Estacada progress. (Estacada, Or.) 1908-1916, December 31, 1914, Image 2

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    About Your Subscription
Recently the Progress mailed out
a form notice to all subscribers,
who are in ariears. This state­
ment, showed the date of expira­
tion of the subscription and was
intended as a reminder and not as
a ' ‘dun” .
We are trying to publish a 6rst
class weekly paper and hope to con­
tinue improving. It is costing us
tnote than $ i. per year to print,
edit ai.d mail 52 issues of the Ptog-
ress, but few papers or periodicals
try to make a profit on their cir­
culation, as the income is derived
from tne advertisers.
The Progress today has a hne
Clackamas County, with over 500
paid subscribers and it is fair to as­
sume that each paper is read by
three to four memla-rs of a family,
consequently the Progress covers
its field well, but not as thorough­
ly as we hope to.
We do not want to lose a single
subscriber, but cannot afford to
send the paper free. If vou re­
ceived a notice, showing vour sub­
scription to be behind, we trust
that you will see your wav clear to
pav up and renew. If, for anv
reason you cannot pav at this time,
if you will notify us, we will gladly
continue the paper until such time
as vou can afford to pay.
The Portland papers and in fact
a'l well cot ducted publications go
hv this same rule, namely the sub­
scription is stopped at date of e x ­
Kindly advise us if vou want us
to stop the paper but better still ad­
vise us to continue same, otherwise
we cannot afford to.
C. I. C. Dance
The ladies of the Estacada C. I.
C. announce that they will give a
dance on Saturday evening, Janu­
ary 23rd. with dancing from 8 to
12 P. M.
The Christmas Dance given by
the club was a big success and net­
ted the committee over $ 2 1. The
new orchestra was an improvement.
A large crowd attended the
Christmas Eve dance at Cogswell's
Hall and report a good time with
the floor in fine shape and music
extra good
Remember the Firemen’ s dance
New Years Eve, with dancing all
night, and supper served in the
Bowker's orchestra will
futnish the music.
Mrs. Ellen Dawes of Portland,
who died a short time ago, was
cremated at the Portland Cre­
matorium, Sunday, Dec. 20th.
Mrs. Dawes was well known in
Currinsville, where her sister,
Miss Nina Taylor resides.
School Notes
- Contributed
On the evening of Dec :5th. the
third annual banquet was given to
the E. H. S. football team at the
Hotel Estacada Supper was served
at 6:30, about tweuty living pres­
ent. After supper, Me Colly Dale
was elected captain for 1915. With
Mr and Mrs. Herman Ross of j Coach Ford as toasiinaster, toasts
and speeches followed and Dale re­
Olympia. Wash., who have been
sponded with an oration, in which
visiting at the home of H. G he made all kinds of extravagant
Trowbridge in Garfield, left this promises for the 19 15 season Mgr
week for San Francisco, where Mr. Kintmel delivered an address which
Ross will take charge of the Wash- , had the final results of next year’ s
gridiron battles figured out with R
ingtou state exhibit.
H. S on the right end of the score
The Misses Bessie and Lulu Coig- all the time.
Captaitt Worner of the 1914
don are spending the holidays at
the home of their parents, Mr. and squad, on behalf of this year’s team
presented a loving cup to Coach
Mrs. L. Y . Congdon. of Currins­
Ford in appreciation of his work.
ville. Miss Lulu is teaching at St.
The two debating teams of the
Paul, Or. and Miss Bessie has been i High School went to Currinsville
residing in Portland, hut expects to last Tuesday night and held a mor­
tal combat over the Government
remaiu home for the winter.
Ownership of Railroads, A unrulier
Leroy D. Walker, president of of the students went along and en­
the Estacada State Bank, was an joyed the walk back.
Estacada visitor this week. Mr.
■ 'The Elopement of Ellen” will
Walker was instrumental in origir- he presented by the High School.
ally lntarestng the Union Meat Co. Jan. 29th. next. Practice will he
held from now on, every night and
in locating here, and was well i
the public is assured good value lor
pleased at the present couditiou of
their money.
the industry.
One of the members of the Ftesh-
Cue artists of Estacada will be ! man class failed to return after the
pleased to hear that Fred Bartholo­ holidays and incidentlv it is hoped
mew has had a new cover placed one of our senior members may find
upon one of his pool tables. The more time for study.
To solve the tardv problem in
work was done by a Portland ex­
the High School the Student Body
pert with the assistance of about at its last meeting passed a resolu­
half of the male population of the tion that anvone that was late and
could not give a good excuse should
he fined 5c and several uickels are
The Hillsboro High School Bas­ iu the treasury.
ket Ball Team will plav a gam e! Prof. Guthrie has been on the
against the Estacada High School sick list but is holding cla-aes in
Team. Saturday evening, Jan. 2nd, | the Science department.
The "Webs” gave their last pro­
at 7:30 o'clock. The Estacada 2nd
team will play a game the same j gram for this semester. Tuesday af
night, against a picked aggregation ternoon.
of Currinsville boys.
Sportsmen Attention
to both games 25 cents.
A delightful Christmas entertain- j
ment was given at the George Pres- j
byterian church last Saturday even- i
A Christmas sermon was
preached bv Rev. Hoffner. followed
by a program ot dialogs, speeches,
choir, solo and congregational sing­
ing The Christmas tree was lib­
erally supplied with candy and nuts
for all. The thanks of the com-
munitv are due Mrs. Chris. John- \
sou and Mrs Julius Paulsen, who
am u sed the entertainment.
You and your friends are cor­
dially invited to attend the NEW
grounds of the Estacada Rod &
Gun Club. There will be both
rifle and shot gun matches, and
you may participate for prizes or
shoot for the sport. Prizes will
comprise Turkeys, Geese, Chick­
ens, Ducks and Beef.
There will be no delay in the
shooting, for the new Automatic
Clay Pigeon Trap allows of squad
Shoot begins promptly at 8:30
A. M and the best sport is in
the forenoon, as the light is bet­
ter, but shooting will continue
all day
Hot coffee and sandwiches will
be served on the grounds.
The recently burned home of
Chas. Hicinbotham at River Mill
has already been replaced by a
new house, of five rooms. With
the help of his brother and the
; cold weather as a stimulus, Char­
ley certainly comes near the rec­ Earl Day New Mailman
Bread for Christmas Present ord for housebuilding. While the | Beginning January 2nd. Earl
home is not completed on the in­
Mrs. L. Y . Congtlon of Cnrrins- side, it is warm and livable and Day of South Estacada will take
vtlle, last week, baked six delicious, probably has a well built chim­ charge of the Rural Free De­
appetizing, warm and light loaves ney flue
livery for Route No 3 in place of
ot bread, with brown crust. She
Card of Thanks
set them outside on the porch to
cool and some miscreant or possibly
We wish to thank our many
a hungry neighbor, accepted the friends for the sympathy and kind-
loaves as a Christmas token. But ness shown to ns in our recent
unlike the loaves cast upon the bereavement.
waters, no returns have come in
Mr. and Mrs W. B. Simmons,
Estacada, Or.
Eugene Wooater.
Day recently
passed the Civil Service examina­
tions with high honors and the ap­
pointment followed, as Wooster was
not overly anxious to retain the
While the people along
the route, will miss Gene’ s pleasing
smile, Earl has one too.
Estacada State Bank
Make it
We are operating a modern bank on
the most conservative principles, and we
respectfully solicit your patronage.
Make use of our savings and check­
ing service, an 1 feel free to store your
valuable papers in our safe deposit vaults.
Call on us if you wish advice or as­
sistance, whether borrowing or loaning.
For insurance our service is of the
best and we want you to avail yourself
of our service.
W A lh lR .
P r e s id e n t
V ic e
W H IG H I ,
P r e s id e n t
C a s h ie r
Interest paid on time deposits.
We Wish You
A Happy and Prosperous
Thank You
For Your past patronage and trust
that Our future relations may be
to Our Mutual Advantage.
Estacada Pharmacy
$2 a da>
f i o a week
The Hotel Estacada
One ol the most delightful
Resorts on the Coast
Local and Tourist Trade Solicited
Palace Meat Market
Fred Jon},
Lard, Eggs, Butter, Sausage
Fresh and Smoked Meats
Fresh Fish every Friday
Buy and Sell Veal,
Hogs, Sheep, Cattle
Poultry and Hides
Phone Main 8 3 .
Estacada, Oregon