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Devoted to the
Interests o f Eastern Clackamas County
Formerly Estacada Progress
V olume 9,
N umber 44
E stacada , O regon ,
“The Fretting Estacada News”
And Its Editor Get Good Publicity
Warden Shoemaker
Gets Acquainted With
Local Sportsmen
State Game Warden, Carl D.
Shoemaker o f Roseburg, was an
Estacada visitor last Thursday,
having made the trip in his Over­
land car, accompanied by Deputy
Warden, E. H. Clark o f Multno­
mah County.
Warden Shoemaker expressed
himself as well satisfied with the
game and fish conditions in this
section and especially appreciated
the spirit o f the local sportsmen,
towards the work o f the State
Fish & Game Commission.
While Mr. Shoemaker did not
admit it, his visit to Estacada
was probably at least indirectly
connected with the recent pro­
test, which arose in this part of
the county, against the appoint­
ment of a successor to County
Warden, Ben S. Patton o f Esta­
If the State Warden had any
doubts as to the feelings o f this
district and the esteem in which
Ken S. Patton is held locally, they
were quickly dispelled. Mr. Shoe­
maker talked with many o f the
Estacada sportsmen a n d held
quitea “ heart to heart” talk with
Pies. Byers o f the Estacada Rod
& Gun Club.
The visitor apparently had tak­
en offense at the implied accusa­
tions against his department,
wherein it was claimed that the
proposed appointment o f a suc­
cessor to Warden Patton, was a
political move on the part o f the
While Mr. Shoemaker claims
that politics had nothing to do
with the proposed appointment,
the local sportsmen wiil continne
to believe that politics is at the
bottom o f the whole affair, es­
pecially a s the announcement
came through Oregon City, with
the names o f such politicians as
Chris Schuebel and others direct­
ly connected with it
Mr. Shoemaker will be in Esta­
cada again, on Friday, July 28th,
when, at the Family Theatre he
will deliver an illustrated lecture
and show six reels of moving pic­
tures o f Oregon, bird, animal and
fish life. This entertaining and
instructive show will be free.
While it is not on the program,
it is possible that Mr. Shoemaker
may have a few remarks to make
at this meeting, relative to the
proposed change in the office of
County Deputy Game Warden.
What is more appropriate and
proper than that editor Brodie
and his metropolitan daily out­
burst, The Morning Enterpise,
should come to the aid, support
and defense o f the Clackamas
County Court, the Clackamas
County Paving Plant and the
Clackamas County Hardsurfaced
The following free publicity
for the Eastern Clackamas News,
(herewith called the “ Estacada
News” ) and its editor, appeared
in the editorial columns o f the
Morning Enterprise o f Oregon
City, under date o f July 15.
The Eastern Clackamas News is con­
tinually suffering under the mistaken
notion that the county court intends to
slight the eastern part o f the county
intentionally. The News is so jealous
o f Oregon City or, in fact, any other
part of the county more than five miles
from Estacada that it can always be
relied upon to oppose frantically im­
provements for some section.
The county paving plant has aroused
the ire o f Editor Standish. “ Since the
pui chase o f this plant, ” he says “ the
county court, county engineer and road
boss have gotten a bad attack o f hard
surface paving disease with the major­
ity o f their energies being expended in
building pavements in the vicinity of
the county seat. “
He made this statement in spite of
the fact that the county this year will
lay onb four or five miles o f hard sur­
face roads, and that o f three projects,
one runs into Oregon City and two are
located between seven and 10 miles
from the county seat. Moreover; it
might be added that the road leading
into Oregon City which was improved
carries as much or more traffic than
any other road its length in the county,
probably three times as much as the
average road in the Estacada district.
A little further along in his remarks
Editor Standish calls hard surface a
luxury. The county laid five-inch as­
phaltic concrete on the Park place road
for about 65 cents a yard, including the
cost o f installing the plant, buying
supplies, superintending the construc­
tion and all other expenses. Every
brand o f recognized hard surface laid
by contract costs far above this figure.
Yet, Editor Standish calls this surface
which will outlast many water maca­
dam roads, a luxury.
Again he says, “ unless a halt is call­
ed by the taxpayers, the $800 paving
plant will be an expensive luxury and
will be worked to death along with the
taxpayers’ pocket books.” Clackamas
county raises annually about $300,000
for road and street work, but the Esta­
cada News bemoans the expenditure o f
a few thousand on a type o f road which
is being adopted from one side o f the
country to the other.
The trouble with Editor Standish is
that he fears Estacada and the eastern
part o f the county will not receive their
share o f the work. He hints that the
county court is partial to the county
seat, although o f the three members o f
the court not one is a resident o f Or­
egon City. The county judge is from
the Logan district, one commissioner
from Canby and the third from V id a.
Estacada has as much representation
on the county court as Oregon City.
If the county court divided that pav­
ing plant into little piecrs and sent one
piece to every corner o f the county,
Estacada might be satisfied. Molalla,
Canby, Macksburg, Wilson ville, Os-
T hursday ,
J uly 20,
Taxpayers To Meet
Monday Evening
The regular monthly meeting
o f the Eastern Clackamas Tax­
payers’ League will occur Mon­
day, evening, July 24th at Bar­
The News has not been advis­
ed o f the program for the meet­
ing, but with the program com­
mittee comprising Messrs. Ely,
Gibson and Bartlett, an interest­
ing gathering is assured, to
which all are invited.
wego, Milwaukie, Sandy and every
other town in the county wants hard
surface now that t ’ e county has gone
into the business, but we hear no cries
of protest from them. They do not
yell, “ Give us hard surface or don’ t
lay the stuff,” and Editor Standish’ s
outburst might be taken for such an
appeal, particularly such as this, “ The
News has no kick against hard surfac­
ing, although it does feel that this
county cannot afford much o f such lux­
uries and it does believe in calling a
halt if all o f the hard surfacing is going
to be done in the lower end o f the coun­
ty .”
Editor Standish will find as he grows
older in experience and in years that
public exhibitions o f deep green peeves
will not win favors from individuals or
county courts. Judge Anderson and
Commissioners Knight and Mattoon
are at least fairly honest men, he must
admit, and above all they are human.
While ihe News’ editor feels
hurt and pained to note that edi­
tor Brodie has called ihe Easicrii
Clackamas News, the Estacada
News, his defense would have
been more readable and probab­
ly weakened, had he quoted a
few other paragraphs from the
original article.
Before going into the question
o f hardsurfaced paving further,
allowance must be made for the
fact that editor Brodie and his
daily reprint, are both rather de­
pendent upon the county court
and the powers-that-be, for the
lion’ s share o f the printing and
advertising o f Clackamas County:
while the Eastern Clackamas
News and its editor are more or
less under an obligation to the
taxpayers and residents o f this
rural end o f said county, which
naturally accounts for the differ­
ent viewpoints.
Possibly 65c per yard for hard­
surfaced, asphaltic concrete pav­
ing, does not look like a large
amount to the residents o f the
lower end o f the county, as that
only figures for a twenty foot
pavement, about 11,733 square
yards to the mile, or a cost o f
about $7,626.45 per mile.
$7,626.45 for the paving o f a
mile o f highway certainly looks
like a “ luxury” to most o f us
ordinary taxpayers o f this part
o f the county, in fact $7,626.45 is
more money than the average
road district in this part o f the
County has to spend in a year.
Just so long as the famous
Boring Hill road; the Devils
Washboard and other similar
stretches o f nearly impassable
roads exist in this part o f the
county and on our main travelled
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$1. P er Y ear
Locals Fail To Make Good
Before Hostile Crowds
The Estacada baseball team,
which up to a week ago, was the
pride o f the Eastern Clackamas
fans, failed to play up to form or
expectations during the recent
Chautauqua series, having lost
three o f the four games.
There is no need o f offering
excuses, for the locals were de­
feated and defeated cleanly, by
teams which possibly were no
better than Estacada, but teams
that were more used to playing
before crowds o f fans and who
had the fans siding with them.
The Estacada team and the lo­
cal fans, were about as popular
during the Chautauqua contests,
as an Estacada editor at an Ore­
gon City road meeting.
The home nine easily won
t h e first game against Clear
Creek, but were easily defeated
by Wilsonville and Oregon City,
by scores o f 12 to 3, with Estaea
da playing wild ball, with errors
credited against all players and
the pitchers receiving no support.
The final game, against Canby,
with the Bronson brothers as bat­
tery. was a good contest with
Canby winning 2 to 1.
It now looks as though Canby,
with Cole o f Oswego pitching,
should win the series, with Wil­
sonville a strong contender.
The Estacada team will play on
the home grounds next Sunday
afternoon, opposing the winners
o f the Printers’ Union Commer­
cial League o f Portland. This
game will bring out a big crowd
o f Portland fans, as the game is
being staged in conjunction with
the Woodmen’s annual picnic,
which occurs at Estacada Park
that day.
Tracy District Votes Against
Estacada Schooling
At a regular meeting o f the
Tracy school district held Mon­
day evening, the budget calling
for the voting o f a two-and-one-
half mill tax, for the schooling
o f the districts’ pupils in the Es­
tacada schools, was defeated by
a vote o f about 14 to 8.
The outcome o f this meeting
was a surprise to many taxpayers,
who had supposed that the con­
sensus of opinion was in favor
of having the districts’ pupils
daily transported to and from
Estacada for schooling and the
elimination o f the present Tracy
It is possible the question may
come up for reconsideration, es­
pecially as it will cost the dis­
trict just as much to engage a
teacher and conduct its own rural
school, for eight months, as it
would to semi the children to Es­
tacada, for a nine months term.