Eastern Clackamas news. (Estacada, Or.) 1916-1928, July 13, 1916, Image 8

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    Eastern Clackamas News
j taxpayers, the $800. paving plant
( Form erly E stacada Progress)
will be a n expensive luxury and
will be worked to death along
. . . .
( w,th the taxpayers pocket books.
published every Thursday at
Estacada. Oregon
R. M. Standish,
E ditor and M anager
^ I** p o s s ib le
th a t
( la c k a n iU s
County could afford two or three
E ntered a t the postoffice in Estacada, I main |,iRhway arteries. running
Oregon, as second-class mail.
through the county from several
directions, but it cant afford miles
One y ear
$1.00 of hardsurfacing in one end of
Six m onths
.50 the county and on highways trav­
elled largely by autoists from
Portland and other points.
Thursday, July 13, 1916
If a fair equitable division of
|OW d u e s ho stand at the hank?
roads could be agreed upon, it is
How often is till' question asked, not
Clackamas County now has a possible
that the rural taxpayers’
only of the small, hut the big business
new toy and one which may pos­ I would consent to some kind of a
m anv If you have a small account at the
sibly prove an expensive one to bond issue, to pay for hardsurfac­
bank make up your n; nd to inerease it.
the taxpayers of the county and ing a certain number of main
^ ou cannot 'ell v. lien uiu mav need extra
cash to extend your business. If you are
at least to the taxpayers of this trunk highways.
right at the hank you uot only have the cash at hand,
There is one strong argument
distant section from the county
hut tlie hunk will help you with a loan.
in favor of bonding, that is to al­
A community is judged by the number and the
low future generations to pay
A few months ago, the county their share of road building im­
standing of its hanks. Successful merchants make suc­
purchased a hardsurfacing plant provements and not cast the bur­
cessful hanks
And successful banks help to make
successful merchant'
for $800., which probably was a den of the expense on the present
bargain. Since the purchase of generation entirely.
this plant, the county court, coun­ The average taxpayer, in this j
ty engineer and road
. . boss
_ seem
, , .agricultural pursuits and is hav-
to have gotten a bad attack ot (jngr a suffic-igntly hard row to hoe
hard surface paving disease, with in making a good living and keep­
mtxunui 'Jt
the majority of their energies be­ ing away the mortgages, without
ing expended in building pave­ having t o contribute towards
Ask us for one of our Home Savings Banks
roads in a part of
ments i n the vicinity o f the hardsurfaced
the county which he or she sel­
county seat.
dom travels.
The first job, namely the pav­ The average local taxpayer is
ing of the highway between Park- standing a heavy expense in the
place and Oregon City is complet­ clearing of his land and getting
ed and seems to be a first class it into cultivation, and the next
Leroy D. Walker, President
Thomas Yocum, Vice President
generation, who will inherit that
piece of work and undoubtedly land
Irwin D. Wright, Cashier
in its improved condition,
cost a large sum of money. Now should stand their share of the
the announcement is made that big expense of building perman-
the plant has been moved to a j ent highways,
spot near the Clackamas-Multno-
has !
mah , l i ne , , where
a . couple
. The asked
, . ...
.. City
_ attempt
. . __.
* of i been
months work is mapped out.
was 5ejn^ made to collect dog
+ + + + + + + + + + + 4 + + + + + + + + 4 4
The announcement states that j licenses this year. To date the
the county has mapped out two attempt on the part of the mar-
We are pleased to note from the favorable 4
months of steady work on roads shal has been a rather fruitless
comments we have received in regard to our 4
but neither he nor the coun­
in policy, that the idea of paying cash for ♦
leading into this county from one,
cil have given up the matter.
your merchandise has been so well received and 4
Portland, with the Milwaukie-
While the city undoubtedly has
seems in a fair way to become popular with all 4
Sellwood road being the present plenty of need for more money,
job to be covered with a five inch such as would result from the
and we are sure that after you have given this 4
licenses, the enforcement of the
surface of asphaltic concrete.
way a fair trial that you will be fully convinced 4
It looks as though the announce­ law is necessary in order to rid
that it is the best way.
ment should have read thatacou- the town of a number of worth-
It will be our aim to keep our prices where 4
. . . .
less dogs, being animals that
pie of months steady work was j originally had an owner, but now-
you can realize the most for your money.
mapped out on roads leading to, are town property, living on the
No account will be carried longer than the
from, out of, and surrounding town’s tolerance and its garbage
15th of the month following purchase.
Oregon City.
j pails.
The Mil waukie-Sell wood road
With the danger of hydrophobia
Give us a trial and see what we can do.
is merely a section iq the Port- always current dunng hot weatf-
4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4
. „
. . . er, it is best that the stray dogs
landOregon ( ity route and inci- |)t, Veiled and the others kept off
dentally t h e name sounds as the streets. I f a n owner’s
though it might be the stretch of amount of sentiment for his pup
highway that the county within 's m>t sufficient to pay the dog
a year or so squandered a lot of tax. the dog had better be done
awav with.
the taxpayers' money on hard-
surfacing or some disastrous style
of paving.
Advise Me What You Have For Sale
The News has no kick against
hardsurfacing, although it does
feel that this county cannot af­
ford much of such luxuries and it
does believe in calling a halt, if
all of the hardsurfacing is going
to be done in the lower end of the
county. To date all of it has been
and let me know as far in advance as possible.
done in the immediate vicinity of
"To ■p H(.|{ , which is the one th a t brings the beat profits to the grow er,
Oregon City, and in the paving
P n 165 to 225 pounds.
should be ! fa t, in good condition and weigh f from
of roads that are serving others
than the farmers primarily.
e s t a c a d a
Unless a halt Is called bv the
The Man Who Has Helped To Build Up The Ixical Livestock Industry.
Estacada State Bank
The Cash Store
L. A