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    T h e Lase of Jennie Brice
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coming forward and everything to lose.
Very well, she was alive on Monday.
We know where she was on Tuesday
and Wednesday.
Anyhow, during
those days her gem o f a husband was
In Jail. He was freed Thursday night,
and from that time until his leanest
on the following Tuesday. 1 had him
under observation every moment. He
left the Jail Thursday night, and ou
Saturday the body floated in at Se-
wlekie.v. If it was done by Ladley It
must have been done on Friday, and
on Frtdu.v be was In view through the
perisrope ail day!”
Mr. Ke.vuolds value in and Joined us.
“There's only one way out that 1 see.”
he said mildly. “ T w o women have
been fool enough to have a name tat­
tooed over their hearts. No woman
ever thought enough of me to have my
name put on her.”
“ I hofie not.” 1 retorted. Mr. Rey­
nold's liixt name is Xavharlab.
Hut. as Mr. floleom be said, all that
had l»een proved was that Jennie Hrlve
was dead, probably murdered
vould not understand the defense let­
ting the vase go to the Jury without
their putting more stress ou Mr. How­
ell’s story.
Hut we were to under­
stand that soon, and many other
things. Mr. Holcombe told me that
evening o f learning from John Bellows
of the tattooed name on Jeuuie Hrlve
and of how. after an almost endless
search, he had found the man who had
cut the name away.
At S o'clock the doorbell rang. Mr.
Reynolds had gone to lodge, he being
an LIU and several other things and
much given to regulin In boxes and
having his picture in the newspapers
in different outlandish costnmes. Mr.
IMtuiun used to say that man. being
denied bis natural love for barbaric
adornment fn his ever.vdav
took to the different fraternities as an
excuse for decking biiusclf out. Hut
this has nothing to db with the door­
It was old Isaac. He had a basket
in his hand, und he stepped Into the
hall and placed it on the ti ior.
“ JCveiiing. Miss Hess,” he said. “Can
you see u bit o f company tonigtit:”
” 1 run always see you.” 1 replied.
But he hud not meant himself. He
stepped to the door and. opening it.
beckoned to some one across the street.
It was Lida!
She came in. her color a little height­
ened. and old Isaac stood back, bvum-
; lug at us both. 1 believe it was one
of the crowning moments of the old
i man's life—thus to see his Miss Hess
I and Alma’s child together.
"Is —is he here y e t s h e asked me
' nervously.
j ” 1 did not know he was coming.”
I There wus no need to ask which ’“be.”
| There was only ouc for Lida.
! “ He telephoned me and asked me to
come here. Oh. Mrs. Pitmau. I’ m so
» fra Id for him!”
She had forgotteu
| Isaac. I turned to the schoolteacher's
I room aud opened the door. “ The wom-
j an who belongs here is out at a lec­
ture." I said
“ Come In here. Ikkie.
und I'll bnd the eveutng ¡taper for
: you.”
“ •Ikkie.” ” said Lida, and stood star­
ing at me. 1 think I went white.
“The lady lieali and 1 Is old friends.”
Isaac said, with his splendid manner.
“ Her mothah. Miss Lida, tier moth-
a h '* -
But even old Isaac choked up at that.
and 1 closed the door on him.
“ How queer!” Lida said, looking at
me. “ So Isaac kuew your mother?
Have you lived always iu Allegheny.
Mrs. Pitman
To be continued.
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has contended that there is one
and only one sure, safe, economi­
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gentleman. That’s a cow-pony.
And he’s lived his life in the sad­
Fortune has smiled upon Colo­
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come a substantial—as well as
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A few days ago a Ford agent
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viewed the familiar experiment
disdainfully through a cloud of
pipe smoke. Then he took his
l'eet down off the rail and gave
"the critter the once over'
nally, he broke all precedent arid
“ climbed aboard” .
An hour later the Colonel said
—“ Well, you might as well leave
her hitched up to the locust post
yonder, and if she’s sound in
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wind and fairly gentle. 1 may
slip my branding iron on her” .
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The Colonel did. Later he was j
encountered on the highway. "I i
ain’t quite got used to this here
Fred Jorg, Proprietor
throttle y et I keep wantin’ to
dig my spurs into her” said the
Phone Main 83.
Colonel, as he swung into the
Estacada. Oregon
front gate on two wheels. “ But
she sure can single-foot better
than any durned bronk I ever
rode and believe me. son, 1 sure
have rode some good hosses in
Klaetsch Mills
my time. Seems to me, though.
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1 ought to mix some oat3 in her
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gasoline” .
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