Estacada progress. (Estacada, Or.) 1908-1916, March 26, 1914, Image 5

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    Estacada Progress Supplement
Methodist Episcapal Church
Mrs. Lou Baker and -daughter ing the source of whisky supply.
Lola were the guests of Mrs. Lottie It might be necessary to ask Gov.
Sunday School . . .
io a. m.
Woodle Sunday.
West to give Miss Hobbs authority
Epworth League - - - 6:30 p. m.
Miss Mary W’oodle was over vis­ to investigate matters.
Prayer meeting Thursday 8 p m
The comedy drama at the G ar­
The public cordially invited to all iting with relatives the latter part
of last week
field Grangt will be staged Friday,
C. E. Rees, Pastor.
Eagle Creek Grange held its reg­
ular monthly session Saturday,
about 3 3 being present. Several
visitors were with us, among them
Mr. Bell, Buzz Thomas, Mr. and
Mrs. Asa Thomas and Mrs. John-
srud of Sandy.
April 10th. Bear the date in mind
and watch for the posters.
R C. Deming made a short trip
The Re-Organized Church of
to Salem and other points in the
Jesus Christ of L . D S. meets in
valley, investigating the loganberry-
store building ou the corner, form­
erly the Howe store, Sundays as
follows: Sunday School at 10, and
H S. and R . B. Gibson were
preaching at 11 o’ clock A . M. All
A number of the young folks
Barton visitors Sunday.
cordially inviied.
J. F. Wiles, Elder.
Roy Douglass and wife, Miss attended the masquerade dance at
Park, Mrs. R. B. Gibson, Miss the Garfield Club Friday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. H y Joyner was the
The Christian Church.
Edith Chapman, and Carl Douglass
Bible school
to a. m. spent a very pleasant evening with guest of Mr. and Mrs. P. Paulson
Preaching N -
n a. m. Mr. and Mrs. McMillan Sunday Sunday.
Y . P. S. C. E.
7 p. m. evening
J Paulson made a trip to Port­
7:45 p. m.
land Tuesday.
The public cordially invited to all ser­
cada visitors last Friday.
Flora Johnson is home for the
vices, W. G i v e n s , Pastor
Miss Park visited Grange Satur­ summer.
The Mail Schedule
F. Rath died Friday and was
R. B. Gibson butchered four hogs buried Monday at 10 o’clock A . M.
A rriv a l______________
6 :3 0 A . M.
Monday shipping them to Portland.
A rriv a l_________________ 4 :1 8 P. M.
Hulda Paulson went to Portland
Henry Udell and wife spent Mon
Departure_____________ 7 :2 3 A. M.
day at R B. Gibson’ s home.
Departure____________ 4:40 P M.
Mrs. Fulor and children are
Office hours 7 A . M. to 6 P. M.
visiting her brother, H y Joyner for
Sundays 7 A. M. to 8:30 A . M.
a few weeks
G o to church Easter.
Holidays 7 A M to 9 :30 A M and
Everyone is urgently invited to
^'*’ e George Social and Commercial
from 3:30 P M. to 6 P. M.
I . .
- | Club met at the home o f Henry John-
join the process.»!, start,ng at the aon March M whe„ „ very intere8tinK
Positively no mail delivered through
Garfield church at 11 a. m. Come amj enjoyable evening was spent. The
Drug Store.
in your hack or wagon and take all Club will m eet at the school house on
A. N . Johnson. Postmaster.
who will ride. Th e people of Zion March 27 at 7:30 when Prof. Flits o f
church and Currinsville church ! the 0reKon Agricultural C ollege will
1 with their crowd
Mrs. Viola Douglass has come cession at their
out to stay for a while with her son and in one large
Wnite r.
to Estacada and
will join the pro-
respective points
body will proceed j
participate in the
i i„ i e special service at the M E. church,
address the m eeting on dairying.
A U se fu l S p h e re .
“ What ure your ideas about wo­
men holding governmental posi-
daughter were the week-end guests'
H G Trowbridge of the Gar-
“ Pm in favor of it, only, as a
of Mrs. Howlett.
field Mercantile Co. râade a short guarantee of good faith, I think we
Murphy visited
Sunday. .
Meda 1 businass trip to Portland
with Miss Cahill
No response has been received to ; ¡nstead of star( ing blazes.” — W a.h-
the inquiry in these columns regard- ] ington Star.