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    Oregon- Hiatoricaí Sac
207 Second' S«.
V olume 8,
N umber 46
to the Interests o f Eastern Clackamas County
E stacada , O regon ,
Cow Epidemic Not O.i Wane
Valuable Prizes Already Promised
In the past week reports have
come from all sections o f valu­
able covys succumbing to the di­
sease called ‘ ‘bloody murrain.”
Several cows in Currinsville and
Garfield died in the past two
weeks, including fine animals be­
longing to Ben Bullard and Mr.
Yonkers. Springwater and other
sections on the other side o f the
Clackamas report the disease
The Progress put in a phone
call last Saturday to State Veter­
inarian Lytle at Salem to arrange
for him to personally investigate
the epidemic, but as he was in
Eugene and had no assistant,
could not come then. Supt. F.
B. Guthrie o f t h e Estacada
schools wrote him last Monday,
requesting his immediate atten­
tion to the local conditions and it >
is likely he will be in Estacada
in a few days.
In answer to Mr, Guthrie’ s let­
ter, Veterinarian Lytle writes
as follows:-
At a meeting o f the East Clack­
amas County Fair board, July
31st, the resignation o f F. J.
Harkenrider was accepted with
The board has been
fortunate in getting H. C. Stev­
ens o f George to consent to act
in his place. Mr. Stevens’ inter­
est in this work and his progress­
iveness will be o f great value to
the board.
E. W. Bartlett o f Estacada was
elected to act as general superin­
tendent o f the fair and exhibits.
Incidentally he is preparing his
famous blue ribbon cow to cap­
ture the 1915 butter-fat awards.
Owing to the lack o f funds
this year, and the present rough
condition o f the Estacada Park
grounds, coupled with other con­
siderations, the board has decid­
ed to hold the 1915 fair on the
Estacada school grounds.
Through the courtesy o f Noah
Heiple with his auto, the board
visited the school grounds and
were pleased to find the grounds,
new play-shed and school build­
ing, are exactly adapted for fair
uses. The play shed, with its
big open floor space, and roof, o f­
fers more space than was to be
had at the Pavilion last year and
in case o f inclement weather will
amply protect all exhibits and
The livestock and poultry ex­
hibits can be well handled in
tents on the spacious grounds ad­
joining and the school ■ building
offers the finest o f facilities for
the cooking demonstrations, lec­
tures and other features.
The proximity o f the base ball
grounds was taken into consid­
eration, as several spirited games
will be played during the exhibi­
tion, between teams representing
the various tributary districts.
Currinsville has taken offense
at George’s already laying c aim
to the community prize and prom­
ises to stage an exhibit that will
make the judges open their eyes.
While Springwater, Garfield and
other sections have not been
crowing any yet, it is promised
there will be strong rivalry for
the community prize.
Valuable prizes have already
been obtained, but their appor­
tionment as awards has not
been decided upon as yet. The
Portland Railway Light & Power
Company is donating an extra
fine thoroughbred boar for a prize
and a similar valuable hog is o f­
fered by the Union Meat Co.
through their representative, C.
Concluded on page five
"Duar Sir:
In answer to your letter of
August 1st, will state that we have di­
agnosed. hemorrhagic septicemia in
probably ten different centers in Clack­
amas County and 1 presume the com­
plaint you make mentiort of is doubtless
the sam* thing.
We wii| gladly make
an investigation and as a precau-
tiouary measure it would be best to
have the owner separate the diseased
from the well and feed their animals a
quantity of salt on which has been
placed carbolic acid, one ounce to the
pound of salt; mix this and allow the
animals to eat it at will. Alsu, it would
be advisable to move animals so that
it will be impossible for them to drink
o f stagnant water.
The disease is
probably conveyed by means o f infected
Running water hardly ever
carries infection.
But stagnant water
in as much as decayed vegetation is of­
ten foUnd in it has an acid reaction
which apparently causes the organism
that produce this disease to become
disease producing, whereas, under or­
dinary conditions it is not disease pro­
Bridge Contract Awarded
County Man
The contract for the recon­
struction o f the county bridge
across the Sandy river near
Bull Run, was awarded to Ed
Olds o f Oak Grove, by the coun­
ty coqrt, last Friday, for $2190.
Other bids were received rang­
ing as high as $3400.
Olds with J. W. Reed o f Esta­
cada built the Estacada bridge
and has been associated with
bridge building in this county
for many years.
T hursday ,
A ugust 5, 1915
Hunt Finds Court Passing
Responsibility To Board
Guy T. Hunt o f Garfield, the
newly appointed member o f the
Clackamas county fair board,
went to Oregon City Wednesday,
after phoning Chairman Grant
B. Dimick o f the board, o f his
Hunt expected t h e
board to meet and had also ex­
pected to obtain a definite decis­
ion as to the $200 promised to the
East Clackamas County Fair.
Hunt stales that no board meet­
ing was held or any meeting con­
templated. He says Chairman
Dimick refuses to apportion the
$40d. warrant, which is being
issued to the board; claiming the
court should apportion ii. Hunt
talked with the members o f the
court, who disclaim all responsi­
bility and pass the “ buck” back
to the board.
Sp matters are at a standstill
and the Ejist Clackamas donation
| is receiving regular routine Ore­
I gon City treatment and ultimate­
ly will probably remain right
where it is, despite the promises
and smooth words o f the court
and board given to the local com­
mittee some time ago.
Hunt says he will apportion
the money to the best o f his
ability, it they will turn over
the responsibility to him. Dim­
ick tells Hunt that the duties of
the fair board are merely the
official turning over o f the money
from the court to the Canby fair
The Canby fair officials are
private individuals, stockholders
ih the Canby fair and legally
should have no jurisdiction over
these tunds, other than tneir
own portion.
Hunt has asked the district
attorney and other legal advisors
to determine the legality o f the
county fair board and its prece­
dence oyer the purely business
officials o f the Canby show.
Grant Dimick in a letter to the
Progress states that Molalla and
Wilsonville are also asking finan­
cial help from the fair board, to
i handle their exhibitions and says
he does not want the $400 turned
over to his Lioard, unless the
court distinctly stipulates where
the money shall go, "as I cannot
afford to get the Molalla and
Wilsonville people on the war­
So the fair board wont act and
the county court wont act. What
are we going to do? Why not
get a new fair board and court
too, if they are afraid to make a
Why dont the court please ev­
eryone and increase their approp­
riation sufficient to care for the
three district fairs and serve the
people, or why dont the Willam-
Valley Southern Ry. tap into the
Estacada country and conse­
quently force favoritism.
$1. P er Y ear
Musical Program Charms Hundreds
The joint rally held last un­
day at the Zion church in Gar­
field by the Methodist churches
o f Estacada, Currinsville, Gar­
field and Lower Garfield, the Es­
tacada Christian church and the
Springwater Presbyterian church
brought out a crowd numbering
from 200 to 300 people.
This all day service, with its
picnic dinner, was the most suc­
cessful religious gathering ever
held in this community.
Rev. Rees o f the Estacada M.
E. church presided. Mr. Walter
Givens o f the Christian church
opened the services with prayer
and reading from the Scriptures.
The fine musical numbers on
the program were a fitting com­
pliment to the energy and hard
work performed by W. H. Dillon
o f the Zion church, who, with his
assistants, were responsible for
the gathering and excellent pro­
The audience repeatedly en­
cored all o f the musical numbers
and especially enjoyed the choral
selections as rendered by the fa­
mous Springwater chorus, under
the able direction of Mr. David
The program was well inter­
spersed with a variety o f musical
numbers, including selections by
the Garfield band, the Garfield
quartette, solos by Mr. John
Shearer o f Portland and a beau­
tiful duet, rendered by Rev. C.
F. Aue, cello; Mrs. Aue, violin,
with organ accompaniment by
Miss Mary Folsom.
The congregational singing o f
the good old hymns was entered
into and enjoyed by all.
In the absence o f Dr. Talbott,
president o f the Kimball Theo­
logical Seminary o f Salem, Dr.
Sherwood o f the seminary ably
filled his place.
Dr. Sherwood and Mr. Rhodes,
state secretary o f the Y. M. C.
A. o f Portland, handled the main
subjects o f the day, namely a dis­
cussion o f “ T h e Elements o f
Strength and Weakness of the
Rural Church” and “ A Survey o f
the Field pf the Rural Church.”
A t the noon hour, the,services
were adjourned for the picnic
dinner, .following which at the
call o f the Garfield band the a f­
ternoon program began.
program consisted o f group meet­
ing with Mrs. W. Givens 6f Esta­
cada in charge o f the young la­
dies group; Prof. Sherwood hand­
ling the young men; Rev. Aue,
Concluded on page five