Estacada progress. (Estacada, Or.) 1908-1916, January 27, 1916, Image 1

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Devoted to the Interests of Eastern Clackamas County
V olume 9,
N umber 19
E stacada , O regon ,
Pavilion Rental Lowered
There are a few matters per­
taining to the public welfare of
this community that the Progress
has been trying to effect, among
them being one of minor import-
ance, namely the (Aitainii.g from
the P. R. L. & P. Co., o f a lower
rental for the Estacada Park
Pavilion, than the $10. per night,
which has always been paid.
Inasmuch-as the majority of
1 of dances or other attraction giv­
en in the pavilion are directly or
' indirectly f o r public benefac­
tions, such as the C. 1. C. work
and the Firemen’s Assn., a low­
ering of the rental was desirable,
as the profits from the majority
of entertainments are small.
The Progress also knew that
the railway company was not
aiming to make money from this
rental and in many instances had
refunded the rental money to
help out, where a profit was
Through the efforts of Mr. R.
M. Townsend of the company,
hereafter a flat rental of $8. per
night has been arranged, al­
though this will not affect the
present arrangement which the
Estacada school has, for basket­
ball games and practise.
1916 County Fair
Should Be Agitated Now
The ‘ \egai knockout” giver to
the charter of the Clackamas
County Pair Association l a s t
week L>y Governor Withycombe,
ow .ngto th ■ ass ,ciation not hav­
ing complied wiih the require­
ments governing such corpora­
tions, has automatically acted as
a temporary "‘legal knock out”
o f the contemplated purchase of
the Canoy Fair Grounds by the
county court
Even if the county court de­
sired to buy the grounds now for
the sum of $7,950.00, it could not
ootain a clear title, if any title at
all to the property, as owing to
the present condition o f the as­
sociation, it cannot give said
In the mean time, we are ad­
vised tnat the creditors want
their money and may take over
the grounds as security.
County Judge Anderson, is
quoted in the Morning Enterprise
as having said "I would be in
favor of putting it on the ballot”
in referring to purchase of the
Canoy grounds. The court ap-
paientiy lealize the reasonable­
ness of the request o f the East­
ern Clackamas T a x p a y e r s ’
League, which asked the court to
first ascertain the sentiment of
the voters of the county.
January is pretty nearly over
now and if a successful county
fair is to be staged this taii,
now is the time to get busy and
formulate the preliminaiy plans.
Now is a goad time to consider
the renting or purchase of a
centrally located lair grounds,
o f easy access by railway or auto­
mobile, and on a good road 1 roni
Portland, as much good will re­
sult from drawing a Pig atten­
dance trom that city.
'the East Clackamas County
Fair board is aiready planning
lor their lylb snow and if some­
thing could be done now, it is
likely the East Ciackamas Coun­
ty Fair could be absorbed into a
coun.y tair, to be held at a cen­
tralized place.
Annual Bank Meeting
The annual stockholders meet­
ing of the Estacada State Bank
was held at the bank last Friday
and also the first quarterly meet­
ing of the board of directors.
Those present were Leroy B.
Walker, L. A. and F. F. Brandes
of Portland; Thos Yocum and Ir­
win D. Wright of Estacada.
After making a thorough in­
spection of the past years busi­
ness, the s.ockholders were well
satisfied with the steady growth
of the business.
Bank Examiners, Tracy and
Slade, were at the bank Monday,
conducting their regular exam-
| ¡nation.
Saturday Night Show
Starts Early
Dish Drawing Postponed
The Wm. Dale Co., which has
been awarding a set of dishes
each Wednesday, as a trade stim­
ulator, announce that owing to
their interest in the voting con­
test now being started, they will
postpone the awarding of f; rther
sets of dishes, until about Sep­
tember 1st. Parties are request­
ed to hold such tickets as they
may have on hand, until then.
‘ t
T hursday , J anuary 27, 1918
So as not to interfere with the
C. I. C. play, whicn starts at
8:30 next Saturday night, Mgr.
Sparks announces that the pic­
ture show al the Family Theatre
will begin at 7 o ’clock sharp, al­
lowing plenty of time for all pat­
rons to attend both performances.
The attendance at the Wednes­
day night shows is increasing, as
more people are each week real­
izing the enjoyment to be ob­
tained f r o m witnessing th e
Kleine Edison, masterpieces.
Next Wednesday night, will be
shown the Kliene-Edison, 5 part
play, entitled ‘ ‘The Sentimental
Sandy Fighting for Road
The Sandy Commercial Club
and residents of that district held
a meeting last Saturday, to ask
, for state aid in having the pro­
posed Mt Hood Road pass thru
Many farmers and some of the
road districts have offered to
build sections of the road in their
districts, ty special tax, volun­
teer work and cash donations.
Eastern Clackamas wants to
see Sandy get this road and the
Taxpayers’ League should join
with them, if the added support
and prestige is needed.
$1. P er Y ear
Sentiment Increasing
In Favor Of United Worship
During the past week, possibly
owing to a campaign now going
on in Estacada and nearby sec­
tions by both the Christian and
Methodist Churches of Estacada,
to raise funds for the coming
year, much favorable comment
has been expressed on the sub­
ject of the uniting of the local
churches and the forming of a
Teacher?’ Institute
leaders in both of
The local teacheis’ institute
these churches have expressed
for Clackamas County will meet
themselves as being in favor of
Saturday, January 29th at the
Estacada school, beginning at 9
such a combination.
o’clock. The following program
the prime factor in bringing a-
will be followed:
bout this feeling, is the ever
9:30 Playground Supervision
struggle to make both
Mrs. S. Barrium
financially, besides the
10:15 Teaching of Geography
o f the great pow­
Lena Ulen
11:00 Has Stan d a r d iz a ti on
er for good that such a united
Paid ?
Lettie Osborn | church would be.
1:30 Piano Solo
Ruth Welch
Such well known church work­
Lena Ulen
ers, as Messrs. Wm. Dale, Wal­
2:00 H ow to S e 1 e c t Litirary .
ter Givens, Pastor Jones, A. De-
Clara Landon !
moy, W. H. Holder and others
Signed J. E. Calavan
have suggested that the Progress
County School Supt.
call a meeting o f all parties in­
terested, to confer on the matter
Christian Church Services
The Special Rally at the Esta­
The Progress would like noth­
cada Christian Church has start­
ing better than to be instrumen­
ed out well and all are enjoying
tal in bringing together such a
Elder S warder's seimons.
gathering, but before doing so,
His subjects for Tuesday and
would like to hear from others
Wednesday evenings were. The
this community on this sub­
New Testament Church and The
including such leaders as
Ideal Church.
He will preach
A. O. Whitcomb, Ed Shearer,
Thursday and Friday evenings
W. W. Dillon, Mrs. A. W. Bot­
on An Efficient Church and The
Mrs. H. I). Trapp. L. Hale
Apostolic Church.
and others from the Garfield.
On account of other attrac­
Zion and Currinsville churches.
tions, there will be no meeting
The Progress would like to
on next Saturday evening.
print short letters from all of
The services next Sunday, both
these people and such others as
morning and evening, will be
are willing to express their ideas
special occasions and Pastor Jones
on the subject of a community
extends a cordial invitation for
all to be present.
It is not likely that any argu­
ments can be given against such
Local Man Buying Cattle
a combination of forces, provid­
Jack Saunders o f Currinsville
ing the true spirit o f Christianity
is acting as the local agent for
is practiced and the ultimate
M. J. Kerkes of Montavilla, buy­
welfare and usefulness of the
er of beef cattle and sheep.
church is considered.
The two of them last week
bought a dozen or more head of
The ideal community church
cattle, which were taken to the
would include the unison of all of
Portland market. They are not
the nearby churches and faiths,
onlv buying well fatted beef
although to date only the leaders
stock, but are in the market for
of two denominations have ex­
the so called "feeders” .
pressed a desire for such cooper­
This opportunity to dispose of
the ’feeders’ should be welcomed
by many farmers in this vicinity.