Estacada progress. (Estacada, Or.) 1908-1916, December 24, 1914, Image 2

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    E «stern S tar - M asonic
0 1 Friday evening the East­
ern Star and Masons, held their
joint installation o f officers at the
Odd Fellows hall.
Owen E. Smith as retiring
Master, installed the follow ing
Masonic officers for the ensuing
year: C. W. Devore, W. M.
F. G. Robley, S. VV.
J. M Schultz, J. W.
E I). Allen, Treas.
Wm. Da e, Secy.
C. S. Allen, S. D.
P M- Wagner, J. I).
H. 0. Reid, S. S.
W. S. Pyle, J. S-
B. R. Kimmel, T.
C attlem en
O rganize
T h e W e il
A number of the Garfield farm­
ers, who are ranging cattle in the
mountains l>e\ond, are organizing a
Cattlemen's Union, along the lines
of similar organizations elsewhere
A preliminary meeting was held
this week, at which time the follow­
ing officers were elected: - Fred
Bates. Pres., Thos Beebe. V. P.,
Herman Duns. Secy., J C. Duus,
Treas., and an executive committee
c o m p ris in g R n n iie y C r a w fu r il. F r a n k
N o u r is h e d C o w Is the P r o f ­
it a b le P r o d u c e r .
Parturition should he a mere Incl
dent In the yearly life of a ro w and
will be If she Is as well fed wheu dry
as when in full milk, writes 11 10 Cook
In the Iturnl N ew Yorker
O f course
the prospective mother. If full fed
will usually take on fat before fresh
euiug. and generally fat is uu iudica
tion at that time of strength and vigor
ll is probably safe to say that it al
ways will he. if put uu with the usual
milk ration, or probably what is better
and safer to use. either bran or oats,
to wblch b> ndded nut- pound dolly of
A t the close o f the installation,
Mr. Demoy, in behalf o f the
chapter, presented Miss Wash
with a beautiful Eastern Star pin,
in appreciation o f her two years
service, as Worthy Matron o f
Mountain Chapter.
Make it
We are operating a modern bank on
the most conservative principles, and w e
respectfully solicit your patronage.
| ollrneal. Tliero Is very Utile dancer of
fever under such feeding if g«M»d hay
In a short time they will hold an and silage are Judiciously fed
o th e r m e etin g an d a d o p t a b y - la w s
if H cow freshens and Is thin and
Make use o f our savings and check­
ing service, an 1 feel free to store your
valuable papers in our safe deposit vaults.
a n d c o n stitu tio n a n d c o m p lete their j u°t *trong she will not give as rich
milk, and usually not as much of it as
cow freshening under full feed Kor
few dava before freshening the
Call on us i f you wish advice or as­
sistance, whether borrowing or loaning.
Thom as
and Fred
B ates.
o rg a n iz a tio n .
C ard of T hanks
We wish to thank our many
A s installing officer fo r the friends for their kindnesses to us in
Eastern Star, Miss. Eva Wash in­ our recent uuMortune.
Mr. and Mrs C hasA Hicinbothom
stalled as officers:
Mrs. Katnryne Allen, W. M
Owen E. Smith, W. P.
Elizabeth Sparks, A. M.
Helena P. Devore, Secy.
Helen Wash, Treas.
Irene Cary, Cond.
Many Smith, Ass. Cond.
Elizabeth Womer. Ch.
Carrie Adix, Organist
Helena Drill, Adah
Lera Dale, Ruth
Clarice Pyle, Esther
Alice Lauryy, Martha
Dora Herring, Electa
Miss Abbie Wagner, W arder
Richard Kimmel, Sentinel.
Estacada State Bank
For insurance our service is o f the
best and w e want you to avail yourself
o f our service.
URO Y D. WALKER, President
THOMAS YOCUM. Vice President
It Isn’t Y our T ow n—It’s You
If >ou want to live in the kind of a
Like the kind of a town you like,
You needn’ t slip your clothes in a
Interest paid on time deposits.
And start on a long, long hike.
Y o u ’ll only find what you left be­
I'he Guernsey? are a distinct
breed of cattle (hat originated on
For there's nothing that’ s really
the isie of Guernsey in the Kngllsh
channel and nave heroine popular
h i the
United States
Their dis­
I t ’s a knock at yourself when you
tinctive characteristic is (he rich
knock your towu
color tney impart to their mil«
thHf makes It partieularly dcfii-a-
It isn’ t \our town— it’s you
Die as a market milk I*hell milk
Real towns are not made by men
will not. as a rule, axe.iage
in fat pel «•eui a.« ihe Jersey, and
Lest somebody else gets ahead.
the I bust* ins
As dairy 1 »reeds
When every one works and uobody
these three are equally valuable
The cow shown is- May I’elma.
u nion inane I t*»!» .T o pounds of out
You can riise a town from the
lei fat ill a yeai
Dial is a world 8
And if while you make vour per- i
son a l slake
I mother should la- put <*u less feed, hill
Your neighbor can make one, too j not enough to lessen tier desire for
Your town will be what you want | water yy Inch is the great equalizer or
to see
| balance wheel for tin* system
I is abundant that a change of ration
It isn’ t >our town— it’s Y O U !
! cannot suddenly improve the fat eon
A ll then repaired to the Hotel
Estacada to partake o f the deli­
Big ° C hristm as Shoot
h' T ' " T "
change is likely to disturb Hie system
cious banquet served by host
The new Western Automatic and reduee the tat
Clay Pigeon Trap has been in-
.... . da> we shall an learn what
stalled at the grounds o f the Es
hu''* " T " * » ,
S pringw ater Shoot
all day shoot, Christmas Day and j »<> niii*ii »uu timi tire «Giut.v to i«r>.
With a real Arctic blast blow­ everyone is invited to participate.
"/“ with
“ I!!* the
* , u i ' T ' ! ' , T * .'
be first bred
calf and then
ing up their shirt sleeves, and Spectators are invited to watch
into tier without a skip.
the clay pigeons, jumping from the sport and with the new trap, •»«>• » umhih our u»wi suc.essfui im-i-u
breeze to breeze; about forty no delay will occur, as the auto- *'r‘ ... .
‘“ " ' T ' wl»b uu «
ceptions whatsoever that they push
sportsmen took part in the shoot­ matic trap ill throw the targets every annual from birth to get a large
ing matches on the Springwater as fast as five men can shoot. full development of body and digestive
grounds, last Saturday. Several Rifle matches will also be held capacity T he ability to consume* to
advantage a large quantity of feed t«
boys from Logan, Currinsville, and some o f the best shots in this no accident, imt as much a piece ol
and a number from Estacada, part o f the county are expected education as to educate a boy or gin
to digest big mental problems. They
joined with the local shots, and to take part.
j cannot do it If they are In and out of
ta r ied away their share o f the
school to suit som ebody'« fancy
fam ily Ih eatrc
sjKtils, in the shape o f turkeys,
flier can a calf become a producer ot
Friday and Saturday Nights
| much milk and much fat if she Is fed
Ion the installment plan
I hear It on
Miss Marion Leonard in
Owing to the cold and the wind,
every hand that It doesn t pay
If my
no especially good scores were .
1 observation Is eorrect those who feed
made at either the traps or with A I icturesque Ii6iirt D r a m a in 2 steadily as a whole are the prosperous
dairymen, because they will not eon
Chapters o f 3 reels each
the rifle, but the conditions w ere
Millie to feed Inferior cow s
as fair for one contestant as an­
Regularity Pays W 'th Hens.
other. Ed Boner o f Estacada in­ 5 and 6 part Features, Saturday
H ave a regular time lor doing all the
Afternoons and Nights Only
stalled his tent restaurant on the
chorea necessary to be done about the
Jan. 2 Boundry Riders
grounds and helped alleviate the
poultry yard
A regular time for feed
9 The Stain
inn means that you will ho ready ami
suffering with coffee and “ hot
** 16 Detective Craig
the birds will be ready They will look
aogs” . Messrs. W ilcox and Mil­
for yon. and they seem to know '«Tien
” 23 Loyalty
lard deserve much credit for the
feeding time cornea. Regularity along
* t
30 When Rome Ruled.
this line la very important, and the
manner in which they conducted
man who feeda Just an the fever
Feb. 6 The W aif
the affair.
atrikea him will find that the birds do
** 13 Last Volunteer
not respond as they should.
Estacada Pharmacy
is Headquarters
fo r
Santa Gaos
As Usual
Nuf Ced
f i o a week
$? a da\
The Hotel Estacada
MO.l >KK N C O N V K N I K N C K S
One «il the most (ieliuhitul
Resorts on the Coast
Local pnd Tourist Trade Solicited
Palace EVseei Market
Fred Jorg,
Lard, Eggs, Butter, Sausage
Fresh and
Smoked Meats
Fresh Fish
every Friday
Buy and Sell Veal,
Hogs, Sheep, Cattle
Phone Mctin 83.
Estacada, Oregon