Estacada progress. (Estacada, Or.) 1908-1916, May 06, 1915, Image 1

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V olume 8,
N umber 33
Resume of Road Laws
Regulating Travel
A speed limit not to exceed 25
miles per hour is allowed on high­
ways, other than in city or town
Speed shall not exceed 8 miles
per hour, when approaching with-
in 100, yards o f a hoise drawn
Vehicles when traveling in op-
posite directions, shall pass to
the right.
Vehicles when traveling in the
same direction, shall pass to the
An automobilist when wishing
to pass a vehicle, shall sound one
blast o f the horn as notice. I f
room fo r passage is not then
granted, three sharp blasts shall
be given, and the automobile
may then pass at the first spot
where the road will allow o f such
Unnecessary smoke from an
automobile is not allowed on the
public highways.
For further regulations, see
Lord’ s Oregon Laws.
Teacher Will Preach
Rev. Rees o f Estacada leaves
next Friday fo r McMinnville, Or.
to attend the district convention
o f the Epworth League. A s he
will not return until Monday, ar­
rangements have been made for
Mr. F. B. Guthrie to conduct the
preaching services at the Esta­
cada Methodist church, Sunday
morning, May 9th. There will
be no preaching services at the
Garfield or Currinsville churches
on that date.
Mr. Guthrie will also attend
the McMinnville convention, but
will return on Saturday.
Garfield Tract Sold
Negotiations have just been
consumated, which comprise the
sale o f 100 acres o f the W. R.
Stokes property in Garfield, to a
Mr. Henry W u lf o f Portland.
The Stokes property consists o f
about 140 acres o f the highest
improved land in this section, be­
in g largely planted to th rifty
young apple trees. The purchas­
er is a capitalist with similar in­
terests in Hood R iver and other
points and his investing in this
section, is a good indication o f its
future. For the time being, the
property will be in charge o f Mr.
Laing, its present overseer.
This deal was handled through
the agency o f E. S. Wooster o f
Estacada, who is one o f the best
real estate men in the county
ann one o f Clackamas’ optimistic
land dealers.
E stacada , O regon ,
Pay Last Respects
The funeral services o f Elmer
S. Shankland, who died in Port­
land April 23rd, were held at the
Estacada Methodist Church last
Sunday afternoon, at 1:20 o’ clock.
A service had been held in
Portland Sunday morning, under
the auspices o f the Knights &
Ladies o f Security, following
which the remains were brought
j to Estacada.
In the presence o f hundreds o f
friends, relatives and neighbors,
Rev. Rees conducted the funeral
services, and paid a glow ing tri­
bute to the deceased. The inter­
ment took place in Lone Oak
Elmer S. Shankland was born
near Quincy, 111., Sept. 9, 1863,
and crossed the plains with his
parents in 1865, locating in Cur­
rinsville, Clackamas county, Or.
He is survived by His wife, two
sons, Melvin and Albert and a
daughter, Mts. Jennie O ’ Neel o f
Currinsville; his mother, Mrs.
Nancy C. Shankland. and two
brothers, Theodore W. and A n ­
drew W. o f Portland.
He joined the Methodist Church
in his early boyhood and had been
a member ever since. He also
Knights & Ladies o f Security
about 15 years ago, and was in­
strumental in the organization’s
growth, being a past president.
In the deatH o f ElmerS. Shank­
land, the community has sus­
tained a great loss, and the sym­
pathy o f the people is extended
to the fam ily in this bereave­
Firemen To Celebrate
July Fourth
A party o f the P. R. L. & P.
C o.’s officials spent last Wednes­
day in Estacada, and reported on
a number o f matters o f interest
to Estacada and vicinity. The
party comprised Messrs. Town­
send Pumphrey, Reinke, Myers
and K elly and A ttorn ey Clarence
Eaton o f Oregon City.
Mr. Townsend announces that
the company has granted the use
o f the Estacada park, pavilion,
etc., to the Estacada Fire Dept.,
who will be in charge o f this
year’s 4th o f July celebration, to
be held on Saturday, July 3rd.
A more extensive report o f the
celebration will appear later.
The railway company also made
a cash contribution o f $50. to ap­
ply on the purchase price o f a lot
fo r the Estacada library.
The company is at present
cleaning up the Estacada Park
grounds, repainting some o f the
buildings and generally putting
the park in shape fo r the summer
crowds. This work is in charge
o f L. H. Myers o f Eagle Creek.
W hile nothing definite has been
decided upon, it is likely that tHe
company will Uuild one or more
good tennis courts across from
the hotel.
Mr. Townsend also agreed to
contribute $10. towards a fund to
install g a r T H IS W A Y TO ES­
T A C A D A signs along the roads
between Portland and here.
T hursday ,
Clackamas County
$1. P ur Y ear
M ay 6, 1915
Fair Stockholders Plan 1915
Local People Come To
Out o f the 636 shares in the
Clackamas County Fair associ­
ation, 351 were represented at
the annual m eeting Saturday a f­
ternoon in the county courtroom.
Judge Grant B. Dimick. C. N.
Wait, W. H. Bair, W. W. E ver­
hart, George Randall and George
Lazelle were elected directors.
Mr. Lazelle is the only new mem­
ber o f the board and he takes the
place o f O. E. Frevtag. who is
now at the Panama Pacific exhi­
bition as a special representative
o f Clackamas county.
The di­
rectors will meet within a few
days to elect officers. The stock­
holders recommended that Ward
B. Lawton be re-elecred secretary
o f the association.
The directors were authorized
to borrow money to pay off the
floating indebtedness o f the as­
sociation and to pay one m ortgage
which is overdue. The total in­
debtedness o f the association is
about $7800 and the value o f the
fa ir grounds at Canby, excluding
improvements, is conservatively
placed at $10.000,
The dates o f the fa ir have been
set for September 20 to 23 which
will give exhibitors plenty o f time
to enter their displays at the
state fa ir at Salem. The South­
ern Pacific trains will stop at
Canby this year so that the walk
from Canby to the grounds will
be saved by visitors who plan to
make the trip by train.
A double drowning was nar­
rowly averted last Sunday a fter­
noon in Lake Estacada, only by
the the cool headedness and
prompt action o f W. B. Simmons
o f Estacada and Jas. Freeman o f
A man and woman from Ore­
gon City, had been gathering
| ferns along the steep rock banks
o f Estacada lake fr m a boat and
in attempting to stand on the
bow and reach a higher plant,
the boat swamped.
About one hundred yards from
the accident, a party comprising
Mr. and Mrst W. B. Simmons,
Jas. Freeman and a friend were
fishing. O wing to the load in
Simmon’s boat it was necessary
fo r him to first unload the ladies
on a nearny log jam before at­
tem pting a rescue o f the strug-
| glin g pair.
By the time Simmons and Free­
man reached the scene o f the ac­
cident, the victims were hanging
onto the edge o f the nearly sub­
merged boat. When rescued the
couple were severely chilled and
> the man was too badly cramped
by the cold w ater to help himself.
The scared pair went to the
Estacada hotel, where a fte r be­
ing dried out, they were taken
by C. W. Devore in his auto to
Oregon City.
During the excitement, Sim­
mons lost a valuable rod, reel and
tackle, but the man rescued has
since made good this loss and
with profuse thanks has sworn to
hereafter keep away from water.
Discussed Vital Questions
The Poor County Is Sued
Chas. DeFord o f Barton, who
last January was injured severe­
ly while at work in the Barton
gravel pit, has begun suit against
Clackamas county to recover
$25,000. damages.
The plaintiff is 43 years old,
has a w ife and three children,
and alleges that ow in g to the in-
ju ry to his spine, back and
ribs, he is unable to resume his
form er work.
A t a mass m eeting called by
the ladies o f the C. I. C. last
Monday evening, a representa­
tiv e ' body o f Estacada men and
wJ!u*n, joined is a general dis­
cussion o f municipal matters o f
vital interest to this community.
With Irwin D. W righ t presid­
ing, an impromptu talk-fest was
indulged in and everyone freely
their suggestions on such
' 's were connected with
ld Estacada library,
•*? o f water from
Estacada High School Leac
Assistant State Superintendent
o f Education, Frank K. Wells o f
Salem, who last week visited the
county schools, reports that the
Estacada High School comes the
nearest to being standard o f any
high school in the county. A few
books and a few science instru­
ments represent the deficiency,
which stands between the pres­
ent school and a perfectly stan­
dardized one.
was not as
uld have
tnosi • .
tive interest in ni
lar meetings, if held .
an ac­
every three months, a
thing for the city and its