Estacada progress. (Estacada, Or.) 1908-1916, October 07, 1915, Image 8

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    Want and For Sale Column
Notice For Publication
5 cents per line. Cash in advance Department of the Interior, U. In the County Court of the State of
Oregon for the County of
S. Land Office at Portland, Ore­
WANTED EGGS. H ig h est gon, September 11, 1915.
price paid at Palace Meat Mark­ Notice is hereby given that
Fred Jorg, Henry E. Boen, of Estacada, In the matter of the estate of hatear I
Oregon, who, on February 21, J. Stevens, deceased. Citation
MONEY TO LOAN—On first 1910, made Homestead Entry, I To Mrs. Florence Miller,
No. 02364, for NE X , Section 12, IN THE NAME OF THE STATE
mortgage securities.
P. F. Standish, Garfield or call Township 4 south, Range 5 east, j OF OKEGON:
Willhmette Meridian, has filed You «re hereby cited and required to
Progress office.
notice of intention to make final 1 appear and be in the County Court of
FOR SALE Registered Berk­ five-year Proof, to establish claim the State of Oregon, for the Count' of
shire Swine. Very best at very to the land above described, be­ Clackamas, at the county court room of
fore the Register and Receiver said Court, on the 8th day of November
lowest prices. J. W. Exon,
Phone Dover 404, Eagle Creek. of the U. S. Land Office, at Port­ | 1915 at the hour of 10 o clock in the fore
land, Oregon, on the 20th day of noon of said d a ', then and there show
j cause, if any exist, why an order of sale
FOR SALE Fine six weeks October, 1915.
old Duroc Jersey pigs, from a reg­ Claimant names as witnesses: i of the real property of the .estate of
! Kdgar J. Stevens, deceased, should not
istered boar. Here is is a good George Cook,
I be granted, following is a particular de­
Paul Sauer,
chance to get a start cheap.
scription of said real property, being
Albert Kriger,
VV. K. Corbin, R. 1, Estacada.
Willis Dwyer, all of R. F. D. situated in Clackamas County, Oregun,
as follows:
FOR SERVICE Registered No. 1, Estacada, Oregon.
North part of Lot number four (4) in I t
N. Campbell,
Duroc Jersey Boar, “Shadeland
Register. Section twenty-one (21) in Township
Defender Chief”, No. 171483.
Proof made according to law three (3) South of Range four (4 * east
Tom Watson, Estacada.
under which entry was made. of the Willamette Meridian, containing
about six (6) actes being that portion
FOR SALE Big Durham cow,
said lot, lying north of the franklin
fresh in Feb. and yearling heifer.
Notice for Publication
Piearce D. L. C. No. 38 in said Town­
Inquire at Progress office.
Department of the Interior, U. ship, and north of the north line of said
S. Land Office at Portland, Ore­ claim extended to the east line df said
FOR TRADE—303 Savage re­ gon,
September 11. 1915.
l"t number 4.
peating Rifle, in A1 condition for
shot gun. Earl Day. Estacada. Notice is hereby given that Also Beginning at the noftheast cor­
Mary C. Galbraith, of Rowe, Ore­ ner of the Franklin Pierce I). L. C. in
I HAVE FOR SALE 50M. gon, who, on February 6, 1914, Section Twenty-one (21 1 in Township
first class mountain cedar shing­ made Homestead entry, No. three (3) South of Range 4 Esat of the
les. Come and get what you 04080, for SWX NE'i NEX, Willamette Meridian, running thence
want of them at $1.75 per M. at WX SEX NEX, and the EM. East Three hundred and three (303)
Demoy’s place. SWX NEX. Section 11, Town­ feet to the East line of the Southwest
ship 3 south. Range 7 east, Wil­ quarter of the Southeast quarter of Sec­
FOR SALE—3 Jersey Heifers, lamette Meridian, has filed no­ tion 21; thence South along said line j
tice of'intention to make final One hundred and ten (110) feet to the
one year old; 12 Poland-China three-year
Under Sec. center of the County road; then e along
shoats, six months old; 1 fresh 2307 R. S. to Proof,
claim to center of the County road 319 feet to
Jersey cow. Cheap for cash.
the land above described, before the place of beginning, containing 0.50 :
C. C. Saling, Currinsville. the Register and Receiver of the it res, more or less.
U. S. Land Office, at Portland, Also Beginning at a point marked
WANTED Work of any kind. Oregon, on the 19th day of Oc­ by a 3-4 inch iron pipe which is on the
A. J. Mills. tober, 1915.
East line 2040.7 feet North of the south-
eHSt corner of the Franklin Pierce Do­
LOST Rawhide rope lariat
nation Land Claim, running thence west
Elsie I. Creighton,
presumably between Estacada Mrs.
feet to corner marked by a 3-4 I
Mrs. Jennie C. Chapman,
and Cazadero. Return to
inch iron pipe; thence Northerly 567.34
C. V. Chapman,
H. Wallace, Cazadero.
feet to a corner marked by a 3-4 inch
Mrs. Mamie C. Karlen, all of iron pipe which is on the North bound­
REWARD Will be paid for Rowe, Oregon.
ary line of the Franklin Pierce Donation
the return of a leather music
Land Claim; thence East on said D. L.
roll, lost a few weeks ago.
C. line 362.76 feet to the northeast cor­
Finder address Mrs. J. W. Reed,
ner of said Pierce D. L. C.; thence
Southerly on said claim line 566.7 feet
Notice To Creditors
to place of beginning. Containing!
FOR SALE at all times Regis­ In the County Court for the five (5) acres, more or less.
tered Duroc-Jersey pigs, all ages. County of Clackamas, State of WITNESS the Hon. H. S. Anderson
of said Court this 2nd day of Oc- j
FOR SERVICE — Registered Oregon. In the matter of the es­ Judge
tober 1915.
Duroc-Jersey boar. Phone Hill 860 tate of George E. Dibble, de­ ATTEST:
I. M. Harrington Clerk. |
J. M. Whelean Garfield. ceased.
(Seal) F. A. Miller Deputy Clerk. (
PROGRESS subscription in ex­ Notice is hereby given by the STATE OF OREGON, )
change for $1. worth of quinces undersigned administrator of the C ounty of C lackamas .
or apples, this week.
estate of George E. Dibble, de­ 1, 1. M. Harrington, County Clerk and I
Progress office. ceased, to the creditors of and all ex-officio Clerk of the Circuit Court of
the State of Oregon, for the County of
WANTED To buy ewe sheep. persons having claims against, Clackamas, do hereby certify that the J
the said decesed to exhibit them, foregoing copy of Citation ha« been
70 head wanted.
Apply Progress office. with the necessary vouchers, by me compared with the original, and i
it is a correct transcript there­
within six months after the first that
from, and the whole of such original
publication of this notice, to said Citation
Lost or Stolen
as the same appears (on t.le
Two notes, one for $70.00 with­ administrator, at the office of his of record) in my office and in my care
out interest, due on demand and attorney, Claude W. Devore, Es­ and custody
one for $45(1.00, with interest at tacada, Oregon, the same being In TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I have;
7"», payable on demand. Both the place for the transaction of hereunto set my hand and affixed the
seal of said Court this
dated about July 1913, payable the business of the estate.
2nd day of October, 1915 j
to J. F. Snyder and executed by
1. M. Harrington, Clerk.
Callie B. Charlton.
Administrar of the estate of
By F. A. Miller, Deputy.
All persons are hereby notified George
E. Dibble, Deceased.
that said notes have been lost or
stolen and that payment of the Claude W. Devore, '
FOR SALE—About 2 tons of
same has been protected. Suit­ Attorney for Administrator.
hay. S. J. Howe,
able reward will be given for Date of first publication. Septem­ good clover Box
112, Estacada.
their return or information lead­ ber 23. 1915.
ing to their recovery.
Estacada, Oregon, October 4th, Date of last publication. October NO TRESPASSING SIG N S-
21, 1915.
For Sale at the Progress office.
J. F. Snyder.
Henry V. Adix, M. D.
Physician and Sutgeon
Office Adjoining Residence
Local and Lin g Oislanc« leicplioi t
The doctor's phone can be connected with your
home phone at night if requested. One long ring
Dr. L. A. Well»
Associated wjth Dr. H. V. Adix
Dr. R. Morse
Physician and Surgeon
Tests Eyes and Fits Glasses
Office on Main Str. between 1st and 2nd
Residence: Main and 5th Sts.
Telephone Connection
Claude W. Devore
Attorney-at-Law and Notary Public
Estacada, Oregon
William M. Stone
A ttorney - at - Law
Office Phones- Pacific Main 405.
Home A 270. Res.-Pacific 295J.
Beaver Bid*.
Oregon City. Or.
Oregon Fire Relief Ass’n
Of McMinnville, Oregon.
Also First Class OLD LINE Insurance.
Phone 513
Automobile Insurance A Specialty
Livery, Feed A Sale
W. A. JO NES, Proprietor.
Good Rigs and Careful Drivers
Given Hunting and Fishing Parties
Team Work, Hauling and Packing
Wood delivered, any amount or length.
10c per Rig.
W. M. Yonce,
Why Pay Rent
When you can plan and
own your cozy home?
If interested call in and
we will explain our plan.
Cascade Realty Co.
Klaetsch Mills
First class lumber of all kinds, promptly
delivered from big stock on hand.
Dimension material a specialty.
Phone or call at mill, at Dodge.
O. C. Klaetsch, Owner.