Estacada progress. (Estacada, Or.) 1908-1916, July 01, 1915, Image 1

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V olume 8,
to the
Interests o f Eastern Clackamas County
E stacada , O regon ,
N umber 41
T hursday ,
J uly 1, 1915
$1. P er Y ear
Celebration Estacada Monday July5
To Motor To Frisco
Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Sparks and
Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Lovelace and
family o f Estacada contemplate
leaving next week for San Fran­
cisco. They will make the trip
in their automobiles, camping
along the way and generally en­
joying the tour through Oregon
and California. They expect to
be gone at least thirty days and
may remain away all summer.
County Paper» Criticize
and Defend Progress
The Oregon City Enterprise in
its issue o f June 23rd., apparent­
ly does not perfectly agree with
the Estacada Progress, in its re­
cent stand on the question o f the
$1600.0' that is to be spent for
oiling the main trunk highways,
across the southern and western
end o f the county, at the request
o f some automobile club.
To quote briefly, editor Brodie
exudes the following;-
“ There is no reason in the stand
taken by K. M. Staudish, editor o f the
Estacada Progress, against aii the
southern and western part o f the coun­
ty. The last issue of the Progress
contains more than the usual amount of
“ peeve*'. On the front page o f the
paper, over a column is devoted to a
rabid discussion o f the decision o f the
county court to spend $1600 on road oil
on the north und south highwa. through
the county. Editor Standish evidently
forget* that this $1600 was raised by a
direct tax on automobiles, that it is be­
ing spent on roads traveled as heavily
by farmers as by motorists. Editor
Standish should remember that his ac-
lions are destructive; that iooperation
is better than conflict. Eastern and
western Clackamas are united in one
great county, at least as far as county
boundaries are concerned. — Let us have
p e a -e ."
Fur t h e on in its editorial col­
umn the same writer shows some
signs of fair mindedness with.
“ But the Estacada Progress is
right at times, despite its stand
against this part o f the county.
This is from the last issue:-
‘ Even a $1600 application of oil will
not cover up the defects in some of
Clackamas county’ s poorly built roads'. ”
The Progress is pleased to note
that Editor Brodie in his remarks
on the uniiedness o f the county,
qualified it by the clause “ at
least as far as county boundaries
are concerned! And if the Prog­
ress’ actions are destructive, it
hopes they are destructive o f
some o f the sound sleep o f the
honorab.e members o f the county
court. As is usual, the Enter­
prise skipped such parts o f the
article quoted, as might have
a tendency to hurt their side
o f the controversy.
But Editor
Brodie is an Oregon City stand­
patter all o f the time.
The Oregon City Courier, as
ever, is broad enough to see two
sides o f a question and recognizes
that eastern Clackamas has rights
that should be respected. They
reprinted the Progress’ article
on “ $1600.00 Worth o f Crude Oil”
in its entirety and in another
part o f the same paper blossomed
forth in the following:-
“ Now however, comes the Estscada
Progress, one o f the real newspapers of
the county, and the leading paper o f the
eastern section o f Clackamas' —etc
The Canby Herald quotes the
troublesome article in full and in
closing hands the following greet-
“ Cheer up Bro. Standish. You and
yours corne over to the fair at Canby
this yeur-itu going to be a hummer- and
then you can get a “ smell” o f that
crude oil”
Canby deserves credit for offer­
ing us something, for up to the
present time, eastern Clackamas
tax-payers had not even Deen o f­
fered “ a smell” . Somebody from
Estacada was at the Cariby Fair
last year, and incidentally came
away with the majority o f the
“ first honors” and it may happen
again this year.
The Aurora Observer o f Marion
County says "Estacada is Peeved”
but we must remember that Aur­
ora is at the other end o f that
stretch o f road to be oiled. The
Observer construed our kick to
be against the autoist and entire­
ly in favor of the farmer. East­
ern Clackamas has its autoists
and they are farmers too and a
part o f that $1600. was raised
through the tax on these ma­
chines; that is why we insinuated
that we were entitled to a share
o f that money.
To sum it up, all parts o f the
county recognize the rights o f
Eastern Clackamas, but some of
them are not broad enough to
favor a division, o f the $1600 if
it would entail their share o f the
The question still arises, who
is the Automobile Club? Has
Clackamas county an automobile
club? Can it be that the Portland
(Multnomah county) Automobile
Club obtained $1600. on a mere
request from the Clackamas
county court.
Commissioner Mattoon now
claims that his court have noth­
ing to do with the expenditure o f
this $1600. tax, claiming that
the money was or will be turned
over directly from the state to
the Automobile Club, but he
does’ nt know who the Automo­
bile Club is.
If the money has not already
been expended, it is not too late
yet to give eastern Clackamas a
'¿ 5 % share. $400. if
equally among the several road
districts in this part o f the coun­
ty, would pay for the installation
o f handsome drinking troughs
along a number o f the traveled
highways, or pay for other equal­
ly as useful improvements.
Special School Meeting July 12th
East Clackamas County Fair
At the regular Estacada school
board meeting last Monday even­
ing, all members were present.
A fter the completion o f the rou­
tine business, the board decided
to call a special school meeting
for the purpose o f electing a board
member to fill the vacancy caused
by the resignation o f A. Demoy.
This meeting has been set for
Monday evening, July 12th, and
all voters are requested to be
The initial steps were also tak­
en for installing o f a new hot
water heating plant in the school
During the course o f the meet­
ing, the resignation o f A. Demoy
from the school board was for­
mally accepted.
To Ask For Financial Support
At a meeting o f the East Clack­
amas County Fair committee,
held in Estacada last Monday
forenoon, a number of important
matters were discussed and de­
cided upon.
The 1915 fair will be held in
Estacada Park, Sept. 8th, 9th
and 10th.
The Fair committee has incor­
porated under the name o f “ East
Clackamas County Fair” and un­
der the law provided for fairs,
libraries, etc. This simplifies the
business side o f the committee
work and gives more confidence
to those carrying on business
with it, while it also protects the
individual members from liabili­
ties. No stock is issued as the
organization is for educational
purposes only.
The committee held a meeting
June 21st and spent some time
discussing the advisability of
erecting a livestock building, 40
by 100 ft. to be used for the Fair
and at all other times as a hitch­
ing shed for the farmers o f the
surrounding communities.
The railroad company will
grant a lease on their property
just east o f Mr.Givens’ house for
this purpose.
It was decided
best to put up such a building,
thus saving an annual expense of
about $100. for tents and lumber
if the funds can be solicited.
The premium list for the com­
ing exhibit will be substantially
the same as last year’s, but is
being delayed slightly until the
matter o f further prizes and
premiums can be reported on.
A rumor has obtained some
credence to the effect that there
will be a charge for exhibit space.
This is absolutely false as all
such space is frete.
A valuable prize will be offer­
ed for the best community ex­
hibit and in this department o f
the fair there will be strong
rivalry. This competition is open
to all sections, including Spring-
water, George, Garfield, Currins-
Creek, Viola, Elwood, Sandy,
Boring, etc. In a later issue of
the Progress a list o f the com­
munity fair representatives will
be published. The George Com­
mercial & Social Club are plan­
ning to win the community prize
with a handsome and elaborate
exhibit o f the resources and prod-
ucis o f that district, as their fair
occurs a few days prior to the
Estacada show. t
The most important matter
now before the East Clackamas
County Fair committee and a
matter o f the utmost importance
and o f vital interest to every resi-
dent o f eastern Clackamas coun­
ty, is the obtaining o f financial
support from the county and the
receiving o f our share o f the
$1821. which has been appropriat­
ed by the stato- to this county,
for exhibit premiums from a tax
o f 1-20 o f a mill onthe county-
To date the committee which
has waited upon the county court
and asked for financial assistance,
has received nothing and the
outlook is dim o f their obtaining
It is now up to the people o f
eastern Clackamas county to
assert their rights and unitedly
ask and if necessary insist on ob­
taining some money for our coun­
ty fair.
An appeal is hereby made to
all parties interested; and tnis
should mean every man, woman
and child in this part o f the coun­
ty, to attend a mass meeting at
1 o ’ clock, July 5th in Estacada at
the city hall. At this meeting,
ways and means will be discuss­
ed to properly present this appeal
to the county court and the coun­
ty fair board.
Present plans are for a large
delegation to go to Oregon City
and back up the efforts o f the
committee, but the details of
this plan will be perfected at this
mass meeting.
The majority o f the local resi­
dents will be in Estacada at the
celebration, July 5th, and conse­
quently can easily arrange to at­
tend this gathering.
As loyal tax-payers o f Clack­
amas county, we should every­
one o f us take an active interest
in seeing to it that the East Clack­
amas Fair receives fair treatment
from the authorities or at least
its due share, otherwise this an­
nual fair may have to be dis­
continued. Show your interest
by being present at the July 5th