Eastern Clackamas news. (Estacada, Or.) 1916-1928, April 13, 1916, Image 3

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    A Just Complaint
Freshman Honored
We’re not running a Drug Store
The following suggestion and
complaint, were lodged last Sat­
urday by A. C. Anderson, one of
the leading farmers o f Upper
Garfield and as it is not the first
similar complaint that has come
to the attention of the News, the
business men of Estacada should
take some action to correct the
Mr. Anderson came to town
Saturday to spend his money
with the home merchants. He
was forced to tie his team and
wagon on Zobrist St., while he
did his buying, owing to lack of
municipal hitching facilities, but
in the mean time had loaded on
a goodly supply of livestock feed.
After an absence of a half
hour, on returning to the wagon,
he discovered that sohie of the
towns horses and cows had made
a good, full, square meal from
his supply of feed, besides hav­
ing sampled everything from gro­
ceries to hardware.
“ Andy” was mad, and he had
every reason to be, but was rea­
sonable enough to suggest that
all livestock at large be kept on
the flat above town and not al­
lowed to wander about the busi­
ness district.
How much longer are the mer­
chants of Estacada going to al­
low this condition of affairs to
continue? They cannot blame
anyone but themselves if the dol­
lar that should be spent at home,
goes elsewhere.
but we are in a position to save you money on
Proprietary Medicines and Drug Sundries
including Peroxide, Camphor, Witch Hazel,
Turpentine, Liniments, Corn Cures,
Quinine, Salts. Etc., Etc.
As a
Special Introductory Offer
Week of April 10 to 15
tor the
a Discount of
will be made
Estacadlans Visit George Club
on the prices of all of these articles.
Get the Habit and Trade at
Broadway at 2nd -
Estacada, Oregon
Falls Into Ditch Fractures Arm
Allen & Samson To Move
Eddy Fleming of River Mill Fri­
day, while attempting to ride his
bicycle across the foot bridge, ov­
er the gully on Wade St., slipped
and with his machine fell six or
eight feet to the bottom of the
ditch, sustaining a fracture of the
left arm, near the shoulder.
Since the announcement a cou­
ple of weeks ago, o f the contem­
plated removal o f the flour and
feed business o f Allen & Samson
of Estacada, into the Berry Bldg.,
they have rented the former C.
I. C. building, owned by J. W.
Reed, which they will occupy in
a short time.
Light in Weight
Strong in Power
a n d Endurance
Oakland Six
♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ + + ♦ + + + + + + ♦ +
Weighs 2100 pounds,
Develops 30 to 35 horse-power
Five Passenger
On the evening o f April 22nd,
at the Garfield Grange Hall, the
Garfield Band boys will give a
clever comedy, entitled, “ Doc­
tors Disagree” , the proceeds of
which will go towards the ex­
penses of the organization.
Signet Ring*
Probably any jeweler can buy
and sell jewelry, but it remains
for Estacada’s purveyor of watch­
es, rings and the like, to design
and manufacture his own rings
suited to the local trade.
Mr. Beckwith recently design­
ed and executed several different
styles of signet or initial "E. H.
S. ” rings, which are the envy of
the high school students.
Under date of April 7th, a li­
cence was issued at Vancouver,
for the marriage of Miss Ella
Fanton of Estacada, age 17 and
Jas. T. Lovegrove o f Portland,
age 29.
’ Sturdy a s the O a k '
Demonstrations Gladly Given
Wm Underwood
Estacada Garage
Estacada, Or.
tx p » H Wmtoh
Of Candidacy Of
F . E . B e c k w ith
♦ Expert
♦ ♦
At last Saturday evening’s
meeting of the George Commer­
cial & Social Club. Messrs. E. W.
Bartlett and Frank Ewing o f Es-
tacada, were not only visitors,
but appeared on the program.
Mr. Bartlett, who is a candi­
date for the Eiepublican nomina­
tion for District Attorney, spoke
in favor of the Eastern Clacka­
mas Taxpayers’ League, explan -
ing the work o f that organization
and the value of having all resi­
dents become working members.
Mr. Ewing, who is in charge
of the P. R. L. & P. Co.’s agri­
cultural work, presented his prop­
ortion through the medium of
Pres. Stephens o f the club, who
outlined the work now underway
and in view.
“ Doctor* Disagree”
Bard Buys At Scappoose
In accordance with the ten­
dency in this community to con­
fine the livestock raising along
lines of thoroughbred registered
stock, Will Bard and Everett
Snibley of Springwater, Thurs­
day motored to Scappoose, where
they attended the Harry West
sale of registered Jerseys.
Bard purchased a young thor­
oughbred, registered Jersey bull,
which will replace an older regis­
tered thoroughbred.
Last Saturday in Portland,
there was formed the Columbia
Jersey Cattle Club, comprising
the counties of Multnomah,
Clackamas, Columbia and Clatsop
counties. If this organization
flourishes, as it will, it is prob­
able that several of the local Jer­
sey enthusiasts will become mem­
A letter from Prin. Burgess F.
Ford of Willamette Academy
states that Chester Womer, late
of the Estacada High School, is
the only Freshman to obtain a
place on the college debating
teams and will appear in the de­
bate against O. A. C. soon.
Adolph Spiess, also of Estacada
is a member of the affirmative
team, which debates against
Pacific University.
Repaire r ♦
and the Jeweler of Eastern Clackamas County
1 Furnish the Vote* in the Voting Contest
You Furnish The Patronage
+ + ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ + ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ + ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ + ♦
Ken Bartlett of the University
of Oregon, is in Estacada this
week, spending his spring vaca­
One o f the county’s steam roll­
ers last week, while at work
near Canemah, got off the high­
way and rolled down a 200 foot
embankment, but was none the
worse for the accident, excepting
for a few bent parts. Bob Mat
toon of Estacada. acting engine­
er, jumped in time to miss the
The spring jury list, drawn
last week for service in the Cir­
cuit Court, beginning next Mon­
day, comprises but one local man,
being Ben Rawlins of Upper Gar­
After investigating the Esta­
cada school’s play shed, the
school board of Oswego is now
expending six or eight hundred
dollars in the erection of similar