty Deal Made
With Attorney Devore as legal
advisor, a trade was consumated
last week in Estacada, which will
help stimulate local real estate
As a result o f the deal, A. E.
Sparks of Estacada becomes the
owner o f the 27 acre improved
farm in South Estacada; the for­
mer owner, Ed Hunt, having ac­
cepted in exchange the building
on Broadway, now occupied by
the L. A. Chapman grocery and
the building and plumbing busi­
ness, now conducted by C. C.
MiMer o f Estacada.
Since the 27 acre farm adjoins
the South Estacada properties,
which for years past have been
developed by Mr. Sparks in acre­
age tracts, the subdivision o f this
farm should prove a valuable
move to this community.
Religious Fervor Unbalances Mind
Suffering from a mental disor­
der, taking the form of intense
religious ardor, James Taylor o f
Currinsville was early this week
taken to Oregon City, where an
examination as to his sanity, will
take place.
For sometime past indications
o f a mental break-down were no­
ticeable in Mr. Taylor and on Mon­
day, Deputy A. G. Ames of Esta­
cada escorted him to the county
seat, where it is hoped that a form
o f treatments may be administer­
ed, which will result in the pa­
tient's early recovery.