Eastern Clackamas news. (Estacada, Or.) 1916-1928, June 15, 1916, Image 6

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    Eastern Clackamas News
Several autoists have request­
ed the editor to publish again the
traffic regulations, governing the
rights of autoists, teams, pedes­
Published every Thursday at
trians and others on the public
Estaeada, Oregon
R. M. Stamlish, Editor and Manager highways, claiming that many
drivers of horse drawn vehicles,
Entered at the poetofllce in Estaeada, evidently do not know the rights
Oregon, as second-class mail.
of the autoists, especially in al­
lowing them a share of the main
S ubscription R ates
One year
in a number of instances, where
Six months
- '
.50 drivers of wagons or buggies
have refused to turn out to allow
Thursday, June 15, 1916
a machine to pass, it probably
was done in the belief that the
law allows them to keep in the
Many of the business men, main road, with the auto taking
farmers and others in this com­ to the ditch, if it desires to pass.
munity, have from time to time This idea is not- true, as the i
talked of going out after new in­ law specifically outlines t h e !
dustries? for Estaeada. offering rights of all vehicle drivers under
bonuses and other attractions, all conditions, and aside from
but the “time to time talk” is that, the ordinary courtesies
about as far as the etforts went. of the road should not be for-1
Estaeada now has an industry gotten, merely because we are
and one that this week has begun prone to feel that the lucky mor-1
operating. This industry — The tal who owns a machine and is on
Estaeada Cannery does not rep­ pleasure bent, is our enemy.
resent the result of public coax­ Again, there are two sides to
ing or bonus, but represents the the question. Did you, Mr. Auto;
labor, the interest and confidence Driver, ever stop to listen to the
in this country of one hard work­ notes of your auto horn, siren,
ing fruit grower, who has tackl­ squawker, whistle or whatever it
ed the job alone and bids fair to may be? There is just as decid­
make a success of his venture.
ed an insinuation and inflection
To date, R. C. Deming, head conveyed by the horn’s notes, as
of the cannery, has received by the human voice.
about seven carloads of good
Some drivers can make their
wishes and thanks, absolutely horns fairly curse the driver a-
free; also several carloads of head, using harsh, discordant,
machinery, tools, etc, for which 9taccato tones, while others, and
he has paid cash and is now ready in fact any driver, can so press
to begin operating an industry in his horn as to politely imply the
Estaeada, which will not only ben­ request for road room.
efit himself, the fruit grower and
No vehicle driver takes offense
merchant of Estaeada, but every at a note of warning announcing
man, woman and child in this the approach of a car behind, b ut j
part of the county.
90% of them do take offense
Since the industry has located when a harsh, cursing, command­
in our midst, without our having ing blast of a horn is tooted and
to go out after it and as it is the shrieked from the rear.
only industry now here, why not Then again, the use of that
chip in
. . and
. . offer
. . Mr. . . Deming
- . ¡little
........ won! “Thanks” always
some kind of a substantial bonus, i ]eaVeS the obliging driver in a
1 he News wdl join with anyone | pjea3anter mood and makes the
in contributing to such a fund non-obliging driver feel kind of
and will be glad to be allowed to ashamed of his or her conduct.
show that much appreciation.
F -yon are a business man, if you are a pro­
fessional man, if you are employed at a
daily wage, make up vour mind to deposit
weekly a certain sum of money in the bank.
You’ll lie surprised bow the sum will grow.
Cash in hank gingers up the man who has
it there. He lias more confidence in him­
self. The business man is ready for a dull season. He
is ready for an opportunity.
So is the professional nun. The man who is work­
ing for a daily wage ami who hasn’t any money in bank
frequently is fearful of a los- of his situation. He does
not work as well or with the confidence in himself as
does the man with something laid aside for a rainy day.
iM U M iU iili . '
(Formerly Estaeada Progress)
Ask us for one of our H om e Savings Banks
Estaeada State Bank
I-erov D. Walker, President
Thomas Yocum, Vice President
Irwin D. Wright, . Cashier
The Cash Store
We are pleased to note from the favorable
comments we have received in regard to our
change in policy, that the idea of paying cash for
your merchandise has been so well received and
seems in a fair way to become popular with all
- and we are sure that after you have given this
way a fair trial that you will he fully convinced
that it is the best way.
It will be our aim to keep our prices where
you can realize the most for your money.
No account will be carried longer than the
15th of the month following purchase.
Give us a trial and see what we can do.
From the indications and num-1 In emulation of the farmers of
her of requests coming to the j this part of the county, the stock
News’ office from many farmers, raisers in the vicinity of the lines
the time is ripe for the construc­ of the Willamette Valley South­
tion of some industry in this com­ ern Railway, this week made a
munity for the handling of milk,
trip to the Portland Union Stock
cream and dairy products.
Some are agitating a creamery, Yards, where they gained first
a few favor a condensing station hand information regarding the
and many more feel the need of marketing and disposal of their
a cheese factory, but one and all livestock.
seem anxious to obtain some in­
Emulation of the farmers of
stitution to handle dairy produce.
It might be well and not at all Eastern Clackamas County is a [
contrary to the interests of the good plan in many ways, for even >
Eastern Clackamas Taxpayers’ this neglected, poorly advertised '
League to follow up and father “neck ’o the woods” often has
this movement. Taxpayers are some good ideas and practises.
farmers and the question of mar­
keting their produce is just as im­
portant as the saving of their tax
Advice Me W h at You H ave F or Sale
With this in view, the officials
of the League are considering de­
voting part of their next program
to a discussion of this subject and
hoi>e to obtain someone to speak
who knows about the merits of
the various forms of dairy pro­
duce marketing.
and let me know as far in advance as possible.
Every farmer is asked to take
off Saturday afternoon, June 24th
N O T E :—A “ Top Hog“ , which is the one that brings the best profits to the grower,
and meet with the Taxpayers'
Should be fat, in good condition and weigh from 165 to 225 pounds.
League at the Estaeada Family
Theatre, meeting to start at one
e s t a c a d a
The Man Who Has Helped To Build Up The Ijocal Livestock Industry.
L. A. C H A P M A N