Estacada progress. (Estacada, Or.) 1908-1916, December 24, 1914, Image 3

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    Quality Groceries
3 cans Corn
$ .25
3 ” Tomatoes
3 ” Milk
- .25
3 ” Lye
3 ” Old Dutch
- .25
3 packages Raisins -
- .25
Mine«: Meat -
10 lb. sack Pancake Flour -
9 8-10 lb. sack Far' 1a
9 lb. sack Rolled Oats
- .45
9 lb. ” Corn Meal
10 lb. ” Graham
- .35
1 pkg. cow brand Soda, 5c, 6 for .25
After Jan. 1st only two deliveries will
be made each day at 10 a. m.and 4 p. m.
Please place your orders in time for these.
All Jewelry at % price.
Waterbury & Chapman
‘ ‘The Quality Grocers”
We Wish You All
A Merry Christmas and
a Nappy and Prosperous
New Year
We wish to thank all our Friends
and Patrons, for your assi tance and
patronage during the past year, and
hope by F a i r D e a l i n g s and a
Low Margin of Profit, to merit
a continuance of your patronage during
the coming year.
Everything in
lie**« after all.
added lie. “ Mild If
, th«*y*re awake, by tin* Lord. I may
com e by a sip per liouestly f«>r on« e
ami cheiit tin* d«»vil **
! aiinS her «•h«,Us liml I hvii heavily ' heaven, where the stars seemed to be
He weut Istldly to the d oor and
I r«»uge<l dial saim* iiftermMUi. Her pork
winking over Ids discom fiture.
1 kn ock«!
T h e sound o f his blow s
ets were q u .le em pty, blit in her st«s-k-
What was to be doue?
It looked
«*ch«»«i through the house with thin,
Ing underneath the putter Villon found very like a night In the frosty streets.
phantasmal reverberations, us though
tw o o f the small m ins that went by the T he Idea o f the dead wom an pop[>ed
name o i whiles. It was little enough, Into his Imagination and gav e him a It were «(lift«* em pty, blit these had
; scarcely <ll«l aw ay tiefore a m«*usurcd
but It was alw a ys somethiiiK. and the hearty fright: what had happened to
trend drew near, a couple <jf holts
poet was m oved wltb a deep sense o f j her In tile early night might very well
were wlthdruwn. and «me wltig was
pathos that she should have died be­ : happen to him b efore morning.
o p e n «l broadly, as though uo guile or
fore she had spent her money.
He passed all Ills «•bailees under re-
I fear o f guile w ere known to those
W hile these thoughts w ere pasting ! view, turning the white lietweeti his
within. A tall figure o f a man m uscu­
through his mind he w as feel in « half thum b and forefinger
('iifortuim tely
lar mid spare, but a little bout, con-
p ieehan hally fo r his purse. Suddenly
lie was ou bad terms with som e old
fr«»nt«l Villon. T b e head was m assive,
his heart stopped beating. A feeling friends who would once have taken
but finely sculptured; the nose blunt
o f eold seales passed up the Lack o f i pity on him in atieh a plight. He had
at ttie bottom , but reuulng upward t«>
I Ills legs and a eold blow seem ed to 1 lampooned them in verses: he had
where it Join«*«! a pair o f strong mid
fall u| s > ii his scalp. He stood petrified beaten mid rh«*nt«*d tnem. and yet now.
honest eyebrow s; the mouth nud ey«*s
! for a m om ent; then lie felt again with I when be was in so « lose a pinch, be
surrounde«! w ltb d«*licate markings,
i one feverish m ovem ent; then his loss thought there w as at least on e who
und tin* w hole face based ii(x>n a thick
I burst upon him. He cursed. He threw . might perhaps relent It was a chance
white heard. Isddl.v and squarely trim ­
! the tw o w hites Into the street. H e it was worth trying at least, and he
shook Ills fist at heaven. He stam p­ j would go and s«*e.
“ You knock late, sir." said the old
ed and was not horrllled to find him­
He passed a corner where not so ruun In resonant. «*oiitteoiiM tones
s e lf tram pling the |*oor corpse
Then long Indore a wom an and her child had
Villon cling«*«! un«l brought up many
he began rapidly to retrace bis steps been devoured bj w«»lv**s. He reiuem
servile w ords o f apology. At u « rials
I towurd the house beside the cemetery. tiered his m other telling him the story
o f this sort the beggar w a# upperm ost
| He bad forgotten all fear o f the patrol. and pointing out the s|x»t w hile he was
in him. and the mail o f genius hid bis
which was long gone by at uny rate. yet a child
His m other! If he only head with confusion.
1 and bad no Idea but that o f bis lost knew where she lived he m ight make
"Y on are «*uld.” re|w*nt«*d the old
p'«fse. It was In vain that he hx»ked sure at *east ut shelter
He deter­
man. “ and hungry?
Well, step in.”
right and left upon the snow. Nothing mined lie would Inquire upon the mor­
Ami he o r d e r «l him into the house
w as to be seen. H e had not dropped row ii » i > . lie would go and see her.
with a noble enough gesture.
it In the streets. Had it fallen in the f«»o. | h tor «»l«l girl' So tldnking. he a r­
“ Som e great seigneur.” thought Villon,
house? He w ould have liked dearly to rived at Ids destination his last hope
as Ids host, setting dow n the lamp on
go In and see. but the Idea o f the grisly for the night.
the tla g g«l pavement «»f tbe entry, shot
■ occupant unmanned him. and he saw
Tile house was quite dark, like Its the Isdts «»m e m ore Into their places
| besides as lie drew near that their ef- neigh I Nil’s and yet after a few taps
“ You will pardon me if I go In front.”
! forts to put out the tire had been un­ lu* beard a m ovem ent overhead, a d«x»r
he said when this was doue. and he
On the contrary, it had opening and a cailtiolis voice asking
predated tbe |s»et upstairs Into a large
broken Into a blaze, and a cbnugeful w ho was there. T h e |K»et named him­
apartiuetit. w i i i u m h I with a pan o f
light played In the chink s o f d<»or and self in a loud whisper and watted, not
charcoal and lit by a great lamp bang­
w indow and revived Ills terror for the
without som e trepidation, the resu lt ing from the roof. It was very bare
authorities and Paris gibbet.
o f furniture: only som e gold plate on
H e returned to the hotel with the Nor had he to wait long. A w indow
a sldelsuii'd. som e folios and a stand
porch and groped about upon the | was suddenly opened and a pailful o f
«)f arm or lietween the wlm tows. Some
snow for the m oney lie bad thrown ■lops splashed dow n U|x»u the doorstep.
smart la|H*str\ hung U| n » ii the walls
sw a y in Ids childish passion. Hut lie I Villon hud not I hmmi tin prepare«! for
representing (lie crucifixion o f our
could only find one white, the other som ething of the sort and bad put him ­
Lord in «me piece ami in another u
had probably struck sid ew ays and self ns much in shelter as the nature
sc«*iie • »t shephenls am! shepherdesses
sunk deeply In. W ith a sin gle w hite In J ot the porch adm itted, but for all that 1
by a running stream
O ver tlm «- 1 1 1 tu
Ids |MM-ket all Ids p rojects fur a rous­ in* was d«*plorab.y drenched below tile
Ills Imse began to fr«*«*y.e al­ uey was a sld«*l«| o f arms
ing night In som e wild tavern vanish- waist.
“ Will y«m seat y ourself.” said the «»Id
I ed utterly aw ay. And it was not only most at one«*. Death from cold and !
man ” and forg iv e me it I leave you?
I pleasure that fl«*d laughing from tils ex I h . mi re stated him lu the fa««*. He
I am alone in my bouse tonight, and
| grasp; positive discom fort, positive r*»m«*mber«l in* was «>f phthisical tend- \
if you are t«» eat I must im ag e for
I pain, attacked him as lie st«xnl ruefully ency. and began coughing tentatively
you m yself.”
I before the |s»r«b Ills perspiration lin t But »In* gravity o f the danger sttsnlled j
No s«H»iier was Ills Imst ««me than
i drbsl upon him. and although the wind his nerves. II«* st«»pp«*d a f«»w hundred j
Villon leapisl from Hie ••listIr on which
! had now fallen a binding frost was | yards from the d« mii * w here lie had been i
tic bad |ust s e a t « ! him self and b«*gau
I setting lu stronger with every hour. h «» rudely us«»d mid reflected with his
exam ining the room with Hie stealth
and lie felt benum bed amt sick at tlnger to Ills nose. He could se<*
and passion o f a cat. .Then fie sto«»d
! heart. What w as to be done? Late as one way o f getting a lodging and that •
H«> had noticed a In tin* m iddle o f tin* nsnn. drew a long
was the hour. Im probable as was su c­ was to lake it.
breath, and, retaining it with pulY«*«t
cess. he w ould try the house o f his house n«»t far aw ay which looked as If
It might I h * easily broken Into, mid ••h«*«*ks looked round and round him
adopted father, the chaplain o f St. Be
I thither he betook liiins«*lf prom ptly, turning on his h*s»|s. as if t«» Impress
entertaining him self on the way with ev«*r> feature o f the apt rtincut on his
He ran there all the w ay and k n ock­
: the ld«*a o f a room still hot. with a ta- | meiiM»r>
ed timidly. T here was no answer. He
-S ev en ph*ces «»f plate.” he said “ If
hie still loaded with the remains o f
knocked again ai d again, taking heart
I sup|H*r. where he m ight pass the rest there tnnl been ten 1 would have risk«*d
with every stroke, and at last steps
| o f the hlin-k hours and whence he it. A fine house and a hue old master,
were heard approaching from within
| shoual Issue on the m orrow with an so help ill«* all tile saints!“
A barred wicket fell open in tile Iron
And just then, hearing the old m an’s
arm ful o f valuable plate.
H e eveu
studded door and em itted a gusli o f
considered «m what viauds and what trend returning m otig th e «*orrl«l«»r. he
yellow light
i wlu**s he slmuld prefer, and as he was stole bio k to Ills c h a ir him ! began bum
-H o ld up your fa ce to the wicket.**
calling the roll o f his favorite dalntl«*s lily to astin g Ills wel U*gs before the
raid the chaplain from within.
roust ttsli present«*«! Itself to his mind «linrc«»al pan
I -I t s only me.” whimper«*«! Villon.
His entertainer hint a plate o f meat
with au o«ld m ixture o f am usement
-O h it s only you. is It?*’ returned
In one liaial and a Jug o f wine In the
and horror.
the chaplain, and he cursed him with
He set dow n the plate llput;
“ I shall never tlulsh that ballad.” he other
j foul, unpriestly oaths for disturbing
thought n» him self, and then, with an ­ the table. nii»fioiiing Villon to draw in
him at such an hour and bade him la?
other sliud«ler at the recollection. “ Oh. his « hair and going t«* the striel»o*rd.
o ff to hell where he cam e from.
d ----- Ills fill head!” he repeuted fe r­ brought back tw o goblets, which lie
**My hands are blue to the wrist,
vently anil spat ii|>oii the snow.
p le a d «! V illon; ” my feet are dead und
” 1 drink your better f«»rtune.” he said
full o f tw ln g s; my nose ache* with the
gravely, tom-hing Villon's « up with Ills
I sharp air; the cold lies at my heart
•* w i i .
H E house In question looked
1 may be dead before m orning
” T«» «»nr better M«’«tmiititHn<’e.'' mild
this once, father, and. before Hod. I I I I dark at tirst sight, but ms Vill«»n the |Nwt. grow ing I m <I«I A m ere man
I I I made a prelim inary tnsiiectiou
will never ask agalnP*
o f Hie people would have b«*en aw ed
in search o f the handiest point
**You should have com e earlier.” said V
by fl»e «•«»urtesy «»f the «»Ml signor, hut
the ecclesiastic coolly.
“ Young men o f attack a little tw inkle o f light
Vtiton v m ha rd en «] in that matter?
, require a lesson now and then.” He caught Ills ey e from behind a curtained
he had m ade mirth for great lords be-
shut the w icket and retired deliberate­ w ind ow .
'T h e dev|.l!” he thought.
“ People f«>re now snd found them as black ras
ly Into the Interior o f the house.
cals as him self. And so lie devoted
Villon was beside him self. He beat aw ake! Some student or som e sain t
him self to tbe vlunds with u ravenous
upon the d oor with his hands and feet confou nd the crew ! Can’t they get
gusto, while the old man. leaning ba ck­
and shouted hoarsely after the chap­ druuk and lie In bed nnorjng like their
ward. watched him with st«mdy. cu ri­
Delghlx»rs? W hat’s the good o f cur
ous eyes.
A d oor shut In the Interior, faintly few and poor devils o f bell ringers
"Y ou have blood on vour shoulder,
Jumping at a rope’s end In bell tow ers?
audible to the |x**t dow n long pas
sages. He passed his baud over his W hat's the use o f »lay If |H*q>le sit up my man.** he sal«!
M ontigny must have laid bis wet
mouth with au oath. And then the all night? T he gripes to them !” He
humor o f the situation struck him. and grinned as he saw where bis logic was right hand U|wn him aa he left the
Ue cursed M ontigny In his
Ue laughed ami l*x>kcd llghtlv uo to leading him. “ Every man to bis bust
A Lodging For The Nig! t
Bert H. Finch
Estacada, Oregon
Ash to see these
and many others
Real mahogany, $250. Uprights,
Better kinds, $325. values, $118. to $145.
Three used Pianola Pianos, like new,
with free music rolls, $488, $335, $285.
Three old-style Pianos,
$45. and $35.
Beautiful new design mahogany cabinet
grands, $335. Smaller $500. sizes, $255.
New style $500. Kimball Uprignts, $318.
Genuine Autopiano Player Pianos in
17 different designs,
$12. a month.
Bungalow Player Piano, biggest toned
little player piano made, $10. a month.
Free music rolls with every player piano.
- R. M. Standish, Estacada Agent.
Eilers Music H«>use, Broadway at Alder,
Portland, Oregon.