Estacada progress. (Estacada, Or.) 1908-1916, April 01, 1915, Image 6

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    You Are Delighted
when you can get plenty of hot
water, but when the plumbing
is out of order, that’s a differ­
ent story.
It is a good plan
to have your plumbing looked
after every now and then, to
see that it is in proper condition.
This denunciation does not apply
to the ladies of the Civic Improve­
ment Club, for they are doubly im
bned with civic loyalty and many
of the men are equally loyal, but
the big majority of the residents
must wake up to a keener interest
in municipal welfare.
Estacada should have a largtr
proportion of such pride than the
average larger city, for a large ma­
jority of the residents of this city,
are property owners, and work that
benefits the city at large or that
hurts the home town, reflects di­
rectly on the realty values and
causes a fluctuation of their pocket
hook s.
Stop ami consider this condition
Are you at fault? Did you have
anv good and sufficient reason fur
not having been present at last Fti
day's meeting? Lastly. Resolved
that hereafter I will take a more
active interest in the civic welfare
of mv home town, and I will work
! for by so doing, no enemies would
I be made A true statement of the
(I n co rpo rated )
condittm... ol Est.icadaN streets and
sidewalks and a lew other disparag­
Published fv e r y Thursday Morning at ing aspects of the city, even while
' they may hurt the fair name of the
R. M. Standish, Editor and Manager community to outsiders, must he
i kept constantly before the people,
Entered at the postoffico in Estacada. Oregon, as
in order to eventually better these
second class mall
The Progress, like the Knter-
O ne ye a r..... .............................................. $1 0 0
S ix m o n th s.................................................
5 0 j prise, has lost a few subscribers for
I printing such matter, and its recent
Our neighbotittg county town of
stand on the enforcement of the
Thursday, April I, 1915
is to have a library, and has
i fruit
inspection has not jncreased
already made the preliminary ar­
| its popularity.
In the current issue of the Ore­
The press and the pulpit are the rangements. It is the purpose of
gon City Enterprise there appears a
only mediums for such dissemina­ their library association to get in
strong editorial, regarding the duty
tion of the truth, and as the latter
and rights of the newspapers to has its hands full trying to handle touch with the state library at Sa
print the truth about all local con­ the moral issues, the Progress will lent and have a shipment of books
ditions, to thoroughly enlighten the t continue to work for the good of sent to that place to he used in
public as to real condi’ ions, regard­
the community hut hopes that the tlitir library. The chief purpose
less of the adverse advertising | proportion of bouquets handed to
for w hich the state library is main
which it may give that particular
the community, may he in a large tained is to supply the small town
city or county.
excess :o the number of brick-bats.
library with hooks, which the aver­
‘ Light is the best policeman” , is
the key note of the editorial and
age small town cannot afford to
the county seat paper justifies its
Ninety-nine per cent, of the resi­ purchase.
stand <11 having placed before its dents of Estacada know that there is
As a suggestian, the C. I. C. E s­
readers a true statement of condi­ to be a Clean Up Day held soon.
library might avail them­
tions as they existed, regarding It is a safe assumption that ninety
some of the eyils of that city, such per cent, of the residents knew that selves of the state's snpplv of
as the deplorable conditions which there was to be a mass meeting held books, or if they are now used at
culminated in the typhoid epidemic last Friday night at the Family the Estacada School, tiny might
a year or so ago. More recently Theatre, to lav out a campaign to be moved into the more centrally
they have been severely criticised for systematise the work on Clean Up
located, C. I C. rooms.
enlightening the people as to the Dt.y.
true condition of the city’s finances.
About thirty people attended this
Many merchants and townspeo­ important meeting, but these loval TIO N ” is the scare line in the last
ple even went to the extreme of citizens more than made up for lack issue of th~ Courier, in further harp­
stopping their subscriptions to the of numbers by their enthusiasm.
ing on the recent Lower Garfield
paper, believing that a chronicle of
Probably a municipal psycholo­ 1 tragedy. For the enlightenment
the city’ s weaknesses, should not gist could explain why a crowd will of the people, who are trying to
he advertised to the state or coun­ attend a school or road meeting and make a mountain out. of a mole
try at large, as it would hurt the will not be present at a Clean Up bill, and consequently cause a lot
fair reputation of the city.
Day meeting. Possibly the danger of unnecessary worry to the tin- ;
The Enterpiise is right in its of not being represented at a tax mediate family of the deceased, let I
contention. A remedy for existing voting affair may bring out the it hereby be known that the coron !
evils found until the populace, although a Clean Up er's jury comprised the following '■
truth is made known to every resi­ Day meeting is to c ttsider accomp­ men: Archie Yocum, Dick Gith-
dent and person, who should be in­ lishing a free benefit, that should ens, Herman Duns, Fred Crawford,
terested in rectifying the evil
A be handled by a tax. Sometimes Charley Linn, with the editor, R.
mere chronicle of the virtues of a the fear of a collection living taken M. Standish. as cha’rman.
community is a good thing, but tip keeps down the attendance.
If the Courier or anyone else in­
moral and physical growth will not
The only answer to the condition terested in this affair will interview i
occur, until the evils are bettered that prevailed at Friday's meeting
anyone of the above mentioned
and the faults remedied. A city is is L A C K OF C IV IC P R ID E . men, all of whom live in this vicin-
merely a collection of individuals Mav be selfishness or laziness might
itv, or will talk with the parents of
and a good ’ sc til scourging" is a be the underlying reasons, but the the deceased, they will obtain suf­
benefit tor city or individual alike. fact remains that the yieople of Es­ ficient information and truth, to
The Progress would like to tacada, as a whole, lack vital inter­ pnt a quietus on these repeated in­
chronicle nothing hut the virtues of est in the welfare of their home sinuations of foul plav and an in-
Estacada and surrounding country, city.
y estigalion
To date, the Hill murder mystery
| at Ardenwald has cost Clackamas
¡county a large sum of money, the
Behind Our Feed
exact amount probably figuring in­
is an absolute guarantee o f grade
to the four column mark, besides a
and cleanliness.
Every sack of
claim for $2.000. now being sited j
it is all pure grain of high qual­
for against the County Court.
ity, making it better for your
Crime should he investigated and
stock and really eneaper for you.
mysteiies solved, where a mystery
We can refer to many stock ow­
exists, bat no money should be
ners who will have no other feed
wasted trying to ferret tint a mvs- |
but ours. They have good rea­
tetv where none exists and a little
sons for their choice.
careful inquiry would satisfy the
proper authorities and the press o f 1
Estacada Lbr. & Produce Co.
this fact.
Friday and Saturday
U. S. Clothespins, usual 10c per doz.
P er Box o f 3 dozen - 15c
Large 3 piece Double Roasters - 4 0 c
Pruning Shears
Combination Pliers
Park & Closner
Hunt Bldg.
Kloctsch Mills
First class lumber of all kinds.
Dimension material a specialty.
Prompt deliveries made
from big stock on hand.
Phone or call at mill, at Dodge.
0. C. Klactsch, Owner.
I Pay Highest Cash on Delivery
Prices For
Hogs -
- Cattle
I shall aim to ship a carload of
Yards at least every other Monday
Stock must be delivered at
yards by 11 A . M . on shipping date.
I shall spend certain days in each
month buying stock throughout East­
ern Clackamas County, and il you
have any to sell, phone to R. M. Stan­
dish at Estacada
and he will quote
prices and give date of next shipment.
Livestock Buyer.