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    The Case of Jennie Brice
Bond Bids Opened
Members of the South Fork wat­
on my hat and coat. 1 had made up
mf- mind that there had been murder er commission, last Tuesday open­
ed up the bids for the sale of the
I went to Ladley’s door and knocked. done.
I looked at my clock as I went # .i7 5 '°°° bonds, with which to fi­
Mr. I.adley answered from just be«
downstairs. It was just 12;30.
1 nance the project. There was a
“The theater is asking where Mrs. ■ thought of telephoning for Mr. Iteyn- slight disappointment felt because
; olds to meet me, but it was Ills lunch no eastern bond house had put in a
I.adley is."
"Tell them I don’t know,” he snarl­ I hour, and besides, I was afraid to tele­ hid, but the bids which were re­
ed. and shut the door. 1 took his mes­ phone from the house while Mr. Lad- ceived were good, ranging from
i ley was in it.
sage to the telephone.
Peter had been whining again. $94 03 to $95.36 which was a little
Whoever it was swore and hung up
When I came down the stairs he had below the $97. price which had
the receiver.
I stopped whimpering and was wagging been hoped for.
All the morning I was uneasy—I ins tail. A strange boat had put into
There is a rnmor of some techni
hardly knew why. Peter felt it as I , the hallway and was coming back.
cality having appeared in the le-
did. There was no sound from the
"Now, old boy!” somebody was say­
I.ndleys’ room, and the house was ing from tiu* boat. “Steady, old chap! ealitv of the voting on the issue
which inav interfere »nil the im­
«¿met. except for the lapping water on I’ve got something for you!”
the stairs and the police patrol going
A little man, elderly and alert, was mediate pushing ahead of the pipe
back and forth.
standing up in the boat, poling it line, altho this delay is not likelv.
At 11 o’clock a boy in the neighbor­ along with au oar. Peter gave vent as the Supreme Court will probably
hood, paddling on a raft, fell into the to Joyful yelps. The e.derly gentle uphold the past election.
water and was drowned. I watched : man brought his boat to a stop at the
the police boat go past, carrying ids foot of tlie stairs and, reaching down
little cold body, and after that I was into a tub at ids feet, held up a large
T ractor R eplaces Horses
MM*d for nothing. 1 went and sat with piece of raw liver. Peter almost went
Peter on the stairs. The dog’s conduct crazy, and I remember suddenly that
In keeping with the tip to the-
had been strange all morning. lie I had forgotten to feed the poor beast niinute farming methods that have
had sat just above the water, looking i for more than a day.
at it and whimpering. Perhaps he | “Would you like it?" asked the gen­ characterized eastern Clackamas
was expecting another kitten or—
tleman. Peter sut up. as he had been farmers, W. R Reid and sons of
It is hard to say how ideas first en­ taught to do, and barked. The gen­ Garfield have purchased a Samson
ter one’s mind. Put the notion that tleman reached down again, got a
Sieve-Grip Tractor, for use on
Mr. I.adley had killed his wife and wooden platter from a stack of them
thrown her body into the water came at ids feet and, placing 'the liver on it, their "Bannockburn" ranch.
to me as I sat there. All at once I put it on the step. Tile Whole thing
The machine is due here in a few
seemed to see it all—the quarreling the was so neat and businesslike that i days, being shipped direct from the
day before, the night trip in the boat, ! could only gaze.
the water soaked slipper, bis haggard ! "That’s a well trained dog. madam,’* factory at Stockton. California
face that morning—even the way the ! said the elderly gentleman, beaming This marks a new epoch in local
at Peter over his glasses. "You should
spaniel sat and stared at the flood.
farming, being the advent of me­
Terry brought tiu* boat back at half not have neglected him.”
"The flood put him out of my mind," chanical power to replace the horse
past 11. towing it behind another.
“Well." I said from, the stairs. "I I explained, humbly enough, for I was Harrv and Ralph Reid have also
hope you’ve had a pleasant morning.” ashamed.
taken the exclusive agency for the
"Exactly. Do you know how many
"What doing?” he asked, not looking
starving dogs and cats I have found sale of this tractor in this count,
at me.
‘‘Rowing about the streets. You’ve this morning?” He took a notebook and as soon as their machine ar­
had that boat for hours.”
rives, will be in a position to dem­
To be continued.
lie tied it up without a word to me.
onstrate the practicability and econ­
but lie spoke to the dog. "Good morn­
ing. Peter,” lie said. “It's nice weath­
State Fruit Inspector Pomeroy, omy of this means of mechanical
er-for fishes, ain’t it?”
was one of the speakers at last Sat­ farming. This tractor, while cost­
He picked out u bit of floating wood
from the water, and. showing it to the u rd a y s meeting i f the Garfield ing about as much as a Ford auto
dog. flung it into the parlor. Peter ¡Orange and while here conferred mobile, is capable of a four to five
went after it with a splash. He was
with the local inspector, regarding horse draw bar pull, anti double
1 retty fat. and when he came back I
Mr. that capacity for stationary work.
heard him wheeziug. Hut what he the work lhat is being done.
brought back was not the stick of Pomeroy expects to spend a few
It is not unlikely that this is but
wood. It was the knife I use for cut­
entering wedge to the adoption
ting I »read. It had been on a shelf in
the room where I had slept the night week or so, helping along the good of this economical means of farm­
before, and now Peter brought it out work.
ing, in Clackamas County.
of the flood where its wooden handle
had kept it afloat. The blade was bro­
ken eft’ short.
Combination Yearly Subscriptions
it is not unusual to find’ one’s house­
hold goods floating around during
flood time. More than once I’ve lost a
i hair or two and seen it after the wa­
ter had gone down, new scrubbed and
painted, in Molly Maguire’s kitchen
next door. And perliaps now and then
a bit of luck would come to me—a dog
reg. price $9.00
Oregonian, Daily and Sunday
kennel or a chicken house, or a kitch­
en table, or even, as liapjiened once,
a month old baby in a woodeu cradle,
» 7.00
Daily only
that lodged against my back fence and
had come forty miles, as it turned out,
Sunday only
with no worse mishap titan a cold in
its head.
Hut the knife was different. I had
Weekly and Sunday
put it on the mantel over the stove I
was using upstairs the night before
Weekly only
Mild hadn't touched it since. As I sat
staring at it. Terry took it from Peter
and handed it to me.
Evening Telegram, Daily
"Better give me a |K*nny, Mrs. Pit­
man," lie said in ids impudent Irish
Oregon Journal, Daily and Sun.
way. "I hate to give you a knife. It
may cut our friendship.”
I reached over to hit him a clout on
Daily only
the head, but I did not. »The sunlight
was coming in through the window at
Semi Weekly
the top of the stairs, and shining on
the roi»e that was tied to the banister.
The end «f the rope was covered with
Oregon City Courier, Weekly
•tains, br.Tbt with n glint of red in
Oregon City Enterprise, Weekly
1 got up shivering. “You can get
the meat at the butcher’s, Terry." I
said, “and come l»ack for me iu half
These combinations may apply on renewals also.
an hour." Then 1 turned and went
upstairs, weak iu the knees, to put
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O rd e r Today
R e c e iv e
T o m o rro w
Women’s Charnoi-
sette Gloves, made
of cloth but look like
leather. Cool, Dur­
able and Stylish.
Black, W hiteorGrey
Black or Tan, regular $1.25 quality,
Women's FIBRE
SILK Hose, look
like silk and wear
like iron.
hose is lisle bodied,
silk faced and es­
pecially dressy,
Golors Black, Tan,
White or Gray.
(In ordering, state sire
and color. We pay
the postage.)
3 5 C a pair,
3 pairs
for $1.
Women’s medium weight Cotton, Fast
Black, Seamless Hose.
35cvalues 23c 5 pair for $1.
Men s FIBRE SILK Hose, colors
same as above.
Per pair 25c
Estacada Progress
Estacada Progress
as could be desired, with long eb-
onied handle and heavy braided
wrist cord.
We pay the jtostage on all orders,
and by giving you good values, aim to
obtain a repeat order.
______________________ t e
1 J GlovesTosiery. Umbreilas^^S
Chas. F. Berg, Vice-Pres. and Mgr.
Portland, - Oregon