Estacada progress. (Estacada, Or.) 1908-1916, April 15, 1915, Image 2

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    Your check is your receipt
Beautify Your Premises
There is no chance for a dispute
over having paid a bill, if you
Pay by Check
With One Of Our
Globe Lawn Fences and Ornamental Gates
There is no need of your carrying a
large amount of cash in your pocket,
if you Pay by Check
We carry in stock at all times, a good line of
It gives a business tone to your
financial transactions, if you
Pay by Check
Woven wire field fencing
in 26, 32,39 and 47 inch heights, also BARBED W IRE in both light and heavy.
Let us furnish your fence material.
We can get it for you as cheap as Bill Jones or Jim Rician.
B. H. Finch
The majority of the people of Estacada
and ‘surrounding country are now
Paying by Check on the
Estacada State Bank
I (ROY D. W A lk fK .
Killing the Fly Early
Saves Grief Later On
“Overcome the feeling some
people have that flies are not so
bad after all. Having done that,
convince them that a flyless town
is possible. ”
“Many persons do not really
think flies are very nasty. They
fish them out of milk and gravy,
but they eat the gravy and drink
the milk. Convince them that
the fly is deadly.
“Remember always the motto:
‘Cooperative good will. ’ You can
chase the same fly all summer
but you have to catch it only
once. Better, let it catch itself.
Begin early; one pair in April
may mean millions of flies in
cada fire department, lighting
and water service.
He is the chap who helps sup­
port Estacada churches and char­
ity organizations, lodges, and
talks for Estacada and boosts for
Estacada every day in the year.
He is the chap who visits you
when you are sick, sends flowers
to your family when you die, and
follows your body out among the
trees and tombs, as far as human
feet may travel with the dead.
He is the home merchant—
your neighbor—your friend—your
helper in times of need.
Dont you think you ought to
trade with him, and be his friend
and his helper in the time of his
Dont you know that every dol­
lar that you send out of Estacada
for merchandise, is sent to stran­
gers to men who never spend a
dollar in Estacada to men who
would rot trust you for a box of
matches to men who would turn
you over to the police if you
should enter their offices?
You dont save much, frequent­
ly nothing, when you send your
money out of Estacada, and you
take all the risk yourself of short
weight or measure and of getting
damaged or inferior goods. And
dont you know that the growth
and prosperity of Estacada de­
pends very largely upon the suc­
cess and prosperity of the home
merchants? Out-of-town people
judge our city by the appearance
of our stores and the degree of
enterprise shown by our mer­
And our home mer­
chants can not succeed unless
home folks give them loyal sup­
The H om e Merchant
The home merchant. Who is
He is the chap who gives you
credit when you are financially
broke, and carries your account
until you are able to pay.
He is the chap who gives you
back your money or makes ex­
changes when you are not satis­
fied with what you have bought.
He is the chap who stands be­
hind his guaranty, and makes
restoration of all losses that you
may sustain on the goods you
He is the chap who meets you
at the door with a handshake,
and lets you out with a message
to the “ kids.” and a real come-
again good by.
He is the only chap who meets
and greets you on the street ev-j
ery clay in the year, and takes a
neighborly interest in your fam­
ily and your affairs.
On the occasion of the celebra­
He is the chap whose clerks tion
of the 89th birthday of James
and Iwok keepers and other em­ J. Gibson of Eagle Creek, there
ployes live in Estacada and spend was a gathering of 32 relatives
their money with you and with and friends at his home, who par­
took of a bounteous dinner. Mr.
other Estacada people.
Gibson came to Oregon from
He is the chap who pays heavy Iowa in 1867, and has been a res­
taxes to help support Estacada ident of his adopted state ever
schools, and maintains the Esta­ since.
Chlmr* h d a ir y m a n s im u la not
Do no i stir «i i » >ui\ d o st ju st
4» ^ b e fo r 'it*
e m ilk in g tim e
Do not s wtH'p the «ruble* ut
P re sid e n t
P re sid e n t
WRIGHT, C a s h ie r
Interest paid on time deposits.
m ilking n in e
U n til M ay 1st
Dt» not m ilk w itu d irt> n an ti«
Do not us«* a w id e top pan
Do not a llo w m ilk to «tnnd in
»lie «taino
riniitf* a d a ir y m a n sh o u ld do
K e e p ro w s « loan
vYipe h a n k « and u dd ers fu si
itefore m ilk in g .
A v o id d u st in the sta b le at
fiillk iin t tim e
t la v e e le a n b a u d s a n d rio t hum
w h ile m ilk in g and h an d lin y m ilk
1 tm ro iiL 'iiu olea rise and sea Id
ill u te n s ils and keep in rle a n
D se a s m a ll top m ilk p a il
To New Subscribers
E sta c a d a P rogress
4 months
Ire w atei Is a tine t h in « fo r
s iic m er. but it la h a rd on poni
ti\\ in w in te r
Bed m ite s h a v e e n jo y e d the
rend ei Mesh ol the yo u n g ste rs
th is past s iu n iiie i arid fa ll
that rhe> don t do it a«11 in .
W h a t Is the use o f k e e p in «
a n y fo w ls that w ill not p a j fot
f h e il h o a rd ?
M arke t the lo a f
Feed y o u r p o u ltry
w ell on
1 ’ « I »0(1 w holesom e feed b ill see
that There Is no w nste
I Mu U to m is e a « im *1 su p p ly of
•hicks next s p r iii« fr» »11» the
ve ry best sto rk you h a v e
lie su re th a t the IliiH e at the
head o f a tioek o f |*otiltry is pure
F e e d in g F o r W in te r E g g »
It Is re rt a ln th a t pro fits and re su lts
I m m the h m r.M ip w ill not be > n ;istu .
lo ry if feed in g for w in te r r o n s is t s or
c o in 01 m e al m ade fro m c o rn a lo n e
for neither is su th rle n tlv u lt m u e iio iis
and does not su p p l} proper m ate
ria l fo r »•«« la y in g u n le ss ted in
c o m b in a tio n w l»h o ther foods, snob as
m ilk «ro u n d lam e, clo ver and vefre
ra b ie s
T h e hens sh ou ld in* fed 111
su c h a m a n n e r a s to in d u c e a e m t r t iin t
and e x e rc is e s
W h ea t, m a ize h u rle y
a n d su n flo w e r seed h a v e been fo un d
» c r y good food fo r p m m o tln « w inter
ta y lu « and m u ch su«-cess h a s attend
ed the fe rn lin « o f a w arm m a sh of c m
clo v e r and b a rle y m eal b ra n g reen
cu t hone a n d s k t m m iik
When You Pay Your Bill
here you pay for more than just ordinary
m -at. Your money must buy entire sat­
isfaction also or we don’t want it. You
read in the papers a lot about the high
cost of living. Now come here and learn
by actual experience that much of the
talk is a myth concerning meats.
Cash Paid For Eggs
Fish Fridays
Palace Meat Market
Fred Jorg,
Phone Mitin 8 3 .
tstdcada, Oregon