Eastern Clackamas news. (Estacada, Or.) 1916-1928, October 12, 1916, Image 5

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Heard On The Rural Phone
"H ello
Maude, how is Will?”
Will is alright, only that he is awfully tired tonight. Shipped his hogs today and he had to
get up so early this morning that he’s all in. He didn’ t intend to ship this week, but Givens told
him he thought best as the market will probably decline before the next shipment, and as long as he
could get nine cents for them he let them go, and besides we wanted to lay in a supply o f groceries
before the roads get bad.”
"I suppose you bought the groceries from Givens so as to get your 2 % discount.
be giving you a rake off the way you are all the time boosting for him.”
Givens must
‘ Of course I bought them from Givens. I buy every thing there that we need in the lines that
he handles, but we not only get better prices than any place else, but we save the 2 % and besides we
always sell Givens all o f our eggs, chickens, potatoes and grain, and I believe in buying from the ones
that you can sell to, as long as you are trated right.”
“ They tell me you’ re getting to be a regular miser the way you chase those discount slips around. ”
"W ell Maude 1 must go now I ’ ll call you up again next week before the news goes to press so
that if there is any thing new we can talk it over and give the public the benefit of our private business.”
Just then Central cut us off so we just went right on selling GROCERIES. FLOUR, FEED,
POULTRY SUPPLIES AND SUNDRY LINES, and the above conversation shows that most folk
know that our slogan is becoming a reality and that indeed
Satisfied Customer is the
Gate Receipts Show
Decrease In Attendance
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23 John Stormer and W.
H. Dillon, tied.
” 24—John Ely and Frank
Thomas, tied.
” 25—Carl Young, 1st; A. J.
Mills, 2nd.
” 25— ( f r u i t s ) Mrs. A. L.
Coop, 1st; Miss Flora
Schultz, 2nd.
M iscellaneous
Mrs. Ed Shearer and
Mrs. Thomas Yocum,
L ivestock D ept .
8—John Trachsel.
” 1 0 - W. A. Bard.
” 13—W. A. Bard.
” 12—P. Malzinini, 1st; R. H.
Carter, 2nd.
” 15—J. A. Shibley.
” 17—C h r i s Johnson, 1st;
Henry Schmidt. 2nd.
” 18—J. A. Shibley.
” 19— Henry Schmidt.
” 20— Henry Schmidt.
” 21—H e n r y Schmidt, 1st;
Chris Johnson, 2nd.
” 26 Special: Currinsville,
2 5; Springwater, 15;
George, 5.
” 27—J. W. Cahill.
I ndividual J udging
Ed Shearer. 1st; J. A.
Shibley, 2nd.
The fair board is meeting this
week in Estacada. at which lime
the official wind-up of the 1916 lair
will take place, with all bills aud­
ited and it is ikely at this meet­
ing the fair board will elect their
successors for the 1917 season.
Mrs. U. S. Morgan o f Estacada
is visiting at the home o f her
son. Dr. Harry Morgan o f Wasco.
Poultry Supplies
Rest Advertisement”
Estacada, Oregon.
Sa a ry .
S o ld ie r « o n c e re c e iv e d sa lt h n p art of
t h e ir p a y
W h e n ih e ^alt w n * co m
m u te d fo r c a s h th e la tte r w a n called
“a n la rin iu .*’ «nit m o n e y, o r • s H ln r v ’
You will want to do your tile draining soon, before the fall rains
set in.
We have 4 in. tile for $3.20 per C. or $30. per M.
have for immediate sale about 60 ft. o f 8 in. tile at 7c per foot.
T h e K o ld e n ru le m e a s u re « t u is ln e **
t*etter t h a n th e w o o d e n Y a r d s tic k
We are now in a position to fill all orders for dimension mater­
ials, having a big stock on hand and with our new mill con­
nections, can furnish entire bills.
We are also ready to furnish you sidewalk planks and stringers,
at the prices quoted in our recent advertisements.
Flour and Feed
As always, we are in a position to fill your every want in the
above lines, with feed for hogs, poultry, horses and cattle.
cytllen C&, Sam son
Eagle Creek Notes
H. H. Hoffmeister’s daughter,
Mrs. Lilly Ehmsen, has moved out
from Portland to the home o f her
father and will keep house for him
this winter.
A.number o f Eagle Creekites
visited the East Clackamas Fair
at Estacada last week.
H. S. Jones spent Sunday with
Mrs. Viola Douglass and son Carl.
Some of the f a r m e r s a r e
through digging potatoes, but
others are still busy with them.
Grandma Judd, Mrs. Geo. Judd,
Mrs. Fred Hoffmeister, and Miss­
es Edna Kennedy and Myrtle
Hoffmeister visited with Mrs. R.
M. Brasch Sunday.
Mrs. Walter Douglass, accom­
panied by Mildred and Florice
Douglass, attended t h e Sandy
Fair Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Douglass vis­
ited with Logan relatives over
Jim Smith lost som eof his farm
machinery and shed by fire Sun­
day. It was probably set by a
spark flying from a neighboring
Miss Iva Mumpower, who has
been working for Mrs. Hewlett,
was called home by the death of
her grandmother last week.
Mrs. Walter Douglass was a
Portland visitor Tuesday.
Vote for
W m . M. Stone
repu b lica n
$900 Deputy Hire
$3,000 now paid to en­
force prohibition law.
From High Priced De-
!. tectives.
Strict Enforcement of the
Law Promised
Advert sement)