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Devoted to the Interests of Eastern Clackamas County
Form erly Estacada Progress
V olume 9,
N umber 35
E stacada , O regon ,
Rural Public Halls
Veritable Fire Traps
Visitors Defeat Estacada 9— 6
Before the biggest crowd that
has attended a baseball game ¡n
Estacada in the past year or so,
the Bricklayers of Portland, one
o f the fastest amateur teams in
Portland, defeated the Estacada
team last Sunday afternoon, by
the score of 9 to 6.
Despite the loss to the home
team, it was a rip-snorting, fine
game of ball, with plenty of bat­
ting on both sides, plenty of
* spectacular plays, a few errors
and some kicking.
The Estacada team dont need
to feel badly at having been
beaten by such an aggregation of
old ball players as the Bricklay­
ers, for they were one of the
best teams that has ever visited
here, all players being experi­
enced men and far beyonO the
boyhood age.
The visitors played clean ball
and baseball all of the time, with
lots of rooting and “ pep,” from
the sidelines and on the diamond.
Estacada could well emulate some
o f the fighting, rooting, “ pep­
ping” spirit of that bunch, for
Estacada is too prone to forget
that enthusiasm and “ kidding”
the batters, helps win games.
Probably the score would have
been entirely different had Art
Smith been in condition to have
pitched ior Estacada, but with
Neil Bronson and George Smith
handling the delivery, it Kept
even the hard-hitting Bricklay­
ers Dikiy.
For spectacular batting and
playing, the home boys .easily
lead, with several uoubie plays
staged and one tripie play, that
even the visitors cheered, al­
though but two outs weie needed.
Fiie Douglass boys were there
with their old time style, with
the scorer recording a home run
hit for Boy, followed by a ditto
by brother Ed and little brother
Carl batting almost up to family
form, with neighbor, G. Smith
sending a grass cutter towards
Harken rider’s lor three bags.
One hit each was obtained by
Neil Bronson, Ed and Carl Doug­
lass, with a pair of them credit­
ed to Roy Douglass. George
Smith and Lee Bronson. Time
and again, the locals pasted the
ball for what started out for a
safe hit, but usually landed in an
opponent's glove.
Next Sunday afternoon, at 2
o ’clock sharp, the Estacada team
will play the Log Cabin Bakery
boys of Portland and a good tus­
sle is predicted.
Manager Lovelace, in order to
see whether Estacada can beat
the Bricklayers, if Art Smith
pitches, has scheduled another
game with them, which will oc­
cur within two or three weeks.
If the attendance at next Sun­
day’s game improves as com pa r-
T hursday ,
M ay 18,
County Nominations
On Friday, May 19th. the Pri­
The News would like to be able
to avoid the following comment,
mary Election will occur, with
as well as all similar articles of a
voting liooths open from 8 A.M.
until 8 P. M.
fault finding nature, but to over­
The primary nominating elec­
look and not call the attention of
tion ballot this year will contain
the people, to a condition which
n e e d s immediate remedying,
National, State, County and Pre­
cinct candidates. The Republi­
would be to abet a crime.
can ballot contains the names of
For years past and especially
77 candidates to choose from,
during th e past winter an d
with but 34 on the Democratic
spring, numerous entertainments
ballot, although many names will
of one kind or another have been
given in various meeting places j be written in on the latter.
in this community, by churches,
The greatest local interest will
clubs, granges, schools and other
be centered on the county nom­
inations, especially in the selec­ ;
organizations. These entertain­
tion of Republican candidates.
ments have drawn big crowds of
men, women, children and in­
The following is a list of the
fants, who have packed to ca­
county candidates on the Repub­ I
pacity the rural halls.
lican and Democratic ballots:
Have you ever stopped to con­
For Representative— three to
sider the foolish risk we are run­
be nominated Geo. C. Brownell,
ning everytime we congregate
H. A. Dedman, E. D. Olds, C.
in one of these upstairs, frame
Schuebel and H. C. Stephens,
building halls, in case of fire
with its subsequent panic?
For Representative 17th Rep­
There are state and municipal
resentative District one to be
laws governing these conditions,
nominated A. H. B f'ton and
but aside from the cities, the
VV. H. Chatten, Rep.
law is not enforced, unless after
For District Attorney—E. W.
an accident has occured.
Bartlett, 0. W. Eastham and
Law or no law, we should ex­
Wm. M. Stone, Ren. and Giltiert
ercise ordinary common sense in
Hedges, Dem.
protecting ourselves, our loved
For Sheriff—John F. Albright
ones and the general public. The
and W. J. Wilson. Rep. and Max­
taxpayers spend thousands of
well Vietor, Dem.
dollars annually for state inspec­
For County Clerk Iva M. Har­
tors, whose duties supposedly
rington, Rep.
protect everything from o u r
For P.ecorder of Conveyances
hogs, cows, and horses to our
D. C. Boyles. Clyde Hughes,
fruit; but our wives and children
and Pearl SelLjy, Rep.
are supposed to be of sufficient
For County Treasurer M. E.
value to us, to not need an in-
Dunn, Rep.
spector to warn us against ex­
posing them to danger.
For County Assessor W. W.
Everhart, C. F. Romig, C. I.
Eastern Clackamas is probably
Stafford and R. E Woodard, Rep.
no more careless in the enforce­
and G. F. Johnson, Dem.
ment of the laws, regulating
proper protection in public halls,
For County Commission W.
than any other rural section of
H. Bottemiller, Harvey Gibson,
the country, but that is no ex­
S. L. Mullan, E. L. Pope, W. A.
Proctor and J. W. Reed, Rep.
and C. W. Risley, Dem.
Stop and consider what would
happen in case of a lire in any
For County School Supt. J,
hall located above the ground
E. Calavan, Rep.
Moor, in this community, packed
For County Surveyor H. H.
with men, women and children,
Johnson, Rep.
possibly excepting the Estacada
For Coroner Dr. W. E. Hemp­
school building. It makes one
stead, Rep.
shudder to contemplate the con­
In the various precincts there
sequences, especially if your loved
i will be election of nominees for
ones were caught in the panic.
Justice o f the Peace, ( 'unstable
Stop and make a mental pic­
and Precinct Committeman.
ture of the average upstairs hall
The-main interest for Eastern
in this community, with its ab-
Clackamas County is centered in
3olute lack of protection. Most
the nomination for County Com­
of them have but one entrance
missioner, Representatives for
and that an ordinary single width
16th Representative District and
door, leading from a narrow,
District Attorney.
poorly lighted stairway, which
With the privilege of non-reg-
Concluded on page 6
istered voters swearing in their
votes at this election, there is no
ed with the former, seats on the
for any voter not casting
sidewalks will be at a premium.
Remember everyone is invited i his or her vote.
Special arrangements h a v e
and urged to join with the East­
been made with the Estacada
ern Clackamas ball fans admis­
Tel. & Tel. Co. to have the Esta-
sion gentlemen 25c with ladies
Concluded on page 6
$1. P er Y ear
Investigating Lime Deposits
Through the efforts of Frank
Ewing of Springwater, manager
of the P. R. L. & P. Co’s, agri­
cultural department, the company
are now making investigations
in the vicinity of Marquam, with
a view to obtaining lime stone
for use on the farm land of this
county, in rectifying the present
soil acidity.
Recently, Mgr. Ewing and
Traffic Manager F. D. Hunt of
the P. R. L. & P. Co., accompan-
ied bv one of the officials of the
Willamette Valley Southern Ry.
and Rev. Spiess o f Estacada,
made a trip to the lime stone de­
posits near Marquam. These de­
posits are near those, from which
the Oswego Cement Company
are obtaining their lime supply.
Investigation showed a suffi­
cient quantity of the lime stone.
Samples have been submitted to
experts to ascertain data relative
to the use of the lime for offset­
ting soil acidity. If this stone
can be crushed and used on the
land direct, without first having
to be burned or worked into pow­
dered form, it will prove a boon
to Clackamas County farmers, all
of whom realize the need of
sweeiemng their soils.
if the railway company's agri­
cultural department never ac­
complishes another benefit for
tins territory tnan obtaining lime
at a reasonaole price for the far­
mers, its efforts will have been
well worth while.
Rev. Spiess, who lias been con-
versant with these deposits for
years past, states that this lime
stone contains 75 " « of free lime.
The report of the experts, who
are making the tests will appear
in a later issue.
Mrs. Adix To Head C. I. C.
The annual meeting of the Es­
tacada Civic Improvement Club,
held last Saturday afternoon,
brought out a good attendance of
Tne annual election of officers
occured and as the ladies had
substantially agreed in advance
on who they wished for the o f­
fices, almost no opposition was
offered to the election of Mrs. H.
V. Adix, Fres.; Mrs. H. G. Trow­
bridge, Vice-Pres.; Mrs. E. W.
Bartlett, Sec'y; and Mrs. Wm.
Kuhrasch, Treas.
While the organization this
year does not contemplate at­
tempting quite as wide a range
of civic duties, they will continue
along the lines which they have
always pursued, with the Esta­
cada Library as the nucleus of
their work.