Eastern Clackamas news. (Estacada, Or.) 1916-1928, August 24, 1916, Image 6

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    Grant Lands Will Not Be
Tlu* value o f a fire extinguisher
as an accessory to automobiles,
On Tax Roll
w a s clearly demonstrated last
County Assessor J. E. Jack
Tuesday received a letter from
Louis L. Sharp, chief o f the field
division o f the general land office
o f the department o f the interior,
instructing him to take from I he
tax rolls o f the county the Oregon
& California grant lands. These
lands total 98,20fi acres and are
assessed at $1,148,000. The gov­
ernment is expected to pay delin­
quent taxes on the property.
week, followingan accident on the
Columbia River Highway, when
a hurtling overturned car with
two passengers pinned beneath,
saved by the timely use o f a
file extinguisher brought
a nearby machine.
C. W. Devore o f Estacada has j
been under the weather for a !
few days suffering from one of
his periodic attacks o f malaria,
but was able to attend council !
— Slay in Cleveland Leude».
meeting held on his porch Tues- I
day evening,
when the council |
settled the details relative to the
bonds in connection
the |
street paving.
Sentences Featuring the
Speech of Acceptence of
Cliurles I:. Hughes.
America First and America Efficient.
Wo are too great a country to re­
quire of our citi-ens who are engaged
in |joacefui vocations the sort ot mi.i-
ta. j ser vice to which they are now
We cherish no illusions.
We know
that the recurrence ot war is not to be
prevented by pious wishes.
We denounce all plots and conspira­
cies in the interest ot any foreign na­
tion. •
Adequate preparedness is not mili­
During this critical period the only
danger of war has lain in the weak
course of the administration.
Tiie ration has no policy of ag gres­
sion toward Mexico. We have no de­
sire for any part <Jf her territory.
Wo propose that in the competitive
struggle that is about to come the
American workingman shall not suffer
Tins representative gathering is a
h-ppy augury. It means the strength
of reunion. It means that the party of
Lincoln is restored, alert, effective.
The dealings of the administration
with Mexico constitute a confused
chapter of blunders.
It is a record
which cannot be examined without a
profound sense of humiliation.
We must take Vera Cruz to get Huer­
ta out of o.hce and trust to other na
tions to get our own citizens out of
pe: il. What a travesty of international
Destroying the government of Huerta,
we e.t ¡Vex.co to the ravages of re vo ­
i stand tor adequate federal w o rk ­
men’s compensation laws.
Tre administration was to seize and
pi nisi’ ViN i tor i is outrage on our soil.
It l as not punished any one: we went
in only to retire
I favor t..u vote
Bargain At 98c A Yard
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ty, and it cannot even afford to
pay for them in it » own commun­
ity, if such v\«ork was possible.
Why should eastern Clackamas
taxpayers be supposed to keep
quiet and allow their sh areof the
taxes to ¡.e spent oil hardsurfac-
ing roads which they seldom or
never will travel, when such dis­
graceful obstacles as the Boring
Hill Road and the “ D evil’s Wash-
hoard’ ’ remain right on our main
travelled roads?
The motor resorts, hotels and
road houses in the vicinity o f lVlt.
Hood in this county; along the
Columbia H ighw ay and in fact
all parts o f the state, where good
roads lead, are doing a rushing
b u s i n e s s now, accomodating
thousands o f people and taking in
thousands o f dollars.
This part o f Clackamas County
is not get ing its share o f this
travel and business, just because
our roads contain obstacles. This
condition is o f direct vital import­
ance to every resident o f this
section, as it means an actual loss
of money, not only in land values
and advertising hut in actual cash
which would bedistributed among
our merchants, our farmers and
our hotels. We have the scenery.
v e have the attractions and the
accomodations, but we have not
unobstructed roads to bring the
p irists and visitors here.
So, why should we remain con­
tented with present county road
building conditions? Why not at
once circulate a petition, which
would be signed by every resi­
lient in this part o f the count»,
remonstrating against the pres­
ent hardsurfacing epidemic, un­
til the county court expends a sum
sufficient to grade and make en­
tirely passable the Boring Hill
Road and that stretefc o f highway
lk tween Barton and Eagle Creek,
known a s t h e D evil’s Wash­
Some such action as this, cou­
pled with an injunction restrain­
ing the present hardsurfacing,
would bring results; but just so
long as we continue to grumble
and find fault with conditions and
do not carry the complaint to the
county court itself, matters will
continue as they now are.
I f the New s can be advised o f
the names o f such taxpayers who
will circulate petitions in their
neighborhood, it will get togeth­
er with the leaders in this move­
ment throughout this part o f the
county and start the ball a’ rolling.
Miss Eva Keeney o f Portland
is a visitor at the T. H. Dodge
home in Estacada.
“ The title to these lands hav­
ing been by the act o f congress
reverted in the United States,
they are no longer subject to tax­
ation and should not be placed
upon the assessment rolls which
are now being prepared by you,”
reads the letter from Mr. Sharp.
“ I would therefore request
that you kindly see that the
lands covered by the said act are
now and hereafter omitted from
the assessment rolls o f your coun­
ty. By so doing you will avoid
presenting complications which
will surely prevent the early pay­
ment o f taxes, now due in your
county, in accordance with the
provisions o f the statute.”
Spending one’ s vacation in a
hospital is hardly the pleasantest
form o f a -ecreation, but Earl Day
o f Estacada, the popular mail car­
rier on R. F. D. No. 2 was this
week operated upon at a Portland
hospital and is reported to be well
on the road to recovery.
0 — ----------------------------------------------o
Mrs. Adolph Wiederhold o f
George returned today from a
three weeks visit among friends
and relatives in Portland.
In the demand fur reasonable
prefrtl redness the administration
has followed, not led
who demanded more adequate
forces were first described us
"nervous and excited."
about a year and a half ago we
were told that the question of
preparedness was not a pressing
one: that the country had been
Later, under the
pressure o f other leadership, this
attitude was changed
The ad
ministration it was said had
"learned something " and it made
a belated demand for an in
creased army
Even then the
demand was not prosecuted eon
slstentlv and the pressure ex
erfed on congress with respect
to other administrative measures
was notably absent
We are told that the defects re
vealed by the present mobiliza­
tion n r e d p e t o t h e "system." But
it was precisely su h plain de
feet» that under the
on stunt
warnings *»f re eut ye r* with
the whole worl 1 in'ent on mili­
tary con » ms. should have been
studied ui.d rectified
The ad
»• »inistration has ruled to dta
barge Its responsibilities
parently It Is now seeking to
meet political exigencies by Its
naval program
But |t has lm
tin* «iMintry an in
competent naval u ! tut n (strut Ion
- Prom Mr Hughe«* Spee< h of
Miss Gladys Carpenter o f Es­
tacada, who graduated from the
high school last year and Miss
Bess Abbot, who has been spend­
ing the summer at the home o f
her aunt, Mrs. E. W. Bartlett o f
Estacada, are leaving Salurday
for San Franeisco by boat. Miss
Abbot will enter Miss Harkers’
school at Palo Alto, while Miss
Carpenter contemplates attend­
ing a school near San Pedro.
One Phase ot Efficiency.
"A n d you have had the Name servant
for tw o years'*’
"Y e * . ” replied Mr I ’rosslots.
‘ She
says she doesn’t believe In cbanglug
after she has guue to the trouble o f
teaching the farailv her ways —Wash
ington Star
Sure Enough.
"Another new hat? You should save
your money, with the price o f everv
thins going up."
“ But why'* The louver I save It the
less I ran buy with It *'
Contentment, as it Is a short road
: t;d pleasant, has great dellsrlit and lit­
tle trouble. Epictetus.