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Devoted to the Interests o f
Eastern Clackamas County
Formerly Estacada Progress
V olume 9,
N umber 46.
E stacada , O regon ,
P. R. L & P. CO. PAT
$ 1 0 0 ,0 0 0 .0 0 ANNUALLY
Taxpayers Enlightened On
Those who attended the Tax­
payers monthly meeting at Bar­
ton, July 24, heard some very
interesting facts and figures pre­
sented by County Assessor J. E.
Jack. Although obliged to short­
en his speech in order to catch
the last car, Mr. Jack managed
to impress upon the minds o f his
hearers the fact that corporations
doing business in Clackamas Co.
do pay a reasonable share o f the
taxes, popular belief to the con­
trary not-with-standing.
He cited the P. R. L. & P. Co.
as one example and named $150,
000.00 as the sum this company
annually pays into the treasury of
Clackamas County in the shape of
Mr. Jack also slated it is his
belief that taxes are too high
and he submitted the figures
given below as proof o f the as­
sertion that they have increased
at an alarming rate during the
past ten years. ,
State, School, Road and
other tax
Poll i'ax
Special S hooi Tax
¡toad " __
City ”
Total Tax lor 1905 $211,622.48
t a x e s f o r t h e y e a r 1915
Staie, S ch o o l, ltoau and
Oihor la x
___ $545,916.57
Special School Tax
Cities ”
Timber Patrol T a x ..______334.53
To al Tax for 1915 $819,318.99
State, School, Road and other
Tax (By County Levy) 214%.
Special School Tax (Vote o f
the People) 443''«.
Special Road Tax (Vote o f the
People) 2,476%
Special City Tax (Vote o f the
People) 473 u.
E. F. Riley o f Portland, spoke
briefly on the Farmers Land and
Loan Bill, saying that farmers
would lie nothing more than mere
tenants paying full rental value
o f their land to the state, should
this bill became a law. Conse­
quently people having money to
invest in farm lands would hunt
some spot not favored with Ore­
gon ’s freak legislation. The fact
T hursday , A ugust 3,
Estacada Boy
Rescues Imperilled Swimmer
Motorcycle Causes
Upset Of Wagon
In a letter received this week
by Clyde Havens o f Estacada
from A. Benson, manager o f the
Salmon City, Idaho hatchery,
was enclosed a clippping from
the local paper, descriptive o f the
heroic actions o f Robert E. Mor­
ton, in the rescuing ot a drown­
ing forest officer.
The clipping reads:
One o f the saddest accidents
that has occured in this commun­
ity for many months, took place
last Sunday noon near the top of
the Springwater Hill, resulting
in the death o f Mr. John Ptacek
of Estacada.
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Somers, her
sister, M rs. Annie Mikulecky,
a n d their aged father, John
Ptacek all o f Estacada started
about 11 A. M. for Highland, Mr.
Somers driving a two seated wag­
on hitched to his team o f mules.
Near the top o f the Springwater
Hill road, where the curves are
sharp and dangerous, two motor­
cycles, each carrying two passen­
gers, sped by bound for the Meier
& Frank picnic in Estacada Park,
the latter one, which came around
a turn suddenly, frightened the
mules so badly that they backed
the wagon and its occupants over
an embankment, overturning the
vehicle and fatally injuring Mr.
Aside from a bad shake up, ti e
other three occupants o f the wag­
on were uninjured, but the aged
father, having been unable to pro­
tect himself against the fall, was
found in an unconscious condi­
tion, suffering from a bad scalp
wound with probable fracture
o f the skull, besides internal in­
Medical aid was summoned at
once, hut the injured man passed
away at his house late that nigrit,
never regaining consciousness.
While possibly no blame could
be attached to the driver of the
motorcycle, he was undoubtedly
careless in rounding the curves
o f the hill at that spot and with­
out sounding any warning o f his
f a s t approach. T h e cyclist’s
ngme was not learned, although
the number o f the machine was
taken, after he had ridden to Es­
tacada and summoned a physic­
Mr. Ptacek, who had resided
with his daughter, Mrs. Miku­
lecky, on Shalford Ave., Estaca­
da for several years, was about
74 years of age and in very poor
The remains, after being em­
balmed by undertaker Chapman
o f Estacada, were taken east
for burial, accompanied by Mrs.
Mikulecky; the interment taking
place the latter part o f this week
at their former home at Wilson,
The sympathy o f the commun­
ity is extended the family in this
sudden taking o f their beloved
“ Harry Power, the forest officer,
while making soundings of the Salmon
river last evening, fell into the river,
and barely escaped drowning. The cable
which the federal government has in­
stalled for this work gave way, while
Mr. Power was riding the suspended
basket over the middle of the stream.
Though he is a powerful swimmer, the
stage of the river, and the weight of his
clothes made progress toward shore
rather difficult.
Robert E. Morton, one
of the fish-trap men, who lately came
from Oregon, and is himself a champion
swimmer, happened to be standing on
the bank as a witness to Mr. Powers
When Mr. Morton saw that
the man was struggling with adversity,
and not apt to make the shore, he threw
his coat, plunged in and rescued him,
bringing him to land. It was a close
call, and Mr. Power hopes that it won’t
happen again.’ ’
Bob Morton left Estacada a
month or so ago, accompaning A.
Benson, former manager o f the
River Mill Hatchery, to Salmon
City, where both are employed in
hatchery work.
Benson’s letter adds a few ex­
tras to the newspaper account,
such as the report that Bob was
out walking with the tow n’s belle
at the time of the accident and is
now being treated as a hero by
all o f Salmon City’ s damsels,
both white and Injun.
becomes apparent that voters do
not understand this bill.
J. K. Ely Chairman o f the
League’s Road Committee report­
ed the proposition o f paving a
section o f the proposed “ Eastern
Clackamas Highway” near Eagle
Creek Grange Hall was taken up
with the County Court at the
July term, and while the Court
seemed not averse to doing some
work o f this character in the
eastern end o f the county, they
could not see their wav. clear to
move the paving plant at the
present time.
However since this is the first
request o f the kind coming from
this part o f the county the com­
mittee feels the County Court
| will in making their plans for
road improvement
another year, give Eastern Clack­
amas some consideration.
It was decided to hold the next
meeting at Currinsville, Monday,
Ai g. 21th, at 1:30 F. M. League
members hope that the program
Committee will invite the County
Assessor to be present at this
meeting and go into the details
o f Assessment and Taxation more
fully than his short stay at Bar-
j ton permitted.
$1. P er Y ear
Lecture On Mexico
A truly interesting, instructive
and entertaining series o f lectures
will occur in Estacada, beginning
next Sunday evening at the Chris­
tian Church, continuing to and in­
cluding Wednesday evening.
The church is fortunate in hav­
ing secured the services of Rev.
and Mrs. W. L. M ellingerof Port­
land. Mr. Mellinger is the pastor
o f the Woodlawn Church and was
for a number o f years a mission­
ary in old Mexico and is conver­
sant with every detail o f Mexican
life and history.
On Sunday evening, Mr. Mel­
linger will deliver a sermon lec­
ture upon the subject, “ Religious
History o f Mexico” to which ali
are invited. No admission will
be charged for the Sunday even­
ing lecture, but beginning Mon­
day evening, a series o f three
lectures will be given, to which an
admission o f 25c per lecture will
be charged, with tickets for the
three lectures, for »ale at the
special price o f 50c, the proceeds
going towards the support o f the
church choir.
The subject o f Monday even­
ing’s lecture will be “ Present Day
Conditions in Mexico. ” On Tues­
day evening the lecturer will
speak on “ Life in Mexico” , this
lecture being profusely illustrat­
ed with steriopticon views.
The final entertainment o f the
course, occuring Wednesday even­
ing, will be by Mrs. Mellinger,
who is one o f Portland’ s foremost
| entertainers. The entertainment
will consist largely o f readings
and musical numbers, which will
prove a treat to all who attend.
Coming at this time when Mex­
ico is an every day subject o f con­
versation, an opportunity to hear
Mr. Mellinger, should not be
missed. All lectures will start
promptly at 8 o ’clock P. M.
Union Service* Next Sunday
Everyone is cordially invited
to spend the day at the Union
Services next Sunday, August
6th, which occur in the grove ad­
joining the Mt Zion Church in
An exceptionally entertaining
and instructive program will be
given, with the singing in charge
o f t h e Springwater Choral
Society, with the Garfield Baud
rendering several selections.
A program covering the entire
day has been arranged, with ser­
mons preached by Dr. Nugent o f
Newburyport, Mass, and Dr.
Talbot o f
The noon hour will be given
over to a regular picnic dinner,
with all urged to bring their
lunches and enjoy the day.