Estacada progress. (Estacada, Or.) 1908-1916, March 18, 1915, Image 6

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    The Notorious Jumping Frog of Calaveras County
Juniors Win Laurels And
and rest easy,
Continued from page 3
a tu i gola’ to be go ne
a second."
The bulk hook of the Junior class
nml been everyw here* all xahl lie laid
Hut. by your leave. I did not think
over tiny frog that ever they see.
that a continuation o f the history o f of the list sea rl a High school now
“ Well. Smiley kep* the beust in a lit­ the enterprising vagabond. Jim Smiley,
shows a substantial balance, owing
tle lnttiee box. and he used to fetch would be likely to afford me mu. h in­
him downtown sometimes and lay for formation coucei uilig l lie Uev. I.eou- to the $ 5 3 reeei[)ts from the Jiinioi
a bet. One day a fe lle r—a stranger in idns W . Smiley, and so I started away. plav, given a r the Hotter Theatre
the camp he was—eouie aerost him
At tlie door 1 met the sociable Whee- last F fid a y n ig h t
with his box and says:
ler returning, and lie buttouiioh d me
" A Russian Honevmnon** proved
*• *\Vhat might It he that you’ ve got and recommenced:
In the box?’
"W e ll, tills je r Smiley Inid a yaller a fine vehicle f«*r the budding ac­
“ And Smiley said, sorter indltTerent- one eyed cow that didn't have no tail, tors’ and actresses* dramatic talents
llke. ‘ It might he a parrot, or it might only jest a short stump dke a ban nan
and allowed of exceptionally bill
he a eanury maybe, hut it ain't it’s ner. au d'*-
only Just a frog.’
However. lacking both time and In­ liant and gorgeous costuming.
“ And the feller took it and looked nt clination. I did not wait to hear nhoui
T o attempt to p»v just tribute to
It earefill and turned it around this the itiilh lid cow. I»ut took my leave.
individual performer e*mhl
way and that and says: *11 m! So ’tis.
tax the brain o! a diamal c critu*
W ell, whut's he good fo r ’:’
Health of the Mind.
” ’ W ell.’ Smiley says, easy and care­
T o be made whole is t• • is* healed in and would mean ihe naming of lhr
less. ’he’s good enough for one thing. I
both laxly and mind. Itodily healing entire cast, including the peasants,
should Judge.
He can outjiimp any
! alone does not sutliee. for unless there who formed tbe seitirg
Owing to
fro g in Calaveras county.*
“ The feller took the hoi again and Is a 1 brume o f mind also disease wii the heavily be * bickered makeups
took another long, particular look and again inn idl est itself in smile form ii
give it hack to Smiley and says very the body, and the second condition «> of some of tbe male participants,
deliberate. ’ W ell, I don’t see no p’lnts the patient may become worse that their diction and pmnrnciathm was
about that frog that’s any Iwtter’ n any tin* Hist l>u the other hand, a cluing
o f mind is quickly manifested in tD slightly handicapp* o, but from the
other frog ’
leading bul\ ami man, to the hum­
body, and if we have been “ transform
*’ ’Maybe you don’t.’ Smiley says.
’ Maybe you understand frogs, and i ed by the renewing o f «»nr mind'’ tIi* blest super, all did credit to their
may he yon don't understand 'em. change is quickly evidenced by th
priits anil paid especial credit to
Ma.vhe you’ ve had experience, and restoration of tlie body to health and
Miss Jones, who drilled the pupils j
maybe you ain't only a amateur, as it
and generate staged tlie affair.
were. Anyw ays I’ve got my opinion, i
and I'll resk $40 that he can out jump
The Name “ Tennis.”
any frog in Calaveras «•utility.*
N’ nmoron* suggestions have been nnt
"And tile feller studied a minute and forward for the derivation o f the word McMillan Makes Arctic Dash
then says kinder sad like. Well. I'm j “ tennitf.”
Perhaps the most likely is
Noble McMillan of the Upper
only a stranger here, and I ain’ t got that it is an anglicised form o f "teiie z"
no frog, hut If I had a frog. I’d bet * “ catch it” », a term frequently used Dam returned last week from a sue
l>y the French in their ancient game
cessfnl flip from Three Links into
“ And then Smiley says: ‘T hat's all o f Jen de pa nine or palm plav.
O aba lake, where he rewound the
right: that's all right. I f you’ ll hold
water g uge clock. McMillan was
my I mix n minute I'll go and get you
a. frog.’ And so the feller took the
acconip.tnieil hv one < f the Mi
box and put up his $4o along with
, it
Hoorl guifbs. who is trapping near
Smiley's and set down to wait.
Changed Hands
| Clackamas lake.
“ So he sat there a good wlii.e think­
ing and thinking to lilsself. and then
Announcement was made last
The snow, which ordinarily is
he got the frog out and pried his
mouth open and took a teaspoon and week of a new owner of the Canny from to to 1 5 leet deep at Clalla
tilled > full o f quail shot. Hill'd him Herald, as G K Brookins of Huh- lake, is onlv ahotti 5 feet deep this
pretty near up to his chin and set him
hard rtcemlv purchased the Intel-j spring.
The trip, w h i l e a t n i n g
an tlie floor. Smiley he went to the
test of endurance, was'
swamp and slop|ied around in the mud |
for a long time, and Hnally lie ketch
ard bought the paper about six , made will) few difficulties
ed a frog m.d fetched him in and give
months ago and during his short j McMillan left Estacada last Sat- j
him to this feller and says:
greatly improved the urday to visit his home near Rose- !
“ ’ Now. if you’ re ready set him along­
side of I>un't. with his forcpiiws Just publication.
The Progress wishes burg and from there will spend a
even with I >au' I' m . and I ’ ll give the
Mr. Brookins t-1) success in his new week or so at Coos Bay, In-fore re-
Then he says. ‘One- tw o—
j turning
three- git!'
And him and the feiler ventnre.
touched up the frogs from behind and
tin* new frog hopped olY lively, hut
Dan’ I give a heave and hysted up his
Comb,nation Yearly Subscriptions
shoulder* so. lik e a Frenchman, but it
warn'i no use. be couldn’t budge. He
was planted as soliu as a church, anti
t c couldn't no more stir than if he
was anchored out. Smiley was a good
deal surprised, and he was disgusted,
too. but be didn’t have no idea what
the matter was. o f course.
“ The feller took the money and start­
ed away, and when he was going out
nt the dour he sorter jerked his thumb
over Ills shoulder, so at Dan’!, and says
again, very deliberate. ‘ Well.* he says.
* j don’t see no p in ts alsiut that frog
that’s any better’l l #anv other frog.’
"Sm iley he stood scratching his
head and looking down at Dan* I a long
time, and at lust he says. ‘ I do wonder
what in the nation that frog throw’s
o ff for! I wonder i f there ain’t some­
thing tlie matter with him! H e ’ pears
< > look mighty baggy somehow.’ And
tie ketched Dan’ l by the nap o f the
neck and hefted him* and says. ’ Why,
blame my cats, if he don’t weigh five
pound." and turned him upside down,
and he belched out a double handful
o f shot. And then be see how It was.
and he was the maddest inun. He set
the frog down und took out after the
feller, but he never kctched him.
(H ere Simon W heeler heard his
name called from the front yard and
got tip to see what was wanted.!
Turning to me as he moved away, he
said. “ Just «et w here you arc. stranger.
Estacada Progress
Oregonian, Daily and Sunday $8.00 reg. price $9.00
’ 7.00
Daily only
’ 3.50
Sunday only
’ 4.50
Weekly and Sunday 3.50
’ 2.50
Weekly only
’ 4.50
Evening Telegram, Daily
Oregon Journal, Daily and Sun. 7.50
’ 6.0C
Daily only
’ 2.50
Semi Weekly 1.75
’ 2.50
Oregon City Courier, Weekly 1.40
* 2.50
Oregon City Enterprise, Weekly 1.50
These combinations may apply on renewals also.
Estacada Progress
Do You Know
What Fibre Si!k !s?
We will tell you, it is silk, made
from wood fibre and has all the qual­
ities of the ordinary product.
Hose, lock
like silk and wear
i -on.
hose is lisle bodied,
silk faced and es­
pecially dressy,
Colors Black, Tan,
White or Gray.
(In ordering, «late size
aid color. We pay
the postage.)
£ .
35c a pair, 3 pairs for $ ] .
Men’s FIBRE SILK Hose, colors
s ame as above. Per pair 25c
as could be desired, with long eb-
cnied handle and heavy braided
wrist cord.
Black or Tan, regular $1.25 quality,
Special 79c
We pay the postage on all orders,
and by giving you good values, aim to
obtain a repeat order.
Chas. F. Berg, Vice-Pres. and Mgr.
Portland, - Oregon