Estacada progress. (Estacada, Or.) 1908-1916, July 30, 1914, Image 6

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    Supplem ent t o th e Efitarada P ro g re s s
.:f' c f Sell woe
T* V.'otl •
rr *
I' ■ Hrvle;
1 meetings, fieitl at me home oi is visiting at me cumnsvillc
Mrs. S. F. How let t of Eagle homes of Albert and Charlcx
Creek are both pleasant and prof­ K itching.
itable. A fter a praise and prayer
The Misses Minine Stein mar.
service, a ‘Bible study is given, I and Louise Duus of Eagle Creek
* Dear Mr. Lovelace,
each one reading in turn from and Garfield, spent :* pleasant
I feel it my duty to sit down and the Scriptures.
Last week the day visiting’ friends at George
write you this letter for two reasons. subject was ‘ Searching the Scrip­
last week.
First, I believe you to be an honest tures” and this week, by request,
From till section - come n i • : t ■
man and second, I know I am. “ The State of the Dead” Using
Blit I also believe we have both the following texts: 1 Thess. 4; of the haying being finished and
been skinned by some would be 13: ICor. 15: 18:20: John 11: 11-1 the threshing and cutting of
honest business man or men.
4: Dan. 12: 2; Job U : 12;-W: 13; grain well under way. Spring-
During the flood in this district Acts 7: 21), 60: 2nd Kings 16: 20; water reports G foot grain and
one year ago last March, you gave i and other passages. The subject plenty of it. while Geruge re­
some flour to be given to lhe suffer­ of Wednesday’s meeting August ports bumper grain crops bat
poor outlook for spuds unless
ers of said flood, l believe, for 1 5th will be the Res.surection.
rain comes scon. The threshinj
found a letter today in a sack of
Mr. and Mrs. E. Eilers of season with its hum of Die har­
flour saying so, and sign d by J. F
Pleasant Home have rented the vester, always sounds poetical
Jack Brown place on the Clacka­ and is a reminder of the profits
N o w after about one year and
mas river near Currinsville and of the labor, but it muio ahvny -
four months, a grocer in this city
be welcomed by this com­ be a gentle reminder to the farm­
sells this sack of flour to a boarding
ers’ wives, that they have u> do
house where l am staying
ssrs. C.
C H. and Will Bar- some tall hur ling to feed the
question is who stole this sack of
flour from the flood sufferers or thoiomew and Mi.-is Mary Morgan tint ruing < t c w when th: ir tor 11
maybe stole a car load for all 1 of Heppner, Ore., are visiting at comes and it isnt only the men
and E. E. that do the work, for ihe wile
know? I know who sold it a ml am the homes of C.
does her share all th ough the'
willing to help you m any way p »s Saling o f Currinsville.
Roger Cary returned Tuesday year and is entitled to her- half
It you want to And out am more frem the Hci­•y ii ,■ L Fq.«rlrg's and o f the proceeds.
about it at this end of ilu Hue. 1 i
M a x K l a e t s b «1 i w a c . u a u t . lit
<*xpects • ' :v ) b:»c!c : . a .in F * ; . y.
me know
Auvwa\ 1 ilun’ i Huns
He reporis a!ieiher [ :« 1v 0 ! i ( •.r- 1\ ‘ . I d t w o ucfe-i w i i h s m a l l I h j h v *
the pure food o f f e r s ot this Matt
1.ita iy Sips tier ut Lstacud-j.
R1 go i ' : t 0 l t i c y. :w it.g.f '.a i ■ m
ale tiomg their Only '<> I d l i n g »hi* we
vihierness I T h e land T lo ated in th e g u lc h
Li fc in c:
flour Jay around «me ytar and four V
* ■ r I
'*r00C •vi.i A ■. c r as a long the VVil-o 1 11 ill road
months before l> iag sold
1‘ lie his cTo*
it vs all reed '.uht ig in
Mr. and Mrs
mark on tne outsit It? ot tics sack
l ll H avner of
aroun d the wal m i n . ’ his com-
stales that ii was M.»uuta- i i u o i h\
gw ater ii •' ** juM returned
plexi« m is th
1 . i .. Warm
Detm-ni Bios L’o. »4 Walla W .»lla 8prr
troni attending ilie h i v i o s i t ihe
I nei
s p i r i t i ! i IÌ m ic bollir at NVw Fb a,
1 liolo- find ing 1 be w«*ik n* flo u r is h in g and
K m d l v let me hear Horn % on M r
I vvil1 hold liie letter me.v an l tl t ; U :UvlA. . .■ ;'ioth- pro-p ei « Hi - coiai l i it ns.
i fo u n d until then an d now so lung er?, :: . tne latter’s ma« •hir.t made
T h r e e of the J . 1 \ VVoodh- c h i l ­
a trip up the Chit:!:anv. Mcitday
rtitd G o d B les s \o n .
c p.e:: : day with d r e n are lem porri? ily c on fiin d to
and re; a rtie d
Y o u ts
ab ut fio trout, eauy;i:t i 1 the 1 th eir home, being qu a va.m in ed w i ’ ii
th e turnups
W h ile ll?e\ a i e l ot
of Nortli F oi ’ k
Win c i . > i o r
¡ d a n g e r o u s ly s ic k , it is h a u l on 1 lit in
212. I*.. 3rd St
Me«tsre. t i a \ t ::ci;d, , J ieu' ? and I d u r i n g th is v aca tio n season.
.VlKldietovvn. Ohio.
K (ily c-f the If. U. 1.. ft 1’. Co.
T h e house an d h u m of A Sn\ in-
1 ’. S — I wrote th is lv-tier bec au se were Esfacmill VioitOl* V\ dnes-
I h a v e th ese th-il art deal '«. me day.
With their renal , j-Li nistie s k v tit H ig h la n d w as c m n p ltit • v
con su m ed by h i e last w*ck.
li v in g here and d u r in g ih e flood smile. they as r .red t do editor
M iss R a c h e l Reed will
be in
th ey went h i m ’ tv som e ot Hie time thut the stcc k yj>rdd, th.’ . ravel
w h i l t n o w , o thers are » llmg fl 'ii bunkers and the 11 1 \y tf.way pave- c h a r g e <>t the H ig h la n d S c h o o l for
; in the the e n su in g Near and M k s M \ n e
that was sent h re b o m () vg*m ;«» ment will ill bf? real!
be g i v e n to the suffe rers.
It io ks near future Ml If« leii v. i. lithe W oo d ie w ill h a n e c h a i g e «>1 the
to nr? like s o m e th i n g wa.-. n e t n boosting spit it :• r* 1 He 3«.A , their V'itila S c ho ol
cottili s . u u .
som e place
W. F T
M r. C P. W ood le recent I pnr-
.ti i.-s Pearl Smi ;h. «1r. ’pl :er of c hased a hai.(’ som e lug C a «1 i 1 lac 1 ¿.r
It will be renumbered that FAt •
. . I, o f an d is raiding Ins s h a r e ot ihe «lust
cada sent a car load of supplies t*. M •. a; id -M i’3 . .i. F.
0 to Mr.
along ihe h i g h - i a v s m i w r c i n s .
the flood sufferers when t:u- cali Spi is:irwatc-r,, Wat • tn A :
; m
. July
came for help. T h e sack .»{ flour Jas. Si mol d cf
and M r s G . M C-H .ivell
They ci. '‘ n;.\ : -king an.} fannix ot ( )re«g«»n b r \ and ,\!i*s
mentioned was one <4 s« veird s;.cks, 27th.
shipped m the carload w in d, “ a- their heme it
F a r r i e C a l d w e ll vi>i;ed a? th e honor
made up largeh of pot.i'ors,
! "¿¡and, of C A Loone> in Cur 1 m s v il le la -t
C. VV. R:ay no,L* 01
is on * *> i . 1 -11 • t i ». Ohio «it Hun ts formerly ch ici
.. er t : the SnndiiN .
are not selling i nr poiatovs no .v,
Co^st Hrids,; C<-,, e 0 : 1 at this
Mr. and Mrs
FI h -<>. Hirders. I-.!.
t a lie v pi ici S am « » « ,
office Weiìr- X c.\ , , l :'Ci i ’.ji.unt 'r-tn 1 lartit-rs * f ( d'Mfge and Airs Hertiia Me
There are a!vva\ s some g holds .t v. trip to the
agle Lean of Pntlan«! inaile alurr-. i:ig t ri j »
every calnmitv ami. the p aiti- » win» 1 ridere.
Mr. Ki;. nor
the into the
, mount-tins . last
. . week tn ’ return-
r .1
‘iri(l C<*
pknt\ t>i black lx rr:.
would steal food c mi h .. time, can
only be classed with ’. lie I d . rob
The Modern J’ri.-i In- . I
d s
Dt ylon Flood Remind.»*
T h e following letter was received
by John F. Lovelace of Kstacada: —
Middletown, Ohio.
July 19, 1914.
tiers and should be made an t x
imple of, even ar this l.ue «late
All of the ghoul*' and 1 hi ves m
Ohio Can never s e d tile s»»t t: * t
brotherhood and tharity tha? w .*•
represented ill f :» it n r lord >f slip
plies, sent t j \ l.stacaili to t.. suf
b rers
an .
?.uii i:e a aoc’ iii it
T ’ .c
afte:- the b---
• • •'
r-txt ci mn ui icarir-i. o.' iv
A. i . & A. M .
August 4th. All .! ■ r
Miss Dei! a S w e d e v of St. venson. th- ir families ari» ali n: t .
Wash, who ins be n visiting her the 0. E. S. an- inviti.-.1.
O. E. S r i's
V, M.
sister Mrs. K a * t Douglass ol F. gle
Creek, for the pasr few vv«ek^ r»-
tlimed to her hunir last Tue>da\
and was accompanied a-« tar as Port
land by Mrs Douglass
Mrs. Gertrude G rimm of Portland
was an Iistacada visitor t r a half
day this week.
Mr. Slusher ot Cohnnhia Slough was
through the Alspaugh district lu>! week,
buying sheep.
G eorge Filers of Bissell will start
immediately building ? new house
cu his ta:ni there
V1 1 It- tlR t 11 all tl. 1 V *■A Kill il? 1 | f * ? 1
Irt-«l rt*gnlar in* rt ng an.! he 1*1 >. {•><•
nic dinner on Krt;_ le t' re»- k
\ir‘ . M TV H r ¡pie. X< ab H. b !»
a nd Mrs. Frank Ho\ i f of ~ iv I
Cr t e k. starteli for Vlmrur I I * « ‘ U%i
Thursdat H n aut«» but lie chai ii ur
thought the bill h lotte i m » -ftep,
tlicv return*..d before i. .ch!;;_. the
team of lueses
b< ! ; ,ging
l.a. t Sunday Mrs. lieu, Hoir- F.dvv. ShUvJd, of O -or g e iati avvav
last week and onlv to p p e d
i’.leister of E:r . Cuvk v.’:ts pi
antly surp. P' d ly, a . 1 Ti"cir u reaching the b i.ks *»t Jiggle Creek.
number of frier.ds, who spent the 1 lie damage consjsud of a thor-
or.gbK wreck« tl mowing machine
atti a . 1 0 : 1 wet), h. r.
1 to wlii-’b Mie team vas attached.
Th* Misses Grace uv-i ¿Ki'p.
T h e Vli.M-x F.llen and Tressie
Parrei ot Harter., were ihe guests
of Miss Marie Heipk of Alsp-nugb. I L c U s o f Pottb-nd have Ireen Ksia-
ernia N-oitors in the past *%t-ek
Iasi we.?k.
f i l e Hicks girls former!*. Iiv« d her«*
Miss Ruby
about a \ c,,r ago to
• * and
« " I . IdlM
was the guesi mr a le w oays of K-x mond. W H«h 1 mr
... h^v»- r-tvui.
M's ElRi.b . !V id ~ r .