Estacada progress. (Estacada, Or.) 1908-1916, January 20, 1916, Image 7

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E ag!e C reek N otes
Whether the housewife is able to do
her marketing direct or by phone, the
Pdlricc Meat Market
aim to serve to the best of their
Out of town orders can
be phoned in and delivered by par­
cel« n r t . or if a neighbor is passing
w* will gladly arrange for them to
deliver your package.
Cash Paid For Eggs
Fred lorg,
Phone Main 83.
Estacada, Oregon
Bargain D ays
J o jm l Subscriptions
From Jan. 19th to Feb. 4th
Daily and Sunday
Daily only
Sunday only
Semi-Weekly -
L unches
C onfectionery
K odaks
Ed Boner
--. .
----- l _ -------------- --------------------...,.
Double Special Tickets On All
Rexall Goods
From Jan. 19th to 26th
Special Tickets Given On
From Jan. 26th to Feb. 2nd
At the
Estacada Pharmacy
. nn ,
u i-
Mrs. Viola Douglass and Mr.
' and Mrs. Will Douglass made a
| delightful call on Mrs. S. F.
\ Howlett last Friday afternoon.
Last Wednesday while some of
i the boys were coasting during
the afternoon .recess,' one of the
number, little 13-year old Tom­
my McKay, fell oi'f the sled and
his left leg was broken above the
knee. He was carried ipto R. B.
Gibson’s house, which was near­
by, and his parents and the doc-
t o r were notified. Dr. Adix
came as soon as possible and set
the leg. Tommy and his mother
remained at the home of Mr. Gib­
son until the next day, when he
was removed to his own home on
a stretcher. He seems to be do­
ing nicely and does not complain
of being in much pain. We hope
j he will soon get well.
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Douglass en-
| tertained Walter Douglass and
| family Sunday afternoon.
H. F. Gibson, of Barton, came
I up Friday and stayed until Mon-
j day morning with his father,
¡James Gibson, who is not very
well this winter.
Ed Douglass, the cream-hauler,
! and Ralph Gibson, the mail-car­
rier, have the pleasure of riding
in a sleigh these cold days.
All those people who are fortu-
' nate enough to possess a sleigh
¡or sled, have b e e n enjoying
i sleigh-rides lately.
Mr. and Mrs. Orke called on
Mr. and Mrs. McKay Sunday
H. S. and R. B. Gibson were
Estacada visitors on Monday.
A. D. McMillan made a trip to
Gresham one day last week.
Mrs. J. Strahl, who has been
in Portland for some time, has
returned home.
Miss Edna Kennedy and Mrs.
R. B. Gibson went over to Mrs.
McKay’s Sunday to see Tommy
and found him doing nicely and
feeling quite cheerful.
Mrs. Jane Foster is on the sick
: list.
T 'S a ¿fad day for a tobacco chew cr when he finds W -B C U T
r "
i n g - t h e R e a l T o b a c c o C h e w , new cut. long shred. G e t • p o u c h f r o m y o u r d e u u m d
l i v e i t a q u a lity t e a t. Y o u c a n te ll le a v e it to a t o b a c c o c h s w c r t o h a d o u t thus
W - B C U T C h e w in g ie th e R e a l Tobacco Chew.
“ N o t i c e h ow t h e salt b rings out th e rich to b a cco taste”
50 Union Square, New York City
For She Home, School,
Church c,r Lodie.
Prices —N et—Portland
Beatty, walnut case, (quite old)
Estey. oak, (good condition)
(no mirror, about 5 ft. high)
Mason & Hamlin, oak case, over 6 ft. tall
has two mirrors. Is in good shape.
Western Cottage Organ, walnut case
chapel style, has no top or mirror.
In addition to the above we have several organs that
have never been sold, hut have been out on
consignment, and show some shop wear.
Kimball style 141, 6 octave, oak case - $50.
Kimball stvle 111, walnut case
Kimball style 459. mahogany finish
2 White School Organs
$30. and 35.
Sold on terms.
A lspaugh N otes
N ew Central O perator
Owing to the resignation of
Mrs. Lera Dale as regular oper­
ator at the central office of the
Estacada Telephone & Telegraph
Company, Miss Helen Bartlett is
now learning the switchboard
and other duties, with a view to
taking charge of that work here­
Don Newman of Tillamook, Or.
is visiting at the home of his
aunt, Miss Maud Sturgeon of Es­
The people of this vicinity have
discarded their wagons and auto-
mobles and are using sleds and
I John Githens spends most of
his time heating rocks to put in
his fish pond to keep his fish
from freezing.
Mrs. Henry Githens and daugh­
ter Gussie returned from New­
port last week. They reported a
very good time but it was very
cold there.
Born, to Mr. .md Mrs. Noel J. Willitts Ferguson of Port­
Sarver of Currinsville, a son, land is still in our midst, hav ing
January 18th.
been joined by Mrs. Ferguson
O. E. Stephens of Myrtle Creek, last week. J. Willits says he
Or. is visiting at the home of his likbs our people and in answer to
brother, A1 Stephens of Garfield. the repeated question of when he
Guy Graham returned to his is going home, he says he dont
home in Estacada this week, af­ care if he never sees Portland
ter an absence of several months again. (Portland papers may
in California.