Estacada progress. (Estacada, Or.) 1908-1916, January 14, 1915, Image 4

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    Baking Powder Week
W e have a large supply of high-grade
Bakin# Powder
which we offer S P E C I A L for this week
per can
A valuable prize of crockery or glass­
many of them worth nearly
the price asked for the
Every Can Guaranteed
“The Quality Grocers”
Waterbury & Chapman
Special on Rugs
They Are Going Fast
Body Brussels,
9x12 $15.75 to 18.75
Brusselo (all wool )9 x l2 $10.50to 13.00
H alf Wool
9 x lC G
$6.00 to 7.00
W e also have a nice line of small rugs.
To Keep the Floor ('lean
Rope Door Mats - 75c to $1.25
Furniture Co.
Green Tracing Stamps
$? a d ay
J i o a w eek
The Hotel Estacada
One of the most delightful
Resorts on the Coast
Local and Tourist Trade Solicited
Quality is Rem em bered
W e are in business to sell Good Goods
at Lowest Prices.
The mail order
houses neither buy your pro­
duce, help pay your taxes or sup­
port your schools.
Trade A t Home.
Estacada Pharmacy
A Municipal Report
jMii'uis inai nan in:
in»* editors s\v car ; the gate post and the lirst paling of
approvingly over their I o'clock lun ch- i the gate. But when you got inside you
poll. So they had commissioned me 1 to J saw that Mil was a shell, a shadow, a
round up said Adair and <*ortu*r by ghost o f form er grandeur and excel
contract ids or her output at *J cel t
leuce. But in the story I have not yet
word before some other publisher o f­ , got inside.
fered tier 10 or -b.
j When tile hack had ceased from rat
At P o ’clock tin* next moniing. lifter I fling and the weary quadrupeds came
ill.v eiiicken livers eii brochette (try ! to a rest 1 funded my jeliw his r»o cents
them if you can lind that Imtefi, I > with an additional quarter, feeling a
strayed out into the drizzle. wliieli was i glow o f conscious generosity as 1 did
still on for an unlimited run. At the | so. li e refused it.
first earner I came upon I'tid e Caesar j “ It’s $2. suh." he said.
U e was a stalwart negro. older than
"H o w ’s that*/" I asked. "I plainly
the pyramids, with gray wool and a heard you cull out at the hotel. ' Fifty
face that reminded me of Brutus and cents t«> any part o f the town
a second afterw ard of tin* late King
"It's $*J. suh." he repeated obstinate
CYtewayo. lie wore the most remark­ I ly. "It's u long ways from the hotel.”
able coat that 1 ever had seen or e x ­
" I t is within the city limits and well
pect to see
It reached to Ids ankles I within them.’ I argued
I ><m t think
and had once been a Confederate gray I that you have picked up a greenhorn
in colors
But rain and sun and agv | Yankee. Ho you see those hills over
had so variegated It that Joseph's rout I there’/" I went on. pointing toward tile
beside it would have faded to a pule ! east (I could not see them m yself for
! the drizzle», "w ell. I was born and
Once it must have been the military ! raised on thidr other side You old fool
coat o f an otlicer. The cape o f it had j nigger, can’t .von fell people from other
vanished, but all adown Its front it had people when you see etn'/"
been flogged and tasseled magnificent­
| The grim face of K ing Cetewayo
But now the frogs and tassels
J softened. "Is you from the south, suh'/
were gone. In their stead had been
I reckon it was them shoes o f youru
patiently stitched (I surmised by some
! fooled me. They is somethin' sharp In
surviving “ black mammy"» new frogs
| tin* toes for a southern gen'I’ tnan to
made o f cunningly twisted common
j wear "
I hempen twine. This tw ine was frayed
“ Then tile charge Is 50 cents. 1 sup-
I mid disheveled.
It must have been
j added to the coat as a substitute for I pose’/" said 1 inexorably.
vanished splendors, with tasteless blit | "Boss." he said. "f»0 cents is right,
suh. I’ m obleeged to
painstaking devotion, for it followed but I needs
I ain’t demandin' it now.
faithfully the curves o f the long miss­ • have
ing frogs. And to complete the comedy I suh. after I Allow s wliar you’s from
and pathos o f the garment all its hut , I’ m jus* savin’ that I has to have
tons were gone save one. T h e second tonight, and business is mighty po’ ."
IVace and confidence settled upon his
button from the top alone remained.
The coat was fastened by other twine heavy features. He had been luckier
Instead o f having
strings tied through the buttonholes than lie had hoped
and other holes rudely pierced in the I picked up a greenhorn, ignorant of
opposite side. There was never such a I rates, he had come upon an inheritance.
weird garment so fantastically bedeck­
“ You confounded old rascal." 1 said,
ed and o f so many mottled hues. The reaching down into my pocket, “ you
lone button was the size o f a half dol­ ought to be turned over to the police.”
lar. made o f yellow horn and sewed on [ For the tirst time I saw him smile.
with coarse twine.
| He knew, he knew, IIK K N E W .
T ills negro stood by a carriage so old
i gave him tw o one dollar bills. As
| that Ham himself might have started I i handed them over I noticed that one
j a hack line with it after he left the ark I of them Igi«] seen parlous times. Its
| witii rhe two animals hitched to it I upper right hand corner was missing.
• As 1 approached he threw open the | and it had been torn through in the
I door, drew out a feather duster, waved 1 middle, blit joined again. A strip of
! it without using it and said in deep i bine tissue paper pasted over the split
rumbling tones:
preserved Its negotiability.
“ Step right in. suh: ain’t a speck of
T ile house, as 1 said, was a shell. A
dust in it -ju s got back from a fu
paint brush had not touched it in
ueral. sub."
twenty years
I could not see why a
*1 want to go to Sdl Jessamine strong wind should not have bowled It
street." I said and was about to step over like a house o f cards until I look­
into the hack. But for an instant the ed again at the trees that hugged it
thick, long, gorilla-like arm of the old close—the trees that saw the battle o f
negro barred me. On Ids massive and
Nashville and still drew their protect­
saturnine tilce a look of sudden sus
ing branches around it against storm
piclon and enmity Hashed for a mo
and enemy and cold.
meat. Then, with quickly returning
conviction, lie asked blandishingly.
"W h at are you gw ine there for. I m » s s ? "
“ W liat is that to you?" I usked. a lit
-1 7.AI.KA A HA I It. Ilfty years old.
! tie sharply.
white haired, a descendant of
tin* cavaliers, as thin and frail
“ Nothin’ , suh. jus’ nothin’. Only it's
us the house she lived in. robed
i a lonesome kind of part o f town, and
in the cheapest and cleanest dress I
j few folks ever lias business out there
, Step right in. The seats is clean— jes | ever saw. with an air as simple as a
i queen’s, received me.
| got back from a funeral, suh ’’
j A mile and a half it must have been ! T lie reception room seemed a mile
to our journey’s end. I could hear square, because there was nothing in
I nothing but the fearful rattle o f the it except some rows o f books, on tin-
auclent hack over the uneven brick painted white pine bookshelves, a
i paving; I could smell nothing hut the cracked marble top table, a rag rug. a
I Urizzie. now further flavored with coal hairless horsehair sofa and two or
j smoke and something like a mixture three chairs. Yes. there was a picture
I of tar and oleander blossom». All I on the wall, a colored crayon drawing
1 looked
I could see through the streaming win- o f a duster o f pansies.
around for the portrait o f Andrew
| down were tw o rows o f dim houses.
T h e c ity h a s an a re a of ten sq u a re Jackson and the pine cone haugiug
m iles, 181 m ile s of streets, o f w h ich 137 basket, but they were not there.
tulles a re p a ve d ; a syste m of w a te rw o rks
Azalea Adair and I hud conversation,
th at cost $2.000.000, w ith se v e n ty -se v e n
a little o f which will be repeated to
m ile s o f m ain s.
Eight-sixty-one Jessamine street was you. She was a product o f the old
a decayed mansion. T hirty yards hack south, gently nurtured In the she.tered
from the street it stood, out merged in life. H er learning was not broad, but
a splendid grove o f trees and uutrim- was deep and o f splendid originality In
tned shrubbery. A row o f ln»x bushes its somewhat narrow scope. She had
overflowed and almost hid the paling been educated at home and her know l­
fence from sight: the gate was kept edge o f the world was derived from in-
closed bv a rope noose that encircled * fereuce and by Inspiration. O f such is
I tin* precious, small group of essayists
W hile she talked to me I kept
! brushing my lingers, trying uncon­
sciously to rid them guiltily o f the ab­
sent dust from the half calf backs o f
Lamb. Chaucer. Hazlitt. Marcus A lire-
| llus. Montaigne and Hood. She was ex
quislte. she was a valuable discovery.
■ Nearly everybody nowadays knows too
: much— oil, so much too much o f real
' life
I I could perceive clearly that Azalea
'• Adair was very poor. A house and a
dress she had. not much else. I fancied.
So. divided between my duty to tin*
magazine and my loyalty to the poets
and essayists who fought Thomas in
the valley o f the Cumberland. I listen­
ed to her voice, which was Ijke a harp­
sichord's. and found 1 could not speak
o f contracts, in the presence o f the
nine muses and the three graces one
hesitated to lower the topic to '1
cents. There would have to lie anoth­
er colloquy after I had regained my
But I spoke o f my
mission and .'I o’clock o f the next a fte r­
noon was set for I lie discussion of the
business proposition
I "Y ou r town.’ ’ I said, as I began to
make ready to depart (which Is the
time for smooth generalities», "seems
to be a quiet, sedate place. A home
town. I should say. where few things
out o f the ordinary ever happen."
It c a r rie s on an e x te n siv e trad e In
stoves an d hollow w are w ith I he west and
south, a m i it* flo u rin g m ills h ave a d a ily
c a p a c ity of m ore than i'KX) b a rre ls
Azalea Adair seemed to reflect.
"1 have never thought of if that
way.” she said, with a kind o f sincere
intensity that seemed to belong to tier.
"Is n ’t it In the still, quiet places that
things do happen'/ I fancy that when
Hod began to create the earth on the
tirst Monday morning one could have
leaned out one’s window and heard the
drops o f mud splashing from his trow ­
el as he built up the everlasting hills.
What did the noisiest project In the
world—I menu the building o f the to w ­
er o f B abel-result In Anally? A page
and »i half o f Esperanto in the North
American R eview ."
" O f course." said I platitudlnously.
“ human nature is the same every­
where. but there is more color—e r —
more drama and movement and—e r—
romance in some cities than in others."
“ On the surface." said Azalea Adair.
“ 1 have traveled many times around
the world In a golden airship wafted
on tw o w in g»—print and dreams.
have seen ion one o f my imaginary
tours» the sultan o f Turkey bowstring
vrith his own hands one o f his w ive»
who had uncovered her face in public.
I have seen a man in Nashville tear up
his theater tickets because his w ife
was going out with her face covered
-w ith rice powder. In Sari Francis­
co's Chinatown I saw the slave girl
Sing Yee dipped slowly, inch by inch,
in boiling almond »»II to make her
swear she would never see her Am eri­
can lover again. She gave in when
the boiling oil had reached three inches
above her knee. A t a euchre party in
East Nashville the other night I saw
K itty Morgan cut dead by seven of her
schoolmates and lifelong friend* be­
cause she had married a house painter
The boiling oil was sizzling as high as
her heart, but I wish you could have
seen the fine little smile that she car­
ried from table to table. Oh. ves. It is
n humdrum town. Just a few’ miles o f
led brick houses and mud and stores
/ind lumber yards.“
Some one knocked hollowly at the
buck o f the house.
Azalea Adair
breathed a soft apology and went to
investigate the sound. She eaine back
in three minutes with brightened eye.
a faint flush on tier cheeks and ten
years lifted from her shoulders
“ You must have a cup o f tea before
you go.” she said, “ and a sugar cake.”
She reached and shook a little Iron
bell. In shuffled a small negro girl
about tw elve, barefoot, not very tidy,
glowering at me with thumb in mouth
and bulging eves.
To be continued