Estacada progress. (Estacada, Or.) 1908-1916, December 31, 1914, Image 3

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    We Are Still Selling Feed
Plow Shares
All kinds of tools
Metel Repairing
But w* are overstocked with the fol'owing;-
Discs and Cutaways
Electric Wiring
Cement, 4 sacks to bbl.
- .
Sand, 2500 lbs. per yd.
$3. per bbl.
1.75 *
’ yd.
2.50 ’ M.
Would like to have you come
in and see the nice alumnium ware
that they are giving away absolutely
Casing Lumber and stepping prices,
dependent on grade.
Estacada Lumber
and Produce Co.
as premiums.
It pays to trade
with them, as their prices are always
right, their goods the best and their
treatment, courteous.
VVe Wish You, One and All,
A Happy and Prosperous
Yes. the foiit trees have come in,
that we told you of, some days since.
See them also,
just which you want.
and pick
Store Closed for Inventory, Monday, Jan. 4, 1915.
Special Inventory Bargains
Beginning January 5, 1915.
Cary Mercantile Co.
( I n co rpo rated )
Published Everv Ihursdav Morning
R . M. Stan d ish , E d ito r and M anager
at the postoffice In Estacada. Oregon, as
second class mail
One ye ar.................. ..............................................................S I 00
S t i months .........................................................................
Thursday, December 31. 1914
Now that arrangements are being
made to hold a “ Spelling Bee’ ’
among the various schools in Clack­
amas Countv, it might not be amiss
for the pupils to study their lessons
aloud at home, for the benefit of the
parents, for the majority of us
could not stand up against a sixth
grade class, in the average “ bee” .
There was a time when “ spelling
bees” were a popular form of amuse­
ment among the older folks and
such an affair would ptove an in­
structive, interesting and mighty
amusing entertainment now.
The County Court are now going
after the automobile ttneks, with
the intention of limiting their loads,
as carried over the county’ s high­
ways. This is a wise move, for an
auto truck, with the suction caused
bv its corrugated rubber tires, at
high speed, can do more harm to a
good road than a dozen farm wagons
with brakes set. As regards pay
tug taxes for the upkeep of roads,
it is doubtful if any of the auto
truck owners doiug business thru-
out the county, contribute much of
anything. Incidentally this move
probablv will not make the P. R. L.
& P. Co. overly angry, for the
auto truck is hurting their business
to some extent and as the railway
company are the county’s biggest
tax payee, it deserves some protec­
A New Years Resolution:- Re­
solved that during 1915 I will try
to patronize mv home merchants
more, that I will work for and in
unison with my neighbors and that
I will sheath my hammer and stop
“ knocking” .
The recent formation of the
Cattlemen’ s Union in Garfield, is in
in keeping with the tendency of the
times and indicates conclusively
that there is a strongly felt netd for
cooperation among the farmers of
this community. The only wav to
make a good profit on that which
vou have to sell, is to raise first
class produce and cooperate in both
the growing and marketing.
Clackamas County will spend
$232,000 for roads in 1913. The
spending of this money lies in the
hands of the thrte members of the
County Court. These men do not
claim to be expert road builders
and consequently believe that the
salary now paid to the County Road
Engineer, Mr. Hobson, is necessary.
They are right and the tax pavers
should uphold them No private
individuals or corporations would
think of spending over a quarter
million dollars, without co»nj>etent
advice and no more should a county.
F arm er’* W e e k R ecip es
A* fu rn ish ed by Mr». A lic e M. D olm an
d u rin g th e D om estic S c ie n c e Cour»e.
S T U F F E D O NIO NS—Cook the
onions until thev are tender in boil­
ing salted water, take out the
hearts and chop the hearts and add
to that chopped hard boiled egg,
two tablespoon» of grated cheese
■ nd enough 1-1 white sauce to
moisten it. Fill the cavity in the
onion and cover the top of the onion
with dried bread crumbs, pnt a bit
of butter on top of each and finish
cooking in the oven. Serve with
1-1 white sance.
P E A S PUDDING—One cup of
cooked pea pulp, that has been pnt
through a seivc, two tablespoons of
cream, one egg yolk, salt and pep­
per to taste, grease custard cups
and put it iu, set in a pan of hot
water, and bake or steam until firm.
Serve with a I-1 white sauce.
" l - i " S A U C E —Oneettpof milk,
heated in the double boiler, rub one
tablespoon of flour with one table­
spoon of butter, salt to taste, when
the milk is hot, .stir the paste into
it and cook for twenty minutes in
the double boiler,
SP A N ISH R IC E —One-half cup
of rice, one onion, one cup of to-
matoe pulp and juice, one chopped
pemento, dash of cayenne, salt to
taste, two tablespoons of blitter,
c o o k the rice about 15 minutes over
direct heal with water enough to
cover, drain off the water and add
the rest of the iugredients and fin­
ish cooking in the double boiler.
C A R R O T —Hour cups of diced
carrots, four and one-half cups of
boiling water, three small slices of
bacon, rut into small pieces; two
tablespoons of sugar one teaspoon
of salt, one tablespoon of butter,
cook all together until thoroughly
tender, then add enough fiour to
make thin sauce. Serve hot.
A P P L E D UM PLING, Small Rt-
cipe -T h ree fourth cup of flour,
one fourth teaspoon of salt, three-
fourth teaspoon baking powder,
two tablespoons of lard, one table­
spoon of butter, two tablespoons of
milk, make this into a dough, rub
from two to four tablespoons of sug­
ar, one tablespoon of butter and
make a paste of it, peel the apples
and remove the core and fill up the
space with the butter and sugar
mixture. Roll out the dough and
fit it around the apple, place in a
pan and put a small amount of
water around it and hake.
Concluded on page six
Kletsch Mills
First class lumber of all kinds.
Dimension material a specialty.
Prompt deliveries made
from big stock on hand.
Phone or call at mill, at Dodge.
0 . C. Klaetsch, Owner.
I shall be in Estacada next Sat­
urday, Sunday and Monday.
Phone to Mr. Standish in
he will
you the
market prices and give further infor­
mation regarding shipping and buying
Leave word with him if
you wish to have me call on you.
I pay cash on de­
livery for all livestock purchased and
I will
and buy there, if you prefer.
Livestock Buyer.