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    W orld’s Greatest
Short Stories
N o . I.
By Edward Everclt Hale
tl'WAKl. LVkkfclT
Twenty-four famous authors were
asked recently to name the best
short story in the English language
The choice of Mary Roberts Rine­
hart and Owen Johnson was “The
Man Without a Country," by Ed­
ward Everett Hale His works are
published by Little. Brown & Co.
HA1 fl
• round from New Orleans to the norm- :
I ern Atlantic coast with the prisoner on
i board the sentence had been approved, j
and he was a man without a country.
When l was second officer of the
j Intrepid some thirty years a fter 1 saw
| the original paper of instructions:
Washington (with the date, which must !
have been late in 1807). i
I Sir—You will receive from Lt. Neale the
; person of Philip Nolan, late a lieutenant
I in the United States army,
j This person or. his trial by court mar­
tini expressed with an oath the wish that
he might never hear of tlie United Stales
I Tiie court sentenced him to have his
J wish fulfilled.
j For the present the execution of the or­
der is intrusted by the president to this
You will take the prisoner on board your
ship and keep him there with such pre- j
caul ions as shall prevent his escape.
You will provide him with such quarters, i
rations and clothing as would be proper j
for an officer of his late rank if he were |
a passenger on your vessel on the busi­
ness of his government.
The gentlemen tin board will make any |
arrangements agreeable to themselves re­
garding his society. He is to be exposed <
to no indignity of any kind, nor is he ever
unnecessarily to be reminded that he is a i
j Hut under no circumstances is he ever
to hear of his country or to see any in- ,
I formation regarding it. and you will es- i
peeially caution ail the officers under your j
command to take care that, in the various j
indulgences which may be granted, thiH ,
| rule, in which his punishment is involved, i
shall not be broken.
It is the intention of the government
that he shall never again see the country .
which he has disowned. Before the end |
of your cruise you will receive orders j
which will give effect to this intention. ,
itesp y yours.
For the Becretnry of fhe Navy.
1 suppose the commander of the Le-
vunl lias it today as his authority for |
keeping this mini in his mild custody. I
T he rule adopted on hoard the ships j
ou which 1 have met “The Man With ;
out a Country” was. 1 think, transm it­
ted from the beginning. No mess liked
to have him permanently, because his
presence cut off all talk of home or of
the prospect of return, of politics or
letters, o f peace or of war—cut off
more than half the talk men like to
have at sea. But it was always thought
too hard that he should never meet the
rest o f us, except to touch lints, und
we filially sank into one system. He
was not permitted to talk with the
men unless an officer was by. With j
officers In* laid unrestrained inter
con-se. as far as they and lie chose.
But he grew shy, though he had favor- j
it es. 1 was iwie. Then the captain al­
ways asked him to dinner on Monday.
Every mess in succession took up the
invitation in its turn. According to the
size of the ship, you had him at your
mess more or less often at dinner. His
To be continued.
1 suppose he did not know' now tue
words shocked old Colonel Morgan,
young olfieer ns there was in ■ who was holding the court.
I liad grown up iu the west of those
the "Legion o f the W est.” as
tile western division of out* ¡ days in the midst of “Spanish plot.”
I “Orleans plot" and all the rest. He
finny was then eulied. When Aaron
had been educated on a plantation
Burr made ids first dashing expedition
down to New Orleans in 1805 at Fort i where the tiuost company was a Span­
ish otllcer or a French merchant from
M issue or somewhere above on the
His education, such us It
r i . er in* met. as the devil would have
! was, had been perfected in commercial
it tin's gay. dashing, bright young fel
I expeditious to Vera Cruz and I think
low at some dinner party, I think.
! lie told me his father once hired an
Furr marked him, talked to him. walk­
Lngiislirnaij to be a private tutor for a
ed with him. took him a day or two's
' winter on tb«-plantation. lie hud spent
voyage in his fiat boat and. in short,
half his you Mi with an older brother
fascinated him. For the next year
limiting horses in Texas, and. in a word,
barrack life was very tame to poor
to him “United States'* was scarce­
Nolan, lie occasionally availed of the
ly a reality. Vet he had been fed by
permission the great man had given
“ United S tates" for all the years since
him to write to him. The other boys
he had lkeen in the army. l i e had
in file garrison sneered at him because
sworn on liis faith as a Christian to be
In* sacrificed in this unrequited affec­
true to “United States.” it was “Unit­
tion for a politician the time which
ed States” which gave him the uniform
t! ey devoted to moiioiigahela. sledge
lie wore and tin* sword by bis side. I
a id high-low-Jack.
Bourbon, euchre
do not excuse Nolan. I only explain to
a id poker were still unknown. But
the reader why he damned his country
ode day Nolan had his revenge. This and wished lie might never hear her
time B a rr came down the river not as
name again.
ted attorney seeking a place for his of
He never did hear her name but
flee, but as a disguised conqueror. It
once again. From that moment. Sept.
was rumored that he had an army be­
I 23. 1807. till ti e day he died. May 11,
hind him and an empire before him.
: I8d,”. he never heard her name again.
It was a great day his arrival—to poor
For that half century and more he was
Nolan Burr had not been at the fort
; u man without a country.
mi hour before he sent for him. That
Old Morgan, as I said, was terribly
evening he asked Nolan to take him
i shocked. II*» called the court Into his
out in bis skiff to *bow him a cane-
j private room and returned in fifteen
brake or a cottonwood tree, as he said ¡ minutes with i face like a sheet, to
- really to sedm e h im -an d by the time
lhe sail was over Nolan was enlisted
Edwards-Duus Wedding
“Prisoner, hear the sentence of the
body and soul.
From that time,
: court. The court decides, su bject to
Mr. Herman Onus of Kstncada
though lie did not yet know it. he lived
I the approval ot the president, that you
as “» man without ?i country.**
never hear the name o f tin* United and Miss Audrey Edwards ot Port­
What Burr meant to do 1 know no
j States again.*’
land were married Thursday. No­
more than you. dear render. It is mme
Nolan laughed.
But nobody elao
of our business just now. only when
vember i?th, at one o'clock, at the
the grand catastrophe cam e some of ¡ laughed. Old Morgan was too solemn
the lesser fry in that distant Missis­ a*ui the mtoie room was nilsUe<l dead home of the bride.
as uight for a minute. Even Nolan lost
sippi valley to while away the mono
T he Rev. A. J. Montgomery of
tony of the summer at Fort Adams his swagger in a moment. Then Mor
rot up for spertacles a string of court gnu added: “Mr. Marshal, take the | Portland officiated, in the prestnee
inaitiais on the «»Ulcers there. One primmer to Orleans in au armed boat j
Mini another of the colonels and m ajors ! and deliver him to the naval com­ of about forty relatives and friends
were tried, and. to till out the list, little mander there.”
Following the ceremony, a wedding
The marshal gave Ills orders, and
Nolan, against whom, heaven knows,
dinner was served.
there was evidence enough that he the primmer was taken out of court.
was sick oi the service, had been will
“ Mr. Mm shah" continued old Mor j
After a few da\ s honeymoon in
lug to be false to it and would have j gau. “see that no one mentions the j
obe\ed any order to march any whither United States to the prisoner.
Mr. j Portland, the voting folks came to
witfi any one who would follow him i Marshal, make my respects to Lien-
Estacada last Monday, and have
!i id the order only been signed. “By tenant Mitchell at Orleans and request 1
c u. nmnd of His Kxe. A. Burr.” The him to order that no one shall men­ begun housekeeping in the groom's
»••ails dragged on. The big Hies es­ tion the United States to the prisoner j
caped rightly for all I know. Nolan while lie is on board ship. You will i new house in Garfield. Several
was proved guilty enough as I say, yet receive your w ritten orders from the I loads of new furnitute and house­
\»«u and 1 would never have heard of otllcer oil duty here this evening. The
hold goods have already been in­
hiui. render, but that, when the presi­ court is adjourned without day."
dent of the court asked him at the
1 have alw ays supposed that Colonel stalled in the new home.
close whether lie wished to say any­ Morgan himself took the proceedings
Herman's many friends and rela­
thing to show that lie had alw ays been of the court to Washington city and
faithfu l to the United States he cried explained them to Mr. Jefferson. Cer­
tives in this section, welcome bint
«nt in n fit o f frenzy:
tain it is that the president approved
• 1>- the Unite«) States! I wish I them certa hi. that is. if I may U»- and his bride and wish them all [
may never hear of ?h. Unitisf States i lieve the men who say they have seen
kinds of prosperity.
ids '.ignntm-o Before tin* Nnuiilus u»*t (
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